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      The Bolivian marketplace which currently predominantly sells fashion apparel and electronics isas! Bolivia is an online store built using one of the most advanced CMS platforms Magento 2.

      When a firm is at a stage of expansion the common goal in all organizations is becoming better, bigger and the best way to turn this into a reality by avoiding any mishappenings and technical delays is the first motive.


      Though the online store was originally established in the year 2019 its is a new venture from the parent company Isas Cloud with its primary showcased working location in La Paz, Bolivia.

      Webkul and the Isas cloud came together to provide endless solutions that helped the e-commerce store in achieving all of their technical requirements, eventually making it possible for them to boost growth in the number of users and sales.

      Read the full detailed inquisitive success story of this Bolivian online store to find out more about how Webkul helped them built a custom payment method the highlight of our service for the client an Android/iOS Mobile app and so much more.


      List of E-commerce Stores in Bolivia, Where isas! Stands

      E-commerce in Bolivia is still in its infancy as the number of mobile users is growing this has somehow helped the key players and startups of the country to make an impact.

      This also clarifies the reason why most of the existing e-commerce our built using CMS-based web or mobile platforms as it helps them to make modifications and reliable because of its cost-effectiveness.

      There are many e-commerce stores that are built using the Magento 2 platform itself just like the isas! some of the renowned online e-commerce stores are,,,, and


      isas! Cloud, A Multi-Service Based Indigenous Bolivian Company

      The isas! Cloud is a Bolivian service-based company and provides multiple products and solutions for its client. With the latest tagline take your company to the cloud.

      The major objective for them is to stay updated with their services and seek various ways and business or product lines that they can offer to its customer helping them generate affluent revenues.


      Below are the areas where Webkul offered its development services to help the company make a greater impact in the industry and monetize.

      • isas! POS point of sale system.
      • Android/iOS Mobile App for wholesale trade marketplace.
      • Marketplace web platform for wholesale trade.

      Over the online platform, sellers can open their online store, upload the products and start selling them.

      Getting Started The Consultancy Phase & Requirements

      Making decisions for the client is made easier as our support time is present for the resolution of any sort of query, unclear requirements, and any other issues if faced.

      After a thorough discussion with the concerned representatives from isas! cloud, they reached a conclusion where their basic requirements were a mobile and POS app with custom-built Simple QR code payment method which is to be integrated on web app as well.

      For Webkul it was just a matter of few days of development when the app was ready for testing and deployment and which is then followed by the customization part.

      Meeting Highend Features, All in A Single Mobile App by Webkul

      A Fully Native app, thus device dedicated built mobile app using Kotlin and Swift for the Android and iOS platforms respectively.

      Almost all the requirements and various ultra-modern features that are considered to be a basic requirement in a marketplace store were present in our Magento 2 Multi vendor mobile app.


      Google speech to search Assistant helps the user of the isas! App search products using voice search easy and fast it works in the configured store language, here Spanish.

      Moreover, text detection and product image scan-based search in the app helps users to perform instant searches for their desired products.

      From Integrating Magento Solutions to Developing Superior End Product

      Multiple standard and basic features made it a wonderful experience for the store admin, sellers, and customers of the isas! E-commerce bolivia.

      Social Login using Facebook and Google option lets the user perform sign in to the app conveniently without entering login details.

      The sellers of the store can add their social profile links as well if needed. Whereas, the customers can check categories, product reviews and so much more.


      The filter product options help the customer to shortlist products based on price, color, and seller of the product.

      We have also worked on implementing the MSI or multi-warehousing system for the client’s web application which lets their suppliers now easily manage their product inventory.


      Make Payments Using Simple QR Payment Method Custom Built By Webkul

      There are so many basic payment options available in the application like cash on delivery, payment through a bank transfer as well use of credit/debit cards.

      The most exciting one is QR payment integration which is a custom-built payment method by Webkul on the request of client’s requirements.

      We have also integrated the simple QR payment in the i Sas! E-commerce web application.


      For making payments using the QR code a customer can use the app of their payments banks which allows this feature.

      Simply, scan the QR code generated if using this method to pay for your order purchase and the amount will be transferred. Also, the scanner app is from the user bank’s app making the payment.

      Spanish Language Configuration In i Sas! E-commerce App

      Though the application does support multiple languages as per the client requirements.

      Only Spanish was configured since the e-commerce store is mainly for the people of bolivia and Spanish is the majority spoken language in the country.

      This might perceive to be a simple feature but this surely does enhances the customer retention and user base as the client knows that Spanish is the only language which its people would be able to easily access the app.

      If needed more languages can also be configured in the same easily, Moreover, the app also has multi-currency support which further eased out the access.


      Bolivia's official currency is the Bolivian Boliviano (BOB). The Boliviano is represented by the symbol Bs. The application also has a contact seller feature for customers.

      Incorporation of Light & Dark Themes - App UI Design

      Now, these are some of the most advanced features that distinguish the app from any other.

      Through a combination of light and dark themes both options being present is not essential for an app it surely enhances the overall user experience.

      The dark themes limit the amount of light radiated by device screens while also ensuring that color contrast ratios are maintained.

      Whereas, the light theme ensures great visibility for the users any time of the day but devices with OLED display screens benefit from the ability to turn off black pixels.


      React Native POS Application Supported For Tablets

      Another platform that the isas! e-commerce was using was the point of sale system Webkul built the complete app for tablets. With isas! POS, you can manage your sales from your physical stores.

      Don't worry if you don't have an internet connection; sales will still be synced once you are connected again. Manage your orders, sales, and bills of your customers by storing all of your transactions.


      Scan & Pay Using isas! pay Integrated Within POS App

      The custom-built simple QR code scan was integrated on the POS app as well and the major use of the payment method is utilized on the POS as the customers can directly scan and pay to avoid any direct contact.


      The custom-built isas! pay is so easy to use.

      • After selecting the product and customer for the order we are showing the QR payment option along with other options like cash/card
      • On QR payment we generate the QR code with the help of API and present it on-screen with a timer (time decided by API)
      • We check QR code is scanned or not each second of interval until the timer is finished.
      • If the code is scanned then place the order otherwise after the timