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CS-Cart Multi Vendor Marketplace : Now convert your existing CS-Cart stores into Multi-seller Marketplace. This imposing Add-on enables the user to convert multiple CS-Cart stores into full fledged marketplace. It is the multi-functional shopping cart solution for building eCommerce web content incorporating multiple independent sellers with separate profile. In a matter of a few easy steps, you will be able to create a sophisticated, full-fledged online marketplace where all your sellers can manage their sales through one common web interface.

CS-Cart Multi Vendor Marketplace Features -

Features at Admin End :

  • Well supported with CS-Cart Multi-store feature with the functionality to enable marketplace for multiple CS-Cart storefronts.
  • Functionality to add as many seller on marketplace as desired.
  • Functionality to set global commission for all sellers.
  • Functionality to set the minimum pay limit for seller globally.
  • Feature of setting different seller commission & Pay limit for individual seller.
  • Option to allow sellers to view their customer's list.
  • Option to allow sellers to create shipments for their respective orders.
  • If a seller is deleted, so on seller deletion products get disabled or deleted according to the Marketplace settings at the admin end.
  • Admin has the power to assign the users as seller and set default status for synced sellers.
  • Seller application and seller product application is disciplined/moderated by admin.
  • Approval facility when a seller is added or a seller add any product depend on the Marketplace settings at the admin end.

Privileges to Seller :

  • Option of registration of seller at frontend.
  • All the features at seller end are managed via frontend that includes
    1. Products Management.
    2. Seller Profile Management.
    3. Orders Management.
    4. Dashboard.
    5. Customer Management.

Products Management : 

  • Seller can add/edit/delete product in CS-Cart store via frontend.
  • Functionality to clone the products.
  • Functionality to add multiple images to the product.
  • Feature to add downloadable products.
  • Functionality to add and manage Product Options.
  • Seller has the functionality to suggest the store admin new category to be added.
  • A "Features" tab is provided in the products to add and manage the product features.
  • A tab "Shipping" at product add/edit page for shipping properties is provided.

Profile Management & Features :

  • Seller can edit his profile via frontend.
  • Seller can add banner, shop logo, custom HTML text for describing the shop.
  • The concept of featured product is also provided in seller profile management settings.
  • Feedback and review system with interactive star rating makes seller profile attractive.
  • Geographical seller location via Google Map is available.
  • The buyer has the option to view seller details of every product.

Orders & Payments Management:

  • Seller can view the latest five order details and reviews, statistic sales and revenue details of day, week and month on frontend dashboard.
  • Functionality to create shipments at seller end for their respective orders according to the settings at admin end.
  • Seller can print invoice slip and packaging slip.
  • Seller can view the commission details per product in order details via frontend.
  • The transaction process from buyer end is done via admin.
  • Seller payment is viewed in My Payment tab where seller can view all the transactions from admin end.

Seller Access

    Seller can add/edit/delete product in CS-Cart store via frontend. For promotion of seller shop marketplace has the option where seller can add banner, shop logo, custom HTML text for describing the shop. He can fill the details for profile preview. View the order details, seller list and communicate with admin via “Ask to Admin”.

Have your own Dashboard

    The dashboard offers transparency and control over the data associated with Seller’s account. Seller has been provided with dashboard where he can view
  • The latest five order details and reviews with star ratings.
  • Sales details of day, week and month at frontend dashboard.
  • Static revenue report in graphical form.
  • Total payout.
  • Remaining balance.

Information updation of seller

    Seller can edit his information which includes seller general information, social profile, payment method and geographical location of seller. General information includes :
  • First and last name.
  • Company name, address and description.
  • Contact number.
  • Email id of seller.
  • Other personal details specific to seller

Social profile includes

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Linkedin

Payment method includes

  • Standard method
  • Paypal

Location includes

  • Latitude and longitude of the location.
  • Sleek view of location on Google map.

View your payment

Here seller can view the transaction details. The transaction details include number of payment transfer from admin end, amount, method of payment, date and time. Sellers/vendors can set
  • Price of product.
  • List price of product.
  • Zero price action.
  • Choose tax and discounts.

Check your Pending products list

  • These are the products which are being created by the seller but waiting for admin's approval.
  • Admin need to enable the seller products from backend so that the product can be viewed at store (This functionality is controlled by admin and can be enabled or disabled).

My profile view

My profile view is basically the seller's profile preview. Here all the details provided by seller can be viewed. It includes
  • Seller name.
  • Seller's company descriptions.
  • Seller contact number and address.
  • Seller star ratings.
  • Seller reviews.
  • Seller featured products.
  • Geographical locations of seller's shop.


Here seller can view the list of orders of customers which include the details of
  • Seller and admin ID
  • Payment
  • Status of order
  • Admin's commission
  • Remaining amount with admin

Seller list

    Seller can view the other seller's detail in grid or list view. From here seller can directly go to other seller's profile and can check out his details and contact information. All the seller's registered on the site are listed on this page.

Inventory Management System -

  • Application supports day to day inventory levels, orders, sales and deliveries and track them.
  • Is used in B2B settings for creating orders, bill generation and other product related documents.
  • Total control available with the seller. Seller can add/edit a product's inventory as per the stock available with the seller

Multi Step Checkout -

    Steps are broken up over multiple pages with an indicator letting customers/consumers know what steps in the check-out process they are on and how many are left. This is meant to
  • Simplify and make the checkout experience more user friendly.
  • Allows customers to focus on one step at a time.
  • Each step is shown in beautiful tab view.
  • Tabs are divided according to their respective functionality like payment , shipment and address.

Admin Access 

  • The CS-Cart user can be converted into seller by synchronizing them at admin panel. So, admin has the power to designate his users as sellers.
  • The functionality of commission is available at admin end. Admin can set a global commission for sellers. He also has an option to go for individual seller commission.
  • Approval facility when seller is added or a seller add any new product depend on the marketplace settings at admin end.
  • If a seller is deleted, on seller deletion products gets disabled or deleted according to the marketplace settings at admin level.
  • Admin can assign his products to any seller.
  • All currencies supported in CS cart is supported in marketplace.
  • Admin can manage the seller profile page settings.
  • Email notification to sellers and admin for each order.

CS-Cart Multi Vendor Marketplace Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.com/ticket

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Lanre Ajayi
digiserve.ng/ (NG)
Posted On - January 15, 2021
Impressive Services with Professional Team
I would like to applaud the great work of Webkul. The technical teams are highly professional and the support team excellent. I am impressed with their services.
Mohammed Khaled
Posted On - November 9, 2020
It has been a great experience
It has been a great experience, you are the best.
thank you.
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