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      On the ANANSE Marketplace, you will find a series of products offered by stellar designers and artisans on the platform. The Tagline is so apt for them defining what they do - “Made by Africa Delivered Globally”.


      The Marketplace makes online shopping easier with beautiful products. Delivering globally to almost 200+ countries and territories. Moreover, ANANSE is simplifying global and local trade for African designers and artisans creating economic opportunities for talented youth and women creatives across Africa.

      It leverages the ethical fashion movement, as multiple opportunities exist for the African textile industry to successfully compete in a lucrative and rapidly growing international market for fashion.

      Complete Analysis of the African Origin Marketplace store ANANSE - AFRICA

      It's Not difficult to start an online store. What's more challenging is exploring the reason why you want to open one. Are you solving any imminent problems for your customer, this alone is the factor that most marketplace’s lack and are closed in less than three to four months of their operation?

      Recognize the Asset Value - Businesses often are mistaken in contemplating the correct valuation of a product that they want to sell.

      One needs to carefully understand don’t sell what you want to, focus on things that people would want to buy. You might wonder things that you produce or can source to sell are of no use to your customers then how come you are going to drive the sales.


      Look around yourself, here you need to consider products that are of not much demand in your region might be having a greater demand in other regions across other countries or at a global level.

      Shipping is a piece of cake these days with integrated shipping methods that can be configured in your store based on your marketplace needs. If you haven't heard of the African marketplace ANANSE that is aggressively setting an example with its fresh and innovative product lines.


      Already so many sellers from Africa and other countries as well have found a great platform to offer and sell their products easily across the globe.

      In this article, we will cover various aspects of how the African origin marketplace ANANSE found its core value and what technologies it is using to provide its users with all the features and functions that are important in an E-commerce marketplace like this.

      African Craft and Clothing Industry

      Here, when we say craft we want to include artisans as well as the crafted products. Similarly, the clothing industry also includes the manufacturer, merchants and at last, all the buyers are a part of the ecosystem as well.


      Based on various reports from the African development bank Africa currently accounts for 1.9% of global trade. The global fashion industry is worth $1.3 trillion and estimated to be worth $2 trillion by 2020.

      In Africa, the entire textile/clothing market is already worth more than $31billion and produces the second largest number of jobs in developing countries after agriculture with a much greater share of profits.

      With current growth, it is estimated that in the next five years, Africa’s textile industry could generate $15.5 billion in revenue. So the question is How Africa vendors are making the most of it?

      What Advantages African Vendor have over Others

      Just Like the African Marketplace for clothes and other art commodities product stores ANANSE. Most of the African marketplaces always have an edge over others because of these advantages.

      • Geographical location - With easy shipping access to Europe and the USA. Africa has a greater advantage over other Asian manufacturers as it takes around three weeks for a shipping container to travel from West Africa to Western Europe and almost a month to travel to the eastern seaboard of the United States. Hence, the shipping and logistics cost along with their delivery time both are reduced. Whereas, the Asian manufacturers have to go round the globe if shipping to Europe or even the USA.
      • Lower Production Costs - With easy sourcing of manufacturers available at a lower cost because of rules and regulations formed by various governing bodies. Because of labor costs and trade preferences offered by the Africa Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA), Market Access Regulation (MAR), Generalized System of Preferences (GSP). All allows apparel manufacturers in African countries duty-free deals (or reduced tariffs as compared to Asia) when entering European, American, and also Australian markets.

      How Digitally Connected Marketplaces are Driving the Major Sales

      In a report presented by the World Economic Forum, according to them, the digital revolution emphasizes the use of web-based platforms. Africa – largely bypassed by previous industrial revolutions – stands in a unique position to reap the benefits of these changes.

      Its young and growing population, vast resources, and largely untapped markets could provide the foundations for a continent-wide renewal, powered by technological innovations.

      Discovering ANANSE a Global Marketplace

      The Marketplace was originally founded in the year 2010. Now with almost a decade since its launch, it has supported almost thousands of international small brands. Harboring them and facilitating with an online space to sell vintage and independent fashion commodities.

      With its focus on an extensive global customer base of fashion-loving twenty-somethings. Today, the Marketplace platform is home to over 800 brands from around the world and over 130,000 products.

      Products are a blend of vintage pieces sourced by a global community of expert vintage boutiques and unique pieces designed and created by the newest, and coolest, independent brands.

      How Webkul’s Magento 2 Marketplace Plugins Can Revamp an Online Store?

      Webkul builds and produces the most exciting marketplace extensions that are always updated with current marketplace trends and standards.

      We execute and deliver every specific customization on our client’s requirements. We have the best resource of actively working design and developer teams that do the best implementation and make sure to rebuild your online store into a successful e-commerce platform.

      We are very proud and honored to receive the Magento Technology Partner Award for "Top Selling Extension" Multi-Vendor Marketplace at Imagine 2019 and 2018 events.

      Custom Solutions Developed by Webkul For ANANSE Marketplace Store

      The ANANSE marketplace fashion web store was given a new custom-based design look with the incorporation of a theme built by Webkul under which we gave an intuitive content layout according to Magento 2 specifications and structure including all the basic functionalities.

      A homepage that covers all the popular categories best sellers of the marketplace.


      Categories and subcategories page listing all the products from different sellers.


      The user on ANANSE can click onto any of the products and reach the product view page from where he can check its product's description, price, available sizes as well as other recommended products.


      Further, the customer can click on the add to bag button from the category or product view page and view and edit his Shopping cart.


