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Adobe Commerce Amazon Integration [Subscription Based] allows the store owners to integrate their Amazon store with Magento 2 store for importing the product, stock, and orders from the Amazon store to Magento 2 store. The store owner can also export their Magento 2 products to the Amazon store.

Amazon Connector performs real-time updates of the synchronize product prices and quantity on the Amazon store. The store owner can also connect multiple Amazon stores with the Magento 2 store. The facility of mass import Amazon products is also available that allows the store owner to import products and orders in bulk in some easy clicks.

Please Note -

  • This Magento 2 Amazon Integration module will work for a professional seller account at Amazon seller central only.
  • In order to obtain the Amazon MWS credentials, you need to complete the Developer Registration and Assessment, and only after that, you will receive the Amazon MWS Access keys. Webkul will not be held responsible for obtaining/generating the credentials.
  • Also, to manage shipment fulfillment you have to buy a separate module Amazon MCF (FBA) for Magento 2Also, to manage shipment fulfillment you have to buy a separate module Amazon MCF (FBA) for Magento 2. But please make sure that you have the MWS credentials before you purchase the module else the respective module will not work.
  • This is a subscription-based module that means you have to purchase the subscription first from here for using this module.

Highlighted Features

 Real-Time Updates

This module performs real-time updates of the synchronized product price and quantity on the Amazon store.

 Import Simple and Configurable Products

The admin can import Simple as well as Configurable product types.

 Create Multiple Price Rules

The admin can create and manage multiple price rules to update the price of synchronized products automatically.

 Auto Update Order

The admin can decide whether the order will be updated automatically or not.

 Auto Create Order

The admin can decide whether the order will be created automatically or not.

 Product Feed Listing

The admin can create new feeds and check the product details by viewing the feed.

Why Integrate Amazon with Adobe Commerce Online Store?

If you own a huge business and are looking for a popular e-commerce platform to sell your products then Amazon is the best option. Because Amazon is the foremost online marketplace where customers can buy and vendors can sell their products globally. Magento 2 Amazon Integration [Subscription Based] extension integrates your Magento store with the Amazon store.

This module provides both way integration that means the store owner can sync the product from Magento to Amazon as well as from Amazon to Magento store. The module provides the facility of auto-create and update orders.

Integrate Amazon with Magento Store

After the installation of the module, the admin will integrate the Amazon Connector module:

  • The admin has to enter the generated API token by Amazon Central.
  • Default attribute set, store, website, tax class will be selected from the dropdown.
  • The admin will also select the Amazon Currency.
  • Admin can also decide whether to Enable price rules or not.

Amazon Connector Membership Plans - Starter / Pro / Mega

This is a subscription-based module, the admin must have a membership account with Amazon Connector.

  • The admin needs to sign up for Amazon Connector with the Magento platform.
  • Initially, the admin will process the basic registration at the Amazon Connector onboard page.
  • The admin has to select the membership plan from the available memberships i.e. Starter, Pro, and Mega.
  • Every membership has its specified number of product listing and order synchronization limits.
  • After processing the payment the admin will be registered to Amazon Connector to add and sync its Amazon seller account.

Import Amazon Products

Under the admin panel, there is a separate section available for importing the products.

  • The admin can import all the products from the Amazon store to its Magento 2 store.
  • The admin can Generate Report Id: creates the seller’s account report which is used to send a request to import the products from the Amazon store.
  • Import Product From Amazon: Temporary product data is created and stored in Magento 2 database.
  • Create Imported Product: create/add the imported products to the Magento 2 store.
  • Check the imported products by navigating to the store product category which has been set as the default category for an imported product from Amazon while module configuration.
  • Change the default category of imported products.
  • The product information like base image, name, price, and quantity get imported along with the product.
  • A separate section is available to import Amazon orders also. The admin needs to process it in the same way.

Product Feeds

A feature of product feed is provided in the module for making the export process by which the Magento products can be exported to the Amazon store:

  • The admin can check the feed list under the feed listing section.
  • The status of each feed will be visible to the admin under the status attribute.
  • Newly created feeds will be listed under the feed listing.
  • Admin will create a feed and add products to it (products that you want to create on Amazon).
  • Admin can view the specific feed to check the feed product details.
  • The admin can also check the status of the feed product.

Map Multiple Categories

The module comes up with the category mapping feature.

  • The admin will map the “Amazon Parent Category” with the “Magento Category”.
  • Admin can also create a new mapping by clicking on the Add Mapping button.
  • The admin can select the “ Magento Store Category” and then its respective “Parent Category”.
  • By mapping the categories, the exported products will be added to the relevant categories.

Show Membership

The admin can also check the memberships available for Amazon Connector at the Magento backend.

  • The admin can also check the purchased membership at the Magento backend.
  • All the three memberships provided by Amazon central will be provided under this section.
  • The admin can get the details of memberships frequently.
  • Admin can even purchase the required membership.

Manage Price Rules

The admin can easily update the price of the synced products automatically. For this, the admin needs to create the Price Rules and can:

  • The admin can edit the Price Rules Delete/remove the existing Price Rule from the list.
  • Admin can add any number of price rules.
  • Multiple operation types of price rules are available as fixed or percentage.
  • The price operation will be set as an increase or decrease in the price rule.


  • Admin can import Simple as well as Configurable product types.
  • The admin can create multiple price rules to update the price of the synchronized products automatically.
  • Admin can map Amazon products to the Magento product attribute.
  • Import Amazon orders to Magento 2 store.
  • Admin can export simple product type only.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/.

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