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Odoo Dhl Express Shipping Integration

ODOO 11 Compatible

Odoo Dhl Express Shipping Integration

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Odoo Dhl Express Shipping Integration: Dealing with national and international deliveries on your website? Then, your priorities are two folds- delivering at the correct address and reducing the delivery time to a minimum. So why not use DHL Express Shipping services, world leaders in logistics operations. Just integrate DHL Express Shipping with Odoo using Odoo Dhl Express Shipping Integration module to add a new delivery method on your Odoo website. Once configured, the customers can choose DHL express Shipping method to get their orders delivered to them. The prices are automatically calculated as per the DHL rates and added to the order lines. The module also facilitates the generation of DHL Express SHipping Label in Odoo once the order is confirmed.


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Odoo Dhl Express Shipping Integration: Aiming towards higher delivery speeds and impeccable accuracy are as important as other factors while running the online store. And who’s better than DHL Express Shipping to handle the Logistics needs for your store?

Odoo Dhl Express Shipping Integration Module adds the DHL Express shipping to your delivery methods to offer accurate and fast delivery for both domestic as well as international orders in your store.

The customers can choose the delivery method to place the orders on the Odoo website. The Odoo admin can add DHL shipping delivery method while placing the order in the Odoo backend.

The delivery prices are automatically calculated and added in the order on selecting the delivery method.

The module also allows the generation of DHL Express Shipping Label in the Odoo.

Odoo Dhl Express Shipping Integration Features

  • The module integrates DHL Express Shipping Delivery with the Odoo.
  • Once configured, DHL Express Shipping becomes available as a delivery method on the Odoo website and in the Odoo backend.
  • It can be used for both Domestic and International deliveries.
  • The customers can select DHL Express while placing the order on the Odoo website.
  • Also, the admin can add the method in the order lines while placing an order at the backend.
  • The delivery prices are automatically calculated and added to the order on selecting the DHL Express shipping.
  • The Odoo admin can also generate the DHL Shipping Label in the Odoo backend.

Before You Generate DHL Express Shipment in Odoo

Please keep the following points in mind to avoid getting an error message while placing a delivery with DHL Express Shipping Carrier:


1.) Valid Credentials

  • Please use the correct DHL Express credentials to configure the module to successfully generate the shipment in the Odoo backend and on the website.


2.) Correct destination and sender address

  • The addresses entered in the order for both user/receiver and warehouse/sender should be valid entries to process the shipping successfully. The addresses and range from the source to the destination depending upon the type of service availed from DHL Express by the Odoo admin.


3.) A non-zero weight of the package

  • The product added to DHL Express shipping should not have zero as the listed weight in the Odoo otherwise the shipment generation request returns an error from DHL Express. To avoid this, the admin can also set a default weight to be automatically sent to the DHL Express in case the product in case the listed weight is zero.


4.) You need to put the product in a pack to generate a shipping label


Dedicated Support For Odoo Dhl Express Shipping Integration Module

Webkul's dedicated support provides you with the customizations and troubleshooting solutions for your Odoo Dhl Express Shipping Integration Module.

For any query or issue please CREATE A TICKET HERE


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