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      Me House is a Myanmar - based online store where people can visit and buy products of various sectors and verticals like “Garments, Groceries, Pet Supplies, Home appliances, and Skincare products.” A great variety of products of different brands are available here which people are enjoying buying at very attractive prices.

      Me House

      Built on BigCommerce

      Me House is built on the BigCommerce which is a SaaS - based platform to create an online eCommerce store. Bigcommerce is one of the fastest-growing e-commerce software platforms in the world on which approximately 90,000 online stores have been created in over 120 countries.

      Bigcommerce view

      Me House

      The owner of Me House was really happy with the way his store was running earlier, but he was not satisfied as he wanted to do something more to make his online store bigger and generate more revenue from it. So he started doing some research online and he got to know about our Webkul’s Bigcommerce Multivendor Marketplace application. He read about our application and he understood that this application can convert his online store in to a Multivendor Marketplace where sellers can easily register on his website and can sell their products on his store and when their products get sold, he can get commissions.

      growth view

      So he decided to install the application and explore it for free for 10 days as our application gives 10 days free trial. In the beginning, he was amazed when he saw the features like how the accounting section is working, how the payout transactions are working, and how easily he can manage all his sellers in one place. When the trial period of the application went over, he immediately purchased the subscription plan and now he is enjoying how sellers are coming on his website, registering and selling their products.

      Do you want to know what happened when we asked the owner about his feedback on our application?

      Mehouse is generating more revenue, his online store is getting popular, the number of products on his website has increased which is attracting more customers than before. The owner is really happy with the application and when we asked for the feedback, he gave us 5 out of 5 and his exact words were – Useful application .

      me house review

      To know more about the applications and services we offer, do check our Bigcommerce development services & vast range of featureful Bigcommerce applications.

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      BigCommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace