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      Joomla, 3.x

      Joomla Virtuemart Multi Vendor Marketplace

      Joomla Virtuemart Multi Vendor Marketplace: This remarkable add-on enables the user to convert Joomla Virtuemart store into Multi-vendor/seller marketplace with the concept of single store front. This multi-functional shopping cart solution will be able to create a sophisticated, full fledged online marketplace where sellers can manage their sales through a common interface.


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      Joomla Virtuemart Multi Vendor Marketplace - This remarkable add-on enables the user to convert Joomla Virtuemart store into Multi-vendor/seller marketplace with the concept of a single store front. This multi-functional shopping cart solution will be able to create a sophisticated, full-fledged online marketplace where sellers can manage their sales through a common interface.

      Image description

      Joomla Virtuemart Multi Vendor Marketplace Features -

      • A seller can add the product to Virtuemart store.
      • A seller can edit, delete or can change the picture of the product.
      • Separate seller profile.
      • A seller can add banner, shop logo, custom HTML text.
      • Feedback and review system with an interactive star rating.
      • Different seller commission for every individual seller.
      • All the Joomla users account can be converted into seller account through the admin panel.
      • If Seller is deleted then it's product is automatically disabled or deleted.
      • If Seller is disabled then it's Products is automatically disabled.
      • Registration of seller through facebook account.
      • Multilingual product saved through seller's front end.
      • Grid/List view of the seller.
      • Admin can assign a product to the seller.
      • Feedback received can be enabled or disabled by the admin.
      • Products can be classified according to various categories like for men, women, and many more. User can filter the products according to its category.
      • Approval mail facility when a seller adds any product (depends on the condition of marketplace configuration setting).
      • Optional Tax and Commission fields on add product page at frontend.
      • A seller can view the commission details as per the product on frontend Dashboard.
      • Admin can set the uploading image size of a product.
      • Seller Grid View shows all the sellers at frontend in Grid View with their name(profile name/business name).
      • The Marketplace Seller View module has the option to show sellers in both grid or list view.
      • A seller can enable or disable their products at frontend.

      Features of Version 4.0 -

      • Introduction of advanced seller profile preview where a user can view the details of the seller which includes the geographical location, seller description, favourite product and seller follow option.
      • New contact icons have been framed for a better outlook of seller profile.
      • A seller can manage their individual status of orders from the frontend.
      • Facilitated with multistage registration.
      • Webcam facility to update and upload profile and product image during runtime.
      • View on donut chart has been furnished. It includes the details of static sales and revenue details of the day, month and year at frontend dashboard.
      • An option of multi-currency at seller end to view the revenue details.
      • An upsurge in the tab view of the multi-vendor marketplace.
      • New and improved commission tab.
      • An upsurge in the tab view of the multi-vendor marketplace.
      • A better help desk is provided at the admin end. Admin can directly ask for support from the admin panel.
      • Info tab is provided which includes the user guide manual for assisting admin in a case for any further reference.
      • Google Recaptcha on product add and seller registration page protecting the site from spam and abuse.
      • An option of Lazy load deferring the loading of products until they become visible in the user's viewport.

      Latest Features_5.0 -

      Features at Seller End

      • Mobile responsive.
      • The add-on is now compatible and well integrated with the function of “catalogue view” of Virtuemart. Therefore the “buy now” button will not be displayed if catalogue mode is enabled at Virtuemart end.
      • A field with the concept of “suggested category” is provided in “Add product” tab. This field allows the seller to recommend categories to admin.
      • A separate tab is provided where the list of “favourite products” are displayed with the number of counts per product.
      • An advanced seller’s dashboard is available to view the sales analytics of orders based on the world map, pie chart and area chart by year.
      • The dashboard also displays the number of total orders, customers and amount of sales.
      • In “order history” tab functionality of sorting of orders on basis of order status is available.
      • A customised layout is being designed for edit order option.
      • The catalogue of sellers registered in the site gets displayed in list view for a mobile device.
      • In “my payment” tab, the feature of filtering the transactions of the seller on basis of date is available.
      Features At Seller End

      Features at Admin End

      • A separate tab is provided to view the listed Joomla users. The listed users can be converted into sellers excluding the superuser.
      • Mail templating functionality is available to communicate with the individual seller.
      • Filtering of orders based on selected sellers is possible at the backend.
      • Advanced filtering option of products on basis of sellers and categories is available.
      • A separate layout is provided to edit and manage the information of the individual seller.
      • Option to update multiple seller commission is obtained. An improved sorting of sellers based on the type commission is provided.
      • An advanced sorting of products based on categories, sellers and status of the display is available.
      • The functionality of cloning of admin’s product is obtained to assign a single product to multiple sellers.
      • A separate tab is available to view and manage the list of suggested categories from seller end.
      • Admin has been provided with the option to approve or disapprove the suggested categories.
      Features At Admin End

