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Joomla Facebook Wall Feed

Joomla Facebook Wall Feed : In this social world if your web is not connected to Facebook, Twitter means you are out of the race. With the Facebook wall feeds module user can fetch the profile/page feeds in their Joomla site. It will grab facebook wall post automatically and display feeds of the posts of user’s Facebook page or profile or group on the website. Just put the facebook Account ID or facebook account name with access token.

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Joomla Facebook Wall Feed - In this social world if your web is not connected to Facebook, Twitter means you are out of the race. With the Facebook wall feeds module user can fetch the profile/page feeds in their Joomla site. It will grab facebook wall post automatically and display feeds of the posts of user’s Facebook page or profile or group on the website. Just put the facebook Account ID or facebook account name with access token.

 Joomla Facebook Wall Feed

Joomla Facebook Wall feed Features -

  • All browser compatible(IE7+,FF,Chrome etc)
  • Graph API usage
  • Fast and smooth Loading
  • Manage height and width of module
  • Manage Number and length of posts in module
  • Show/Hide and sort comments in ascending or descending order with respect to time
  • Show/hide and set size of images in the post
  • Show/hide Images in high definition
  • Grab the feeds of your groups and pages too
  • Grab the feeds of one customized page(that you do not follow)
  • Show/hide Facebook Page Plug-in with different options
  • Show/hide Facebook like button
  • Show/hide avatar(display picture) image
  • Different color options available for background, post text and comment text

Joomla Facebook Wall feed Support-

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.com/ticket


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Great module with a lot of features
Hannes Tahvel
www.kalaportaal.ee/ (Estonia)
Good documentation, easy to install.

Support is fast and professional!

Documentation is well written.

Value for money (Posted on December 7th 2016)
Magnificent Plugin WIth Great Support
Rene Christensen
rilleit.dk/ballumby/ (Netherlands)
Used for the Styling of modules. Made few modifications.

Ease of use is 100%

Support and Service 100%

Documentation 100%

Value for money 100%

(Posted on December 7th 2016)
Perfect Facebook Integration
Martin Bock
altsanktulrich.de/ (Denmark)
Functionality : very complex, great!

Ease of use : easy

Support : solved all problems within a day, thank you!

Value for money : better than many others (Posted on March 17th 2016)
Works great, buy it!
Gerald Koldjeski
mercury-sail.com/ (United States)
100% Functionality
All you need!

100% Ease of use
Facebook part of the congif can be tricky but they have very good docs

100% Support
Excellent, I had an issue, put a ticket in and they had it resolved in less than two hours.

100% Documentation

100%Value for money
Very good, support is excellent (Posted on February 17th 2016)
Great module and awsome support
Marko Soini
pappilanpidot.fi/ (Finland)

Works just great.

Ease of use

Easy to use. Needed some support but was a minor problem caused by myself.


Awesome support! Got my problems fixed really fast.


Good documentation.

Value for money

Good value for money.

I used this to: Customer site getting event feeds from facebook. (Posted on November 27th 2015)
Great extension
Ramon Riemersma
www.fengshuiandmore.be/index.php/en/ (Belgium)

Works great!. I got some issues with setting up but the support is excellent and fast!

Ease of use

Easy to setup



Value for money

Just buy, you won't regret (Posted on November 27th 2015)
Excellent Extension and Support!
Ginger Lindbergh
legalgrind.com/ (United States)
We have been using the Facebook wall feed extension on the homepage of our website regarding legal services for several years now. Twice we have needed help renewing the token and just now it starting posting duplicates and in both cases all I had to do was submit a support ticket and it was corrected within 24 hours. I am very happy with the extension and also the support! (Posted on September 4th 2015)
Very nice FB integration
Klaus Melinger
aikido-oberursel.de/en/ (Germany)
Webkul Facebook Wall is a flexible module to integrate wall posts (profile, page and/or group posts) into a Joomla site.
It takes a few steps to set up due to Facebook app integration, but these are well documented by the Webkul team.
The module offers good customisation options.
I had a few questions and suggestions, and the support was very fast and even provided an update within just a few hours.
The documentation is not perfect - and some configuration options become no clearer after reading the tool-tip help, but in the end it was possible to set it up to my needs.
There are still a few minor things that may be improved, but in total the module is worth its price tag and I am happy with running it on my site. (Posted on September 4th 2015)
A GREAT module! No very GREAT!
Andre Basel
www.discoverylabs.co.nz/index.php/upcoming-labs/bookings/book-now (New Zealand)
The product works well and what is even better, the support is quick, friendly and always on the mark.

