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Opencart Marketplace Paypal Adaptive Payment - Opencart Marketplace Paypal Adaptive Payment will split the payment among seller and admin. This module will work accurately with Paypal Parallel and Chained payment method.

How paypal adaptive payment is useful for opencart marketplace - If you want to split the payment among sellers including admin commission then paypal adaptive payment is a boon for every one . by which buyer payment will be split among the seller products . e.g

if there are two seller S1 and S2 and their products are P1 and P2 and their price is D1 and D2 then buyer need to pay for the order only that means he need to pay only D1+D2 and by our module payment wil be spilt automatically to S1 and S2 if admin have some commission system then commission will go to admin paypal account .

Please Note -

  • This module is an add-on of the Marketplace Module. To use this module you must have installed Webkul Opencart Marketplace Module.
  • This module supports all templates and themes including the Journal theme.
  • Opencart Marketplace Paypal Adaptive Payment module supports the Multi-Store feature of default Opencart.

Opencart Marketplace Paypal Adaptive Payment Features -

  • Payment will be split into seller and admin.
  • Multiple seller support found.
  • Only PayPal API support found.
  • This module supports Parallel and Chained adaptive payment method.

PayPal Solution Provider

PayPal, the world's leading online payment company. Webkul is proud to be partnered with PayPal for developing customized payment solutions for e-commerce stores, marketplaces, mobile apps, and other platforms.

Webkul as PayPal's Preferred Developer & System Integrator solution provider, we aim to help clients from all across the markets to grow their businesses. Providing end-to-end assistance, development, and integration to design flexible solutions with PayPal products and services.

  • Accept 100+ currencies from local and international customers.
  • Safeguard transactions with Seller Protection and PCI Compliance.
  • Fraud prevention, dispute resolution, and 24x7 transaction monitoring.

Marketplace Paypal Adaptive Payment- Configuration

The admin will do the configuration to activate the Paypal payment for their Marketplace. Admin will register the application with the Paypal site. After the approval of the application by the PayPal site, this payment method would work properly.

After the approval of the application, admin will get APIs from the Paypal site. Admin can enable or disable this payment method from the back-end. Admin will then enter all the API into the required field. Admin can select parallel or chained method from the back-end. If chained is selected then admin can choose instant or delayed.

  • Admin will register first to the PayPal site.
  • Admin will enter the APIs.
  • Admin can set Parallel or Chained payment method.
  • Admin can enable Sandbox mode and Debug Mode.
  • Admin can edit various Order statuses.

Marketplace Paypal Adaptive Payment- Checkout Process

The customer can add products from multiple seller and then can proceed to the checkout. After completing the payment process, Paypal will automatically splits the amount among multiple Sellers & admin. At the time of payment, buyer will select the “Adaptive PayPal” method. After selecting the “Adaptive PayPal”method, buyer will redirect to Paypal site where buyer will enter all Paypal details and after successful payment transaction buyer will redirect back to the store.

  • Buyer will select the Adaptive payment method at the time of checkout.
  • Buyer will be re-directed to the Paypal site where buyer can do the payment.

Parallel Adaptive Payment Method

When “parallel method” is selected by the admin from the back-end, then the payment from the customer is splited to multiple vendors and admin. The payment directly goes into the PayPal account of seller and admin. Even the buyer can see the names of multiple sellers and admin.

  • Payment from the buyer gets splited among seller & admin.
  • Payment directly goes to the seller and admin account.
  • Buyer can see the name of multiple sellers and of the admin.

Chained Adaptive Payment Method

When “chained method” is selected, then admin can get two option- instant and delayed. The primary receiver (admin) keeps some of the payment and pays the rest to one or more secondary receivers (sellers/vendors). Admin can select any one of them as the payment method.

When “delayed” is selected from the back-end then whole payment comes to the admin (primary receiver). After keeping admin's commission, admin releases the seller's amount after some point of time. When “instant” is selected from the back-end, then whole payment will first go to the admin's account (primary receiver) and after that payment gets divided among the multiple seller (secondary receivers) and goes to the seller's account. Here the buyer will only see the payment summary of the Admin.

  • In “instant” method, payment comes to the primary receiver (Admin) and then goes to the sellers.
  • In “delayed” method, payment comes to the primary receiver( admin) and then admin releases the seller's amount manually.
  • In Chained Payment, buyer will only see the payment summary of the Admin.

Paypal adaptive app submission guidelines

As Webkul already offers video and user guide for app creation and submission, but the approval will be managed and moderated at PayPal end , Webkul will not be responsible for app approval or moderation. In this case customer needs to consult with PayPal .

Opencart Marketplace Mobile App

This is a technology based era where everything is simplified even the online shopping. We all know about shopping apps and its advantages-how it reduces and makes our shopping experience hassle proof. So it is very important for all the Store owner to have a shopping app for providing more convenient way to shop from their online store and now Webkul's has launched its new app Opencart Marketplace Mobile App.

Opencart Marketplace Mobile App converts your marketplace store for Opencart into a mobile app. Your customers can easily purchase products on the go. They don't need to have a laptop or desktop, they can easily explore your store through their smart phones. It will not only benefit the store owner and customer it will benefit the seller's too. Sellers can see their dashboard, order history through the mobile app. So what are you waiting for, you must now have a Opencart Marketplace Mobile App to be a step ahead.

  • Seller list.
  • Seller Collection.
  • Seller Profile.
  • Seller Dashboard.
  • Seller Order History.
  • Customer can contact to the seller.
  • Market Place Sell Page
  • User can review seller.
  • Seller Location is mentioned on map.

Opencart Marketplace Paypal Adaptive Payment SUPPORT -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com

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