      The customers can add product reviews for the seller’s product also the added review can be checked by the admin and the seller.


      Now further we will cover how gradually both the client and our developers came to different conclusions to create an excelling complete product by extending the Ananse marketplace feature set using various plugins.

      Integrated DHL Shipping in ANANSE Marketplace Store

      Marketplace DHL Shipping module provided the DHL Shipping service for shipping the products worldwide. This shipping method is the most trusted in terms of cost, product delivery. The DHL API provides a dynamic freight calculation.

      Further, the company logo on the DHL shipping label lets the store owner of the ANANSE and the seller both take advantage of the standardized shipping method.


      Complete Seller List For Buyers

      The Customers of the ANANSE store can view the vendor’s list and their product linked with their product collection. To eliminate the hassle of searching, the buyers at the ANANSE marketplace can now search the specific products just by the seller name of the product which they intended to buy.

      The buyers can search the seller based on the alphabetical search for shop URL, Shop Title, and the Rewrite URL. After searching the seller buyers can visit the complete collection of the seller.


      Customized ANANSE Product Size Chart

      For those ANANSE store Vendors who are especially selling clothes, shoes, caps, gloves, accessories, and other apparel items. Using the Product Size Chart enabled the sellers on ANANSE to display size charts on the product page. Each size chart template can be assigned to each product separately.


      The customer will see a button on the product page and after clicking it, the size chart pop-up window will appear. The customer can refer to the size chart to relate or match the body measurements with the product dimensions.


      Split Cart Feature for Buyers on ANANSE Marketplace Store

      The Customers on the ANANSE store can buy multiple Seller’s products and add them into their cart with multiple checkout options if the Split Cart is enabled by the admin of the ANANSE store.

      This helps to checkout from multiple sellers but at a time only a single seller’s checkout will work. After this, buyers at the ANANSE store can checkout for the selected products which still exist in the cart.


      The Buyer and Seller Communication

      We have added a Contact Seller button on the product page using which the buyer can communicate with the seller regarding their query about a particular product and the ANANSE seller can respond for the same.

      Also, The 'Contact Seller' link on the product page or Seller's Profile ("Contact Seller" link), enables visitors/ buyers to contact sellers related to the product. The buyer can enter the necessary details like his/her Name, Email, Support type, Subject, and Query and hit Submit.


      Incorporated Seller Locator Using Google Maps

      With the seller locator, any customer at ANANSE store can search and filter the products based on country, map, and location using interactive Google Maps. The store locator displays vendor location in Google Map and customers can easily search the sellers located in the nearby positions.

      Simply start by entering the product name in the Shop from Nearby Sellers based on the customer's location products will be displayed. Furthermore, the customer can even set the radius within which he/she wants to search for the seller's store.


      Seller Vacation Marketplace Add-On

      The Seller Vacation was an incredible move as using this add-on for the ANANSE Marketplace store. Allowed the seller to put a vacation message for their customers on their profile when their store is closed.


      The seller also has an option for disabling the products on vacation and the seller can also keep the vacation status on or off for their shop.


      Customers can Add their Favourite Sellers of ANANSE

      The Favourite Seller allows the customer of the ANASE marketplace store to add their favorite sellers. Further, the customers of ANANSE can see all the updates and the latest product added by the seller.

      The most prominent feature is that the seller can also send an email to the customers who have added them as their followers. Thus the sellers of the store can easily build better customer relationships with their buyers.


      Marketplace Request For Quotation (RFQ)

      Request for Quote allows the customer at ANANSE to send a request for quotation (RFQ) to all the sellers on ANANSE. If a product does not exist, the customer can still send a request for a quote to the sellers using the Request Bulk Quote.


      Only the logged-in customers of the ANANSE store can request bulk quotes. RFQ is generally required when a buyer is looking for a custom product or service which is not available in the store. In these types of products, the requirement is gathered, discussed, price and quantity are negotiated and then the deal is closed.


      Further, it allows the customer to send the RFQs to the marketplace sellers. Each seller can view and manage the RFQ from their end. The admin can configure auto or manual approval of RFQs from the back-end.

      Affiliate System for The ANASE Store Admin

      Using the Affiliate System the store owner of the ANANSE can run an affiliate marketing program on its online store. Using this, the affiliate users can register on the store and start promoting products using text and image banners.


      The Store owner of the ANANSE can analyze incoming traffic, sales performance, view statistics, and can compensate affiliate users via PayPal. It encourages customers to refer and earn, Also the driven traffic will eventually help in getting more sales.


      Summarizing the ANANSE Marketplace Future Potential

      There has been a rise in the demand for African textiles and products because people nowadays are questioning the origin of their clothes and consuming more consciously. As we know that west Africa is a well cotton-growing region and it produces a huge quantity of the global supply.

      According to the Financial Times articles describing the African textiles in the fashion industry that its local dyeing and weaving skills are an inspiration to the fashion world. According to Samuel Mensah in the same article, quoted that “It’s great to see Africa’s 1.2bn people and their 3,000 or so cultures providing critical content for the fashion industry.

      To be successful in a post-COVID world, its focus is to create accessibility through sustainability. Build local supply chains and production hubs throughout key African regions. In addition to accommodating customers that are increasingly buying more online.

      Ananse Africa is bringing the benefits of international digital payments and shipping logistics to talented creatives across Africa through our technology. Shop Directly from fashion designers & artisans across Africa.

      Disclaimer - Please note all the images and content used in this article belongs to their respective copyright owners. If you have any issues or complaints related to this article, please send us an email at

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