I can highly recommend this module and its team. (Posted on September 4th 2015)
Excellent module: flexible and perfect support
Gerard Glaudemans
www.genootschap800.nl/ (Netherlands)
Facebook Wall is a very flexible module to integrate wall posts from Facebook into your Joomla site.

The support was very fast and efficient.

A good product for less money (Posted on September 4th 2015)
Works Well.. Good Support
www.cifo.org/index.php (United States)
Bought this module so we could integrate our FB page in to our JOOMLA site. Had an issue with how it rendered graphics from our timeline. Webkul took care of it after opening a ticket. Now the module works as intended. Good purchase. Great support. (Posted on September 4th 2015)
Great Extension and Support Team
Claudia Costa
www.true-bridge.com/ (United Kingdom)

Great extension the client are very happy with the fact they don't need to insert news in FB and Website!

Ease of use

Very easy to use and configure.


Add some problems in the beginning but the support team was very helpful.


It was good and helpful.

Value for money

Great value for the time saved to the client with the main functionality of sharing news and information trhu out the social media and site.
(Posted on September 4th 2015)
Nice extension, great support
Hans van Ee
www.kartcentrumlelystad.nl/ (Netherlands)

It does everything you would expect from such an extension.

Ease of use

Very ease, in fact you can set this up without documentation.


In one word: GREAT!



Value for money

100% worth the (little) money. (Posted on September 4th 2015)
Fully satisfied by this extension and the support
Christophe LE MANH HO
www.clmh.fr/ (France)
Works as expected

Ease of use
A bit complex to configure at first but this is mainly due to Facebook complicated integration

Fully satisfied by the support which is quick and efficient

Make sure to use the latest documentation as Facebook API often changes and so does the methodology to parameter this module

Value for money
Worth it's price
(Posted on September 4th 2015)
Best Support Ever
whiteeaglenews.com/ (United States)
Can always depend on webkul. The only thing better than the product is the support. (Posted on July 23rd 2015)
Had a few problems with this extention but after a very quick chat with them via Skype they soon sorted it . Great Moudule (Posted on September 8th 2014)
A realy stunning support and great great great reaction time!

THANKS A LOT!!! (Posted on September 8th 2014)
Love it!
Facebook integration is an important function of our website. I've tried many feeds, but this is the one that works. Awesome - fast support too! (Posted on September 8th 2014)
Great component
The assistance in this component is 100% helpful and great! the component is very easy to use. Just install it and follow the tutorial. It worth 100% for the component and for the assistance. (Posted on September 8th 2014)
Bought it, installed it, worked straight away. The components documentation is great. Easy setup, easy to use and stable! Highly to recommend if you like to display a facebook wall! A big thank you to the developer. (Posted on September 8th 2014)
Fast, efficent and overall great support
Per Nohr
nafnet.dk/web/ (Denmark)
NEVER been in contact with ANY support who react this fast, efficent and despite other task, after a few hours returns by Skype to ask if the purchased module still works - must give them TOP RATING - it's says it all. - Thanks You So Much! (Posted on September 8th 2014)
Jan van Kuijk
www.keizerspartycatering.nl/ (Netherlands)
Very good support. Accurate and fast.
Wonderful software! (Posted on September 8th 2014)
Great Module. Great Support.
I had a question re: the Feed ID and contacted support. They responded promptly and answered my question in 1 email. The module works great. Thanks for a great product! (Posted on September 8th 2014)
Great Product
Does exactly what we needed. Support questions answered quickly and efficiently. Very helpful. Use this extension if you want to display your Facebook page feed on your website. (Posted on September 8th 2014)
Good job
Works as expected, very easy to install and configure. I made a mistake, asked for help and received a response in five minutes. Really good job.. module working on my webpage 10 minutes after buying it. (Posted on September 8th 2014)
Great way integrate FB to your site
We are running at site that are build on user contribution. So we have to offer the best from "all worlds" - also Facebook. We where in need of an extention that could seemless get facebook groupwalls into our site without ruin the layout. This extention does the jon. Super extention for small money + Excellent and quick Support - we love this extention - it deliver exact what it promises. Thumbs up from here (Posted on September 8th 2014)
Great module and fantastic support
I bought and downloaded this module to link my site to a group page. It does exactly what it says on the tin and does it extremely well. Not only this but the support behind the facade is exemplary!
I installed the module but had some issues with a persistent login to Facebook, every time i logged out of my personal account it logged the module out and it stopped working.
So I posted on the support forum expecting a reply at some point but to my absolute amazement I had an answer and a solution in less than 10 minutes.
It just doesn't get any better than that! Many others on here should take a leaf out of this book and follow the example. (Posted on September 8th 2014)
Great Module and Support
This module worked perfectly. It was easy to setup and the questions I had were answered very quickly! If you're looking to integrate your facebook page and website this is a great choice! (Posted on September 8th 2014)
Great FB module
Thanks to the developers for a nice FB module at a fair price.