      Latest Features_5.2 -( Security Vulnerability for XSS and SQL -Injection fixed)

      • Email templates provided for Marketplace e-mails.
      • Top View Seller Products on Seller Dashboard
      • View for buyer to see followed seller.
      • Login view provided with Seller menus.
      • View provided for Administrator and seller for all seller queries.
      • Get Direction Button for seller shop map location.
      • More Robust And Secure

      Backend Management -

      • All Joomla users account can be converted into seller account by synchronizing at admin panel.
      • Here the product can be classified according to various categories depending on the list of categories set by the admin.
      • Admin can assign his products to a seller.
      • The image size of products is set by the admin.
      • Mail notification option to admin when seller add any product at frontend (depending on the marketplace configuration settings).
      • Authority of changes is given to admin.
      • It supports multilingual option. Basically, a multi-language website is one that explicitly targets users in different countries. Use the multilingual features to expand business globally. A language fallback system will help you by providing a translation of a page, specific content and other composition. The language switcher will provide user's of frontend to view various language options set by admin at the backend. User use the feature to create a publishing Web site for that they make copies of the content that is being translated into different languages as it isn't a translation tool. For Marketplace, Admin can convert the marketplace from his default language to various languages both in backend and frontend. The option of override of particular composition is also available.
      Backend Management

      Product Management At Seller End -

      • Seller can add/edit/delete product at frontend.
      • They can enable or disable product from frontend.
      • If a seller is deleted then product related to seller gets disabled or delete
      • As per the selected marketplace configuration option .
      graphic image

      Seller Profile view -

      • A separate seller profile for every individual seller which includes personal details and shop details .
      • Seller can add banner, shop logo and custom HTML text for individual seller promotions.
      • Option of registration and login of seller using his Facebook account. A new user can easily gets registered using his Facebook account without filling all the details in separate seller registration form
      graphic image

      Feedback And Review System -

      • Feedback and review system with star ratings provided. These ratings are displayed on seller profile view page.
      • Any registered customer can give his review for any registered seller on the shop.
      • Feedback received can be enabled or disabled by admin at the backend.
      • This native review and rating system enhance the customer experience and gives them a guideline and will increase the sale.
      description image

      Tax and Commission -

      • Optional tax and commission fields on “Add Product” page at frontend to provide seller with an option to add tax to his newly added product.
      • Different seller commission for individual seller is maintained by admin at backend.
      • Each seller can view its individual seller commission details as per the orders on the dashboard at frontend.
       graphic image

      Seller Grid/List View -

      • Optional tax and commission fields on “Add Product” page at frontend to provide seller with an option to add tax to his newly added product.
      • Different seller commission for individual seller is maintained by admin at backend.
      • Each seller can view its individual seller commission details as per the orders on dashboard at frontend.
      graphic image

      Structure Your Webmall With Nested Categories -

      • Virtuemart offers shop nested categories. Product can have multiple categories so that customers can find product among different listed tags.
      • These categories will be giving a class or division to products regarded as having particular shared characteristics. Each category will be given prior conceptions to minds of customers to sense impressions of products.
       graphic image

      Search engine will love your shop -

      • Marketplace supports SEF URLs for seller profile and product. It will increase your website's ranking by combining meta settings with product descriptions, media descriptions and meta descriptions. It makes the site more easy to use and user friendly.
      graphic image

      Manage Shoppers -

      Virtuemart has given an option to the Admin to create shopper groups for a variety of shoppers. There exist shopper groups for not logged in users and even they can be pushed into shopper groups. Almost anything depends on shopper groups and they give admin a lot of control over the users of his site. Shopper groups allow admin to create customised discounts, price display, payment/shipment methods and similar. VirtueMart allows admin easily to adjust the shopper input form to your culture, legal requirements or habits of your shoppers.

       graphic image

      Products -

      The product edit allows you to set different attributes like : 

      • Product dimensions and colour.
      • Custom attributes(For more info please visit Custom attribute).
      • Shop menu.

