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      Joomla, 3.x

      Joomla Facebook Event

      Joomla Facebook Event : This module will grab your Facebook events and display it in your website. You just need to put the Facebook profile id or fan page id that's it.

      Currently, Facebook is doing some changes in their privacy policies, due to which the data available via its API is affected at various levels. As of now Facebook is allowing only reviewed apps to fetch user events data via a user access token. As such you need to get your app reviewed if you haven't done it already if you want to use our extension "Facebook Event".

      Joomla Facebook Event Joomla Facebook Event Joomla Facebook Event Joomla Facebook Event Joomla Facebook Event Joomla Facebook Event
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      Joomla Facebook Event - This module will grab your Facebook events and display it in your website. You just need to put the Facebook profile id or fan page id that's it.

      Note: Due to changes at the end of Facebook Graph API only private events of the profile can be fetched, for other Page/Group events admin needs to submit App for review. User events are only available to a limited number of approved apps. Unapproved apps querying this edge will receive an empty data set in the response.

      Joomla Facebook Event Features -

      • All browser compatible(IE7+,FF,Chrome etc)
      • Graph API usage.
      • Fast Loading and Sleek.
      • Option to set the height.
      • Option to change the background color and hover color.
      • Added multilingual support.
      • Show/Hide past event.
      • Change Date/Time Format.
      • Show upcoming event first (by default it will show the order which gets from facebook api)

      For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

      Rating 5.0
      based on 21 reviews

      Recent Reviews

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      Fantastic support

      Posted On - February 5, 2018

      1) Functionality- Five star support, fast delivery. I will highly recommend Webkul services if you need custom works, integrations or add-on features.

      2) Ease of use- Webkul did what i was expecting, all features i needed was delivered

      3) Support- Everything went as agreed, fast responses

      4) Documentation- They verified what i was looking for, no need for documentations

      5) Value for money- Absolutely gives value for your money

      Solves a problem

      Posted On - October 16, 2017

      1) Functionality - Good does exactly what I wanted it to do

      2) Ease of use - The extension works fine, the Facebook part can be a bit obscure

      3) Support - Excellent, used twice and both time instant response and resolution

      4) Documentation - The get_app_id.pdf is slightly out of date.

      5) Value for money - Good

      Great Support

      Posted On - September 8, 2017

      1) Functionality - 100%

      2) Ease of use - Very easy

      3) Support - Timely support, excellent service.

      4) Documentation - 100%

      5) Value for money -Worth every penny

      The true mark of a good component

      Posted On - February 24, 2016

      Functionality: Excellent functionality

      Ease of use: Very Straightforward, it's Facebook that complicates it.

      Support: The true mark of a good component is when support is required. A small problem with the calendar on iPad and Smartphone was fixed quickly.

      Documentation: Good

      Value for money: Excellent VFM

      I used this to: Many customers put their events on Facebook and want them replicated on their website, this works perfectly.

      Works great!

      Posted On - February 22, 2016

      Functionality : 100% as expected

      Ease of use : 100% with the documentation no problem

      Support : 100% fast response and fast fixes

      Documentation : Documentation is needed to get it working. Very simple and straight forward documentation

      Value for money: 100%

      Module has been used for the Customer side

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      Joomla Facebook Event FAQ :

      1) How can I get my Facebook App Id and Access Token?
          First, you have to create your Facebook App. Please follow the instruction given in the file 'get app id.pdf' which you get the product. 
      How to create a Facebook App?
         Please follow the instructions provided on the below link: App_ID. If you are unable to create app from the instructions, then please use the video in the below link: App_ID Video Tutorial. 
      How is your product better than the Joomla default module?
         Our module allows you to format your feeds in beautiful designs. You can customize your events to show a slider, small calendar or large calendar. 
      Can I see my past events?
          Yes, you can. You can configure your module to show past, future or all events.  

      Joomla Facebook Event - Support

      For any query or suggestion please visit our ticket support system : Support System

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