It do the job great and the support reply on a questions of mine was extremely quick and fulfilling.
Will check out more extortions of these developers for sure. (Posted on September 8th 2014)
Excellent Super Fast Support
Excellent Support - Thank you Vipin - Had a little glitch in my setup in the beginning but was resolved super fast. Not to mention it's an awesome Module as well (Posted on September 8th 2014)
Great Module
We've had few bumps in the road since we installed this module, but it had to do with conflicts with our template and nothing on webkul's part. Their support staff were amazing and helped us find the problem and we are now up and running. Highly recommend it. (Posted on September 8th 2014)
Outstanding support, easy to use extension
I had a problem with posts not showing. But it had nothing to do with extension. Their support found a problem with jQuery in my template.

The extension itself is very easy to use and configure.

Five stars for everything. And many thanks. (Posted on September 8th 2014)
Great moduke and support
The module is very straightforward to install and set up by following exactly the documentation.

I found the module wasn't responsive but after contacting the developer he sent me immediately an updated version which IS responsive. (Using shape5, corporate response template)

Excellent support and recommend this module (Posted on September 8th 2014)
It works!
Easy to install and configure. Great instructions were provided and were easy to follow.

Although I didn't have any trouble, the developer provided every possible way to contact him in case of trouble. (Posted on September 8th 2014)
Great little extension
I added this extension to our organization's web page and it's just perfect since there is more activity on our Facebook page than on our main web page!

It's perfect and support is super quick and effective!

Thanks (Posted on September 8th 2014)
Great Plugin
Been using this Extension for a year now streaming my Facebook feed to our website. Must say the support is second to none. Facebook are forever changing their security settings and a few times I have had to generate new access token that have not always gone according to an email to WebKul and in a matter of minutes issue has been resolved. Worth every penny :) (Posted on September 8th 2014)
Quick Support & Superb App
I was looking for an Extension like this. It works as it should and has so many possibilitys to configer it as you like.

I also got an Problem and got an Reply in around an hour.

Five Stars from me! (Posted on September 8th 2014)
Good Product, Excellent Support
Bob Garbett
I am VERY glad I bought the commercial version of this extension. Throughout the changes Facebook has made to the way user apps interact with their product, this developer has provided updates and clear directions - which is great, because I don\'t even know what API stands for! Fortunately, the only time I haven\'t been able to follow their directions, I received a response to my support ticket within 24 hours. I don\'t get that TAT from most of my other more expensive paid subscriptions. Creating the module is simple, thanks to mouseover tooltips for each input box. I am very pleased with this company and product, and I will continue to be a customer. (Posted on September 8th 2014)
Excellent service from the support staff
Just want to say how grateful I am to the support staff for getting this extension working for me. I found it fairly tricky to install, but that was more a problem with Facebook and my own limited experience in the Facebook Developers environment. (Posted on September 8th 2014)
Excellent extension and wonderful support
This extension does exactly what was needed for a client who wanted to be able to add news items to their joomla website, while in the field, from their iphones. Realising that they were enthusiastic Facebook business page users, posting regularly via their iphones, this extension seemed like the ideal solution, getting round all the issues of posting to joomla from an iphone!
I had a couple of issues with configuration and access codes timing out, but the support was speedy and amazing, as answers to tickets were posted within several hours in each case with full documentation and even a helpful screen shot. (Posted on September 8th 2014)
Excellent module and superb support
What a nice module for integrating the content of a Facebook page on your website: I used this extension for a health club site of a client of mine. Also, thumbs up for the excellent and quick support, I also got the updated version which works awesome! I definitely would recommend this extension to you. (Posted on September 8th 2014)
Excellent module and support
Really excellent module with lots of customisable options, sent with full notes which are easy to understand ... and yet when I still managed to mess it up they were quick in responding to my query and even followed up. (Posted on September 8th 2014)
This a great mo
Christian Carrillo
This a great module!!Great work!! Keep it up!This a great module!!Great work!! Keep it up!This a great module!!Great work!! Keep it up!This a great module!!Great work!! Keep it up! (Posted on September 8th 2014)
Great module, not easy but the support are very nice and quick !
This extension does exactly what's needed by my client. Waoow, tnx a lot "webkul team"! In the first minute the module does'nt appear correctly, but i am not a 'best clever ...' fortunately the Team was'nt far away. (Posted on September 8th 2014)




Module code is completely open that means anyone can customize the code as per his / her need , as the developer of the module we also provide customisation and development of the module please contact us for module customisation (Paid Service)
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