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      HCX Global is Made-in-India, Made-for-India, a one-stop “B2B Hospitality Procurement-Platform”, delivering exceptional value to both buyers and suppliers. Tailor-made for B2B procurement, the platform aims at providing end-to-end strategic sourcing services to provide the best products at best prices. 

      HCX Global

      HCX Global is addressing the primary and critical need of the Indian hospitality industry to have dedicated, professional, reliable and cost-consistent suppliers, making purchases a well-organized process.

      HoReCa Industry in India

      HoReCa is an abbreviation for Hotels, Restaurants, Catering industries. It also includes service sector businesses as well, that are into cafes, bars, and other types of food and beverage trade. In India, the HoReCa industry is witnessing huge growth year-on-year and contributing to the country's economy exceedingly.

      Horeca Industry (Image Source - Pexels)

      There are many factors which are driving this sector. From the change in consumer lifestyle, outside food eating habits, to FDI (Foreign Direct Investments) norms that are bringing new players in this market. 

      Many online food ordering companies like - Zomato, Uber Eats, Swiggy have become a household name in the country. Apart from encouraging the small-scale eateries, unorganized food vendors and restaurant owners, the HoReCa industry has created a lot of employment opportunities for the masses. 

      Online Food Ordering(Image Source - Uber Eats)

      Today, anyone can see delivery boys roaming around on the bike carrying food for the customers. When Uber Eats started its operations in India, it became the fastest-growing market in the world. Further, to adapt to the Indian consumers,  the mobile app shows veg-only filters and the COD (cash-on-delivery) payment option as well.

      Read Meal Temple case study to know how Webkul developed, Cambodia's leading online food delivery service platform.

      B2B - Business to Business E-commerce

      Unlike a regular retail consumer-based online store or e-commerce website, the B2B e-commerce sites are meant for business buyers, resellers and companies. In B2B websites like India Mart, Trade India, Amazon Business (now Amazon Distribution), the target buyers are companies, businesses, retailers, shopkeepers, or individuals representing the corporations.

      B2B(Image Source - Pexels)

      In B2B Market, the order quantity is large and products are bought in bulk amount. It involves per-unit pricing and continual negotiation between the buyer and the multiple suppliers. Buyers send quotation requests (RFQ) to suppliers and select the one who offers the best rates.

      Built on Magento Open Source E-commerce Platform

      HCX Global website is built on the Magento, it is an open-source e-commerce platform written in PHP. Magento offers powerful tools for online store management for merchants.

      Magento Open Source

      Multiple options are available in the backend admin panel to manage the catalog, sales orders, customers, SEO marketing, content, and much more. 

      Requirements Analysis

      HCX Global wanted to build a B2B Marketplace system on top of the Magento eCommerce platform. Besides needing a third-party marketplace solution, several other B2B features were required:

      • Multi-User Account Management for both Seller & Buyer
      • Custom-Pricing in a Multi-Vendor environment
      • And other key features required in a B2B Multi-Vendor Marketplace.

      Based on the queries, and requirements, Webkul B2B Marketplace for Magento 2 solution was implemented on the HCX Global. Webkul B2B Marketplace extension comes with a number of B2B features that are specially made for business buyers and industrial suppliers and companies.  

      Marketplace Seller Sub-Account

      In an online store, there are many users who are working on the backend to manage day-to-day activities and store operations. With the Sub-Account feature, each supplier can create custom users and set permissions for different staff members. Such as - store manager, sales & accounts, marketing, customer service.

      HCX Global Sub Account

      In HCX Global, the suppliers can create sub-account users and give them permission to access and edit the seller profile section, manage products, orders, create configurable attributes, manage transactions, view customers list, reviews list, etc.

      Order Management & Shipping Operations

      From the dashboard, every supplier can view orders received for the products. So, whenever a buyer places an order, an e-mail alert is sent to the supplier. After that, the supplier needs to pack the article and keep it ready for dispatch within the time frame provided.

      HCX Global Order List

      Whenever the supplier is ready to ship, the ship button on the order page needs to be clicked on the dashboard. HCX Global shipment provider will get informed and pick up the consignment from the supplier's warehouse.

      HCX Global Order View

      Moreover, there is split order functionality in the HCX Global platform, wherein if a buyer places an order consisting of two or more different sellers' products. Separate order IDs are generated for every seller. This enables better order process management for shipment, refund, and return.

      Vendor Dashboard

      After creating signing up on the HCX Global, the suppliers are then redirected to the Supplier Dashboard section. From here, the suppliers can manage everything related to their stores. From viewing analytics, messages, orders, reviews, profile information, etc.

      Vendor Dashboard

      Further, the suppliers can view quotation requests received, respond to buyers, contact store admin, create sub-account users. It becomes the main landing page for the suppliers when they login to the site.

      Supplier Login & Registration Panel

      A separate panel is given for the suppliers to login to the marketplace and register. This panel is specially designed for the suppliers having multiple steps and stages wherein they enter the company name, check available store URL and view the terms & agreement. 

      Supplier Sign Up

      The supplier login & sign up section is separated from the customer login & sign up. Different links are labeled near the header section on the site for customers and suppliers. 

      Supplier Sign up

      Supplier Product Listing

      Once a supplier is registered and required documents are verified and the seller profile is completed. The suppliers can then create product listing from the dashboard panel. HCX Global Vendor-Partner team also assists the suppliers in uploading product information and images. 

      Supplier Product

      After adding all the information, the buyers can check the equipment item, send a quote request, contact supplier, or simply add to cart for proceeding to checkout. 

      Supplier Microsite, Profile & Collection

      When a supplier registers on HCX Global, a separate microsite is created dedicated to the seller company. Such as - XYZ company's microsite URL will become as - Microsites are very important for brand building & marketing and help in SEO. With this, only a company's specific products are shown to the buyers. 

      Supplier Profile

      While browsing the microsite, the buyers can view the supplier company name, banner, featured products, reviews, and recently added items for sale.

      Supplier Collection

      To view a supplier's complete catalog, the buyers can visit the collection page. Where all the products are listed and shopping options and filters are available for navigation.

      Supplier Collection

      5/5 Client Review

      Once the work was complete, we requested our client to share some feedback on the work done by the Webkul team. Please view the review below or visit link -

      "We have been using the B2B marketplace and a few of its add-on extensions. Together they work great as a B2B Marketplace. The after sales support has been very prompt and responsive to our customization needs and have resolved a few issues that we encountered in a fast and timely manner. Thanks a lot!"

      Rakeysh Chandan Choudhary
      Rakeysh Chandan Choudhary
      Mumbai, India

      Disclaimer - Please note all the images, screenshots and content used in this article belongs to their respective copyright owners and we've used them here for representational purposes only. If you have any issues or complains related to this article, please send us an email to [email protected]

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