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      Elmo Soft offers small businesses solutions tailored to their businesses. Today digitalization has become vital for small businesses. But not every business has the resources to afford the necessary skills to help them take the step towards the digital transition. Offering solutions adapted to their needs, without them spending a lot whatsoever in hardware infrastructure or in software or in human resources which can make all this work, seems to me to correspond to their problems.

      They advised those who have an idea of doing business is to first look for what is being done in the same field. Reinventing the wheel is a waste of time, energy, and money. Take the time to see what is already being done in order to be able to detect or better understand what you are offering.

      Read the complete success story to find out how Webkul helped Elmo Soft with its requirements and made web customizations and everything that helped this development from scratch.

      What Sets Elmo Soft Apart From its Competitors?

      Elmo Soft believes in offering small businesses solutions tailored to their businesses. The idea came to their mind when they noticed that their field of intervention is not scalable in terms of the number of clients. Saas is an area that can change significantly if you manage to hit the right target.


      Role of Webkul in Setting up Business

      They faced technical challenges while setting up their business; here comes the role of Webkul. They faced the reinvention of the wheel when they came across the Webkul Odoo Saas kit by sheer luck which helped them with this challenge. 

      Odoo SaaS Kit implements a ready-to-use structure to your Odoo Database. Upon installing the module, you can start providing Odoo as a Service to your clients. You can create and provide Odoo instances on your server to the customers which they can use for a specified period of time. The module saves your precious time by eliminating the need to write the correct code and provides a ready-to-use Odoo as SaaS Service providing the application.

      They thought introducing discount deals is a good strategy to engage customers and bring in more traffic to their website. Hence, they installed the Odoo Website Daily Deals module that allowed them to provide price abatement to their Odoo website. 

      Odoo Website Daily Deals module facilitates having a separate menu for deals and offers, where you can show differentiate products that are offered at special prices. On your eCommerce website, there will be a separate page for showcasing every deal and offer.

      They also purchased modules to manage product packs for their Website and Point Of Sale.

      Odoo POS Product Pack
      Odoo Product Pack
      Odoo Website Product Pack
      Odoo Website Daily Deals
      Odoo SaaS Kit | All in One