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    Wallet Management App for Shopify

    Shopify Wallet Management AppThe app can be used to provide the best e-Wallet facility with store credit/cashback functionality to your customers. Making the shopping experience secure while speeding up the transaction process. From paying for the orders to transferring money between multiple wallets, it has got all. Apart from this, the Wallet Management App has a refund management system to take care of the return or exchange in your store.

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    Why you need Wallet Management System for your store?

    In this era, digital payments are encouraged by consumers and vendors because of the efficiency factor. So, it’s time to implement an eWallet facility in your online store. If you are allowing them to purchase online, let them pay online too.

    Shopify Wallet Management App: 

    Setup a digital wallet functionality in your store to enhance the shopping experience of your customers. With this app, customers can pay for their orders using the e-wallet, they can recharge it and even get refunds for their orders in the wallet itself and much more. 

    The admin can create amazing cashback offers for the customers to get store credits into their wallets. This makes the whole transaction process secure and enhances customer loyalty.  

    Offer store credit functionality:

    Offering your customers value for making a purchase on your store is generally said to be store credit. Store credit is a powerful tool to boost customer retention and revenue. Many thriving retailers like Amazon, Walmart, etc. have implemented this strategy in their stores.

    Store credit can help you with customer retention & also increase average order value. 

    Store credits can be given at the following moments:

    • For word-of-mouth marketing or for referring your brand.
    • To compensate for any poor-service offered to your customer.
    • During the off-season to encourage your customers to purchase.
    • To reduce the abandoned cart rate.
    • To refund for returns or exchange on your store.

    Partial Pay via Wallet:

    The app also includes partial pay functionality through the wallet. 

    Let’s take an example to understand this-

    Suppose, you have enabled this option with a pay wallet percentage of 10%.

    Now, suppose a customer has bought a product worth $100 & the amount in his wallet is $200, he can use only 10% of his Wallet amount to pay for that order. And rest of the order amount needs to be paid via any payment method configured by the admin.

    Therefore, the customer can pay only $20 (10% of $200) from his wallet & the rest, $80 will be paid via other payment modes.

    Here, the amount of $20 paid by the customer is:- [(pay wallet %) of (total wallet amount)]

    Wallet Management App for Shopify provides the best e-Wallet facility with store credit functionality. From paying for the orders to transferring money from one wallet to others, it has got all. Apart from this, the Wallet Management app has a step refund management system and a lot more!

    Features of the app:

    • Secure & easy e-wallet functionality
    • Customers can pay for the orders using the wallet
    • App also includes partial pay functionality using the wallet
    • Create cashback rules for your customers
    • Direct money transfer to the customer’s wallet account 
    • The refund can be done into the customer's wallet
    • Customers can transfer money from their wallet to another customer's wallet
    • Import existing customers into the app
    • Well-maintained wallet transaction status for each customer
    • The history of the customer’s wallet transaction can be monitored easily
    • Customers can have the wallet transact information in the 'my account' section of the online store
    • Admin can add the FAQ for the Customer to brief about the Wallet System
    • Edit the frontend labels as per the requirements
    • The frontend theme can also be configured
    • The email content can be edited & modifies as per the need
    • Very user-friendly interface with a smooth workflow


    For any query or suggestion, please create a support ticket: or drop an email at [email protected].

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    What is the purpose of the Wallet Management App?

    The app gives your eCommerce store a wallet concept for your customers. This enables your customers to pay via wallet, to recharge the wallet and can even get refunds in the wallet and much more.

    How can I install the app?

    You can install the app from the official Shopify App Store:

    What Is The Monthly Subscription Cost For This App?

    The app will cost you $10 per month.

    How to uninstall the Wallet Management App?

    To uninstall the app, you need to remove the app from the "Apps" menu of your Shopify Store, Go to your Shopify store backend>> Visit the "Apps" section >> Here click the "Delete" button to uninstall the Wallet Management App.

    NOTE:- As soon as you remove/uninstall/delete the app on your Shopify store, we will send you an email asking you to let us delete the data from our end related to the app. Kindly confirm the same.

    Does the user receive emails for the amount added or deducted from the wallet?

    The user received the mail notifications on the below four events and more:

    • Amount Credited
    • Amount Debited
    • Cashback Amount 
    • Amount Refunded

    How to get in touch with experts in case of any further query related to the app?
    If you need any kind of support/consultancy then please raise a ticket at or drop a mail at [email protected] and the team will provide you proper assistance.

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