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      Furocity Furs is a Miller Retail Holdings, LLC-owned limited liability corporation that sells furs exclusively online. Furocity Furs was started in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2017 by an attorney whose passion for real fur inspired him to create an online store where he could sell luxury and ethical fur products to the general public. The furs are sourced from reputable international vendors.

      Furocity Furs Website view

      Website developed using BigCommerce :

      BigCommerce is one of the most powerful eCommerce platforms available, allowing you to develop your business faster by accessing all of the features of corporate eCommerce without the complexity or cost.

      Furocity Furs is built on the BigCommerce SaaS platform. BigCommerce has the most intuitive dashboard for managing products, orders, and returns, in addition to an easy-to-use UI. It provides comprehensive filtering options for your customers based on brands, categories, reviews, pricing, and other factors.

      bigcommerce view

      Furocity Furs :

      The team at Furocity Furs wanted to use Aliexpress Dropshipping so that they can expand their product portfolio without managing the inventory. After some internet research, they found an application named BigCommerce AliExpress Dropshipping developed by Webkul that fulfills their vision of scaling Furocity Furs to new heights without investing much. With the help of Aliexpress Dropshipping by Webkul, they are now able to sell products from their storefront which are imported from Aliexpress.

      Aliexpress Dropshipping by Webkul helped them in increasing their revenue without any inventory management and heavy cost investment. Now they have more products in their product portfolio and also they can able to expand their reach by serving a large number of customers.

      To know more about the applications and services we offer, do check our Bigcommerce development services & vast range of featureful Bigcommerce applications.

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      BigCommerce AliExpress Dropshipping