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Joomla Ajax Registration Pro

Joomla Ajax Registration Pro : AjaxRegistration Pro is a extended version of AjaxRegistration, improve your Joomla! registration form.This component provide countless features like you can add terms and condition by link to article ,autoredirect after login,recaptcha to improve security and many more.

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Joomla Ajax Registration Pro - AjaxRegistration Pro is a extended version of AjaxRegistration, improve your Joomla! registration form.

Joomla Ajax Registration Pro Features -

  • Password strength check
  • Check username already exist before post
  • Check email already exist before post
  • MVC Architecture
  • reCaptcha Enabled
  • No module installation require
  • Backend enable disable option
  • Translation
  •  Link terms and condition to article
  • Very easy to configure.

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.com/ticket


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Does what it says on the tin
Excellent, works perfectly and does what i need it to do. I had a problem with a specific template and virginsoft support logged in and got it working for me within an hour of support request, i wish more were this user friendly. many thanks (Posted on September 8th 2014)
Small snag getting started but support excellent
Very nice addition to ease the spam.ru problem. I had a problem installing due to directory permissions but support was swift and very helpful - problem solved within one hour.

Excellent service! (Posted on September 8th 2014)
This extension worked flawlessly from the first moment of installation. Even in a complicated registration process incorporating a phpBB3 board RokBridged into Joomla.

It was the easiest installation I've come across after building sites for years.

After much headaches over various file permissions skewed on the server and working bugs for more than five days for a site that needed to be fully operational in seven, installing this component was a breath of fresh air.

Thanks a ton for a great extension! (Posted on September 8th 2014)
should be in joomla core
I've been using it a few weeks now and everything works as you would expect, no complaints from users or issues.

I did have one issue with it at the beginning, one other component I have installed was affecting it, but developer was great, very professional, and helped/fixed the issue him self, and he did it over the weekend.

Keep up the good work :)

Marck (Posted on September 8th 2014)
Great tool
This extension does exactly what it says it will do, and does it well. And I am very impressed with the support, not only with "real" issues but with the "D'oh" questions I really didn't need to ask if I had been paying attention. (Posted on September 8th 2014)
What a beautiful piece of work! (Posted on September 8th 2014)
Excellent component!!!
Very good component and quick support
I recommend this!!! (Posted on September 8th 2014)
Nice Work
Easy install and setup in Joomla. I was more impressed with the ease of contact and the support i received to fix some minor css issues I had run into. Alignment was off, and they author of the this add-on fixed it for me.

It is much better than the standard registration of Joomla. Checking username and email will make it much easier in the future for me to run my website.

I am very satisfied with the results thi add-on brings to my website.

Highly recomended for new people to Joomla as my self that want added features like the ones here. (Posted on September 8th 2014)
Easy and usefull
Buying and download - easy
price - cheep
installation - easy
Support - excellent
Thanks! (Posted on September 8th 2014)
Great support
Does what it says. Easy to use. Excellent support. Update process should be made easier.
Thanks (Posted on September 8th 2014)
Amazing & Awesome
This registration component has all the features that the core Joomla registration should have. Such as: Check for duplicate username, password strength, valid email and option for "terms of Service".
Installation and integration for J1.7 was perfect.

I had some initial questions for the developer and the response was prompt and professional.
I later needed some customization to the component and was presented with a very reasonable price. After my payment was made the customization was done the next day.

This registration component is a must have! (Posted on September 8th 2014)
Nice Component. Gives a professional funcionality and styles the core joomla register form.

Also quick response by the admin. (Posted on September 8th 2014)
Wonderful extension and support
Fantastic enhancement to the core extension.
Incredible, quick support.
Should be a Joomla core extension (Posted on September 8th 2014)
Excellent Extension!
AjaxRegistration Pro is an outstanding addition to my site. It was very easy to install, and I was up and running in minutes.

The support was great as well. I emailed the developer with an email template question, and I received the needed assistance within just a few hours! It doesn't get much better than that! (Posted on September 8th 2014)
Outstanding Support!
I've been using the AjaxRegistration Pro for awhile now, with very few issues. The support was just outstanding! Within minutes after posting, I had an e-mail back, requesting the URL and a few minutes later informing me of the conflict. Couldn't ask for more!

Great registration script, great service, and only $15! You can't go wrong. (Posted on September 8th 2014)
Highly recommended
A year back I purchased this extention and used on almost all of my sites. Last week I had some issues and requested support from developer. Not only they instantly replied but also solved my problems.

Highly recommended as it does what it says, and for the amazing support.
Thanks to developer for keeping up good work. (Posted on September 8th 2014)
AjaxRegistration Pro
This product works extremely well and does what I expected it to do. Not only that, the extremely responsive support guy, Prakash, bent over backwards to help my within a very short period of time fix up a number of issues I had as Joomla newbie. The price for the product is more than reasonable, and the support exceptional. (Posted on September 8th 2014)
AjaxRegistration Pro - 5 stars given, 6 stars deserved
A good looking AjaxRegistration module that works together with emailasusername and works together with EasyBlog from Stackideas was needed.

AjaxRegistration does this.

AjaxRegistration provides a professional registration interface. This increases the number of registrations on my site.

Second: Prakash provided outstanding support and helped out very fast.

6 stars: ******
(Posted on September 8th 2014)
well done
Easy to be installed, makes everything work perfect. (Posted on September 8th 2014)
My page needed a mod in the component to get to work. I was helped all the way, and now it works great. Excellent! (Posted on September 8th 2014)




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