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      Hennepplaza offers the largest range of sustainable hemp products at an international level. It is a platform on which you can find the most diverse products made from this ecologically responsible plant.


      Hemp sometimes suffers from a bad image. That is unjustified because hemp can be used in so many ways. For example, CBD oil can be used as support for health and well-being, or for example as a nourishing skin product. But hemp can also come in handy in the kitchen, as a healthy oil or gluten-free flour alternative. In addition, the fibers of this plant can be processed into a textile type that is much more environmentally friendly than cotton or synthetic materials.

      Hennepplaza, therefore, introduces you to a wide choice of healthy and responsible products. This makes them the only umbrella platform in the Netherlands that offers an overview of all different types of hemp-based products. They offer you the option of comparing all these types in a well-organized way so that you can easily choose the one that suits you best.

      Importance of Hemp Products in the Present World

      In today's world, everyone is looking for medicinal properties products. This means the products that are beneficial for the customers as well as for the environment. Keeping this in mind Hennepplaza created a multi-vendor webstore that sells hemp-based products.

      catalog page

      These products have the medicinal properties of hemp that is beneficial for the consumer's health. Hennepplaza has a verity of hemp products including body oils, products for pets, drinks, etc. Hennepplaza has also integrated an online payment system for their orders.

      Ecommerce in the Netherlands

      The eCommerce industry is growing at a very fast rate in the Netherlands. In fact, the Netherlands organizes Ecommerce events every year to boost up the growth of the eCommerce industry in the country.

      According to research, 97% of the Netherlands population uses the internet and online payment is preferred by most of the customers.
      That's why Hennepplaza has integrated an online payment gateway to its webstore to increase the sales and trust of customers.

      Selling Cannabis Online

      Selling cannabis or its products online is not an easy task as the criteria differ in every country and state. Most of the countries allow only medicinal cannabis sales while some allow both recreational and medicinal sales for cannabis.

      For any business to sell cannabis online it needs to register the business in accordance with the state and local laws. This means the store owner must obtain the license or permit required by the locality or state for the business.

      Hennepplaza follows all the standard rules and regulations for selling hemp products. In fact, Hennepplaza provides the best quality of a variety of cannabis products.

      Use of Multi Vendor Marketplace in Hennepplaza

      Henneplazza is using Webkul's Multi Vendor Marketplace for WooCommerce on their website. This plugin allows their customers to register as a vendor and earn some money. This plugin converts your WordPress WooCommerce store into a Multi-Vendor Marketplace with separate seller product collection and seller order management.

      Vendor Registration

      The vendors can upload their products on the Hennepplaza website and can sell them online. It gives sellers the functionality of adding products and order management from the seller panel. The seller can view a record of his transactions and sales charts on his dashboard.

      Vendor Product Page

      The vendors can add any number of products to the Hennepplaza website. The customers can view the seller name on the top of the vendor product. The sellers are just like the merchants and can choose the quantity of the product along with other product details while creating the products. The customers can mark any seller as the favorite seller and will get a notification whenever any new product is added by the favorite seller.

      product page

      The customers can click on the seller's name to view the seller profile along with the recent products from that seller. The customers can even view the seller details on the same page.

      recent products

      Particular Seller Collection Page  

      The customers can view the collection page of any particular seller by clicking on the view collection button present on the profile page. This helps the customers to view all the products of their favorite sellers. This even eases the work of customers for finding the products of the same seller or brand.

      collection page

      Vendors Reviews 

      The customers can give reviews to the vendors for their products and services. These reviews help the customers to find the best seller on the webstore. According to a study most of the customers prefer to buy products from that seller which have 5-star ratings or best reviews on that website.


      Payment Gateway Customization for Vendor Split Payment

      Hennepplaza was looking for a payment gateway plugin that is trusted by the customers as well as by the seller. Also, they wanted the auto split payment feature for the seller's products and they got the solution as Betaal payment gateway. Hennepplaza asked Webkul to integrate the Online Betaal payment gateway to their marketplace webstore in such a way that the payment automatically split in case of multiple sellers in any order.


      Disclaimer – Please note all the images and content used in this article belongs to their respective copyright owners. If you have any issues or complains related to this article, please send us an email to [email protected]

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