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      Vancouver-based boutique distribution organization Integral Sense Brands specializes in introducing quality natural beauty brands. Customers can choose from a wide range of items that cover head to toe and give options for a healthy lifestyle.

      In fact, Integral Sense Brands Inc.'s logo itself symbolizes nature's grace in growth, expansion, and renewal.

       Integral Sense Brands website view

      Built on Bigcommerce :

      BigCommerce is a high-end hosted eCommerce platform that lets company owners establish an online store, personalize it to their satisfaction, and sell an endless number of digital, physical, or service-based products. Integral sense brand is created on the SaaS platform Bigcommerce.

      It comes with more sales tools than any of its competitors and combines them with clever SEO and multi-channel connection.

      BigCommerce will make it simple to display your items and give a variety of useful tools to help you market them to an online audience, regardless of whatever you want to sell.

      bigcommerce view

      Integral Sense Brands :

      Integral Sense Brands' products attracted a lot of customers, and its revenue grew over time. Eventually, the company realized that its customers needed SMS notifications when their orders were placed or orders status changed.

      So the company decided to search on the internet for an app that can fulfill the requirements and they got to know about our BigCommerce SMS Notification application. Now, they can easily send order-related SMS as well as marketing SMS to their customers.

      Conclusion :

      With the help of the SMS notification application, the customers started getting SMS on their mobile when they are placing an order or when the order status gets changed. Since customers are now receiving SMS notifications on their mobile phones, they are more satisfied and always stay informed. And hence, the BigCommerce SMS Notification application is now playing a key role in the success of Integral Sense Brands Inc.

      To know more about the applications and services we offer, do check our Bigcommerce development services & vast range of featureful Bigcommerce applications.

      Disclaimer :

      Please note all the images and content used in this article belong to their respective copyright owners. If you have any issues or complaints related to this article, please send us an email at [email protected]

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