      They are displayed on the product detail view page. There are some Technics to improve the product editing like product patterns, they allow you to change an attribute for your derived products within minutes. Product cloning allows you to quickly create a bunch of similar products.

       graphic image

      Tax And Calculation -

      The unique calculator does all discounts, tax and currency handling. You can define discount, profit and tax. You can use Following as conditions :

      • Categories
      • Shopper groups
      • Time/date
      • Manufacturer
      graphic image

      Let Joomla Virtuemart Marketplace do the invoice for you

      The marketplace does the invoice handling for you. You can define the order status for which invoice should be created. You can modify the order status and can view related invoice at the backend.

       graphic image

      Checkout -

      • Guest checkout (here guest can settle up the order without being getting registered as a registered customer).
      • Option to register at beginning of checkout ( guest can register himself as a registered customer at the beginning of purchasing of products and settling them out).
      • Multipage checkout ( checkout steps are broken up over multiple pages with an indicator letting customers to know what process they are on and how many are left).
      graphic image

      Payment options -

      Joomla Virtuemart Marketplace provides various payment gateways for buyers. We provide various exciting payment gateways which is a third-party gateway. Users can buy these gateways from our store. The payment gateways which are being provided by us are as follows

      • Joomla Virtuemart Braintree Payment Gateway ( Buy Now )
      • Joomla Virtuemart MangoPay Payment Gateway ( Buy Now )
      • Joomla Virtuemart Stripe Payment Gateway ( Buy Now )
      • Joomla Virtuemart Payfast Payment Gateway ( Buy Now )
      • Joomla Virtuemart Wepay Payment Gateway ( Buy Now )
      • Joomla Virtuemart Paymentwall Payment Gateway ( Buy Now )

      So the customer's payment can be transferred to admin via various gateways. For a seller, the marketplace has provided two payment options through which admin can transfer amount to seller :

      • Joomla Virtuemart Marketplace Paypal Adaptive Payment ( Buy Now )
      • Standard method.

      Joomla Virtuemart Multi Vendor Marketplace Supported Addons -

      • Joomla Virtuemart Marketplace Paypal Adaptive Payment ( Buy Now )
      • Joomla Virtuemart Marketplace Custom attribute ( Buy Now )
      • Joomla Virtuemart Marketplace Buyer Seller Chat ( Buy Now )
      • Joomla Virtuemart Marketplace Membership ( Buy Now )
      • Joomla Virtuemart Marketplace Custom Field ( Buy Now )
      • Joomla Virtuemart Marketplace Split Cart ( Buy Now )
      • Joomla Virtuemart Marketplace Downloadable Product ( Buy Now )
      • Joomla Virtuemart Ask To Seller ( Buy Now )
      • Joomla Virtuemart Marketplace Seller Profile As Subdomain ( Buy Now )

      Joomla Virtuemart Multi Vendor Marketplace Support -

      For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

      Rating 5.0
      based on 29 reviews

      Recent Reviews

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      Very functional extension. Great support!

      Posted On - January 15, 2019

      1) Functionality
      Functional extention. Plus has many useful addons to develop your project.

      2) Ease of use
      It is easy and comfortable to use.

      3) Support
      Support is really great! Highly appreciate the support. Kind, polite and quick to response. Smart ticket request system.

      4) Documentation
      Extension is easy to understand and use itself. And also great documentation.

      5) Value for money
      Great value for money.

      Multi Vendor Marketplace For Virtuemart is excellent !

      Posted On - October 11, 2018

      1) Functionality - Very easy to use and high function!
      I was longing for this kind of extension.

      2) Ease of use - It is very easy to use!
      Easy setup even for beginners.

      3) Support - Very polite and quick response.

      4) Documentation - no problem. I think that it is easy to understand

      5) Value for money - I think that this price is inexpensive with high function

      Great support !

      Posted On - August 31, 2018

      1) Functionality - Easy to use and high function

      2) Ease of use - Impeccable.
      After installation, you can use it immediately from the menu column.

      3) Support - kind and polite.
      I'm satisfied.

      4) Documentation - 100

      5) Value for money - I think that it is inexpensive


      Posted On - June 8, 2018

      1) Functionality - By far the best I have found...I did a google search and came across them...other competitors did not have what I needed.

      2) Ease of use - They can make anything happen that you need them as far as customization.

      3) Support - Support is the best the only thing I can say is their time differences...I'm in USA so when its late here its early there.

      4) Documentation - GREAT!! Easy to understand.

      5) Value for money - Not too bad...they gave me some discounts so I'm happy

      Excellent product suitable for my website

      Posted On - May 21, 2018

      1) Functionality - Have a good function.

      2) Ease of use - Easy to understand, not complicated.

      3) Support - Fast support team and excellent service.

      4) Documentation - easy to understand

      5) Value for money - Suitable for price

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      Joomla Virtuemart Multi Vendor Marketplace FAQ :

      Does this module supports separate seller profile?
          Yes it does support separate seller profile, the shop view of seller shows information of seller along with its products, for the customer on his/her store, when the seller is logged in he/she can check all the orders products and payments, seller can also set the profile to be displayed in the store and the payment methods. 
      Does this module allow seller/vendor to list their product?
         Yes it does, for a customer the seller products will be listed in seller profile page and category view is also available, a seller can upload their own product and they can edit the details as well. 
      Can we customize the extension as per our custom requirements?
         Yes, the code is fully open & you can customize it according to your need or you can contact us on 
      Does the module works on multi-domain?
          Yes it does, you can install the zip file on N number of domains but we offer support for only one domain.  
      Is there any commission or product per sale fee option available?
          Yes, it is there under Administrator Components -> Marketplace for Virtuemart-> Commissions-> Update Commission-> Commission Type ( Fixed or Percentage), the amount earned by the admin on the commission is adjusted as per settings so that the admin will only pay the amount to seller deducting its commission. 
      How will commission work?
          Let's say if you have added 20% commission for per product sale then on the order of 100$ commission column will display 20% for admin. There is no auto transfer to the seller account rather admin will get the complete amount and the admin can deduct his commission amount and transfer the payment to the seller by cheque/ Bank transfer or any other medium. Here You can use our Split payment gateways to automate this process, please visit:  
      How can a seller get a notification about their orders?
          As soon as the buyer purchased the product successfully means the payment done, an email would trigger from our Marketplace extension to the respective seller about the details of the purchase order. 
      Is there any way by which seller can contact admin?
          Yes, there is an option in Seller- Marketplace Menus "Ask to Admin" where seller can ask admin for any query, the query will be mailed to admin and also will be stored for future references, these can be view by the seller on FE and the admin on the Administrator end of marketplace as per the sellers. 
      How can seller request for payment to site's admin?
          There is option Ask Admin by using this seller can ask an admin for payment, also if the Seller has set the payment method on his profile the admin can pay using PayPal, or using cheque or cash using the COD option. But there is no separate option specific to Request payment. 
      How can we split the payment between admin and seller?
          We have created another extension by which payment will be split into admin and seller. 
      How will seller/vendor or partner monitor the sales?
          Seller or partner can monitor sales from their dashboard. Which shows Most Viewed product(in MP 5.2), also options to see world map for sales, pie chart sales graph and latest 5 orders are displayed in the list. 
      How can seller add custom attribute?
          We have created an add-on module for adding attributes from seller front end. 
      How can seller add a custom field?
          We have created an add-on module for adding custom options from seller front end. 
      How product approval process works?
          When seller will upload a new product, a product will be in pending state. After the admin approval, a product will go live on the store. Also, admin can set it automatic so that for every product upload admin don't need to check the product upload, mail template in the configuration will be used to send mail for both conditions. 
      Can Seller add Facebook and Twitter URLs?
          Yes, under Seller Marketplace Menus-> My Profile-> Social Profile, options are provided to link Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter account. 
      How can customer contact to a seller?
          In every seller profile, a customer will see an option Contact where he can see all the information about the seller and can ask a question directly 
      What about seller feedback, review and rating?
          Under seller profile customer can see the "Reviews" where he can also add his review, the review can be set to admin approval or automatic publish. 
      What about seller feedback, review and rating?
          Under seller profile customer can see the "Reviews" where he can also add his review, the review can be set to admin approval or automatic publish. 
      What about Seller feedback moderation?
          There is an option Seller Marketplace Menus>> Order History. The seller can update/edit the order status from their end as well as the product status. 
      Is there any involvement of admin during signup process as a vendor or an option for excluding/ including of admin's involvement?
          There are options from admin, either he wants to moderate the vendor or automatic approval, these settings also depend upon Joomla user settings, also if the admin does not want to approve seller request the user will not be able to send the request again until the Admin delete the seller. 
      You have a Paypal adaptive payment extension, I presume that buyers can still use credit cards at the payment stage if they don’t have a PayPal Account?
          Yes, PayPal offers that. You can use cc to pay from PayPal. 
      Can a customer follow a Seller?
          Yes there is an option provided for the customer to follow the seller, the followed seller can be view on the buyer view(In MP 5.2). 
      Can Admin add Terms and conditions for a seller?
          Yes, Admin can set the Terms and Conditions for a seller for adding product and registering as a seller. 
      Does the extension support the Joomla Captcha?
          Yes the admin can set the Joomla captcha for User Register as a seller and Add Products. 
      Can a seller register as a seller using Facebook Account?
          Yes the Admin need to add the Facebook App ID and Secret in the marketplace to enable Facebook login, and all the store user can apply for a seller account. 
      Does the Marketplace support the custom mail template?
          Yes the marketplace supports the email templates and Variable associated with each template to send the mail for different store actions. 

      Joomla Virtuemart Multi Vendor Marketplace - Support

      For any query or suggestion please visit our ticket support system : Support System

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