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    Prestashop Amazon Connector (Without Developer Account)

    Prestashop Amazon Connector (Without Developer Account): Integrate your Prestashop store with Amazon and list your products on one of the world's biggest marketplace. This extension facilitates you to synchronize your Prestashop store products with Amazon and Vice-Versa. Also, you can manage and update the products, inventory, pricing, for your Amazon store from Prestashop back office. Import orders from Amazon to your Prestashop store. Automatically imports the customers to the Prestashop store along with orders.

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    Prestashop Amazon Connector (Without Developer Account) - If you are running an eCommerce store you have to spend thousands of dollars on marketing or advertisement just to let your customers know that you exist. But, by listing your products on Amazon you can have access to millions of customers worldwide.

    Prestashop Amazon Connector acts as a bridge between your Prestashop store and Amazon store. You can export hundreds or thousands of products from your store to Amazon in just a few clicks. Connecting your Prestashop store to Amazon is an excellent way to reach more customers online and increase your sales.

    Important Note -

    1. This module works according to the membership plans. You can synchronize the products and import the orders as per the membership plan you have purchased. Please refer to our user guide to know more about the membership plans.

    2. Our module does not support Selling Partner-API (SP-API). It supports Marketplace Web Service (MWS) APIs.

    Highlighted Features

     Import Combination Product

    Enable/Disable to import product with combinations.

     Import/Export Products

    Import/Export products from Amazon to Prestashop and vice-versa.

     Import Orders

    Import any number of orders from Amazon store to Prestashop with just a few clicks.

     Import Customer Details

    Customers are automatically imported to Prestashop with orders.

     Stock Management

    Automatically update inventory on Amazon when order is created in Prestashop.

    Prestashop Amazon Connector (Without Developer Account) Features -


    • Sync the Prestashop products to Amazon or vice versa.
    • Sync the Amazon Orders to Prestashop.
    • Admin can choose to export products with UPC, EAN, or ISBN.
    • Choose from multiple membership plans. Each membership plan offers a certain number of listings & orders that you can import from your Amazon store.
    • Enable or Disable inventory management i.e. if an order is created on Prestashop then stock will update on Amazon.
    • Enable or Disable the update of products on Amazon when updated on Prestashop.

    IMPORT :

    • Admin can import all the Amazon products (with or without combinations).
    • Admin can also import only those products which do not have any combinations.
    • Choose to import separate product for each combination or single product for all same product combination in Prestashop.
    • Admin can import all the products from Amazon to Prestashop at once.
    • Also, admin can import products or one by one using Amazon ASIN number.
    • Import all the orders from Amazon to Prestashop at once.
    • Also, admin can import the orders one by one by order id.
    • Admin can set the date range for which he wants to import the orders from Amazon to Prestashop.
    • Also, the admin can specify the number of orders to import in the specified date range.
    • When an order is imported from Amazon to Prestashop, the details of the customer who places the order also gets imported to Prestashop.

    EXPORT :

    • Admin has to create a product feed for exporting the product from Prestashop to Amazon.
    • Admin can choose to add all the Prestashop products in a product feed.
    • Also, admin can add specific products in a feed.
    • After creating the product feed, admin can export the products to Amazon.

    Bulk Product Upload

    Save yourself from the hassle of uploading the products one by one on your Amazon store. Effortlessly export all the Prestashop products to the Amazon marketplace at once or select the products you want to export. This way, you don't have to do the tiresome process of adding products one by one manually on the Amazon store. This extension provides you the flexibility of importing any number of products from the Amazon marketplace to the Prestashop store. You also have the option of importing products one by one using the Amazon ASIN No. Define a default category to be assigned to all the imported products.


    Mass Import Orders

    Define the date range and the number of orders you want to import from the Amazon marketplace to Prestashop for the specified date range. Also, you can order specific orders by order id. Whenever an order is imported to Prestashop, the customer details are automatically imported to your Prestashop store with the order. You can view a list of customers imported from the Amazon store in a separate "Amazon Customers" of your Prestashop back office.


    Automatic Inventory/Price Update

    When you are selling on different platforms, managing stock is sometimes difficult. With our Prestashop Amazon Connector module, you don't have to update the inventory manually on one platform when a product is sold on another. This extension automatically updates the stock on the Amazon store when an order is placed on Prestashop. Also, the product's price and quantity get automatically updated on Amazon when updated on Prestashop.


    Expand Your Business Reach

    Customers are more likely to purchase the products from Amazon rather than your standalone website they never heard of. You can reach millions of customers across the world by selling on Amazon. Listing your products on Amazon will help you bring more customers to your Prestashop store. Also, with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), you can send your products in bulk to their warehouse. They will handle storage, packing, and shipping of products to customers in the shortest time possible.


    Prestashop Amazon Connector (Without Developer Account) Support -

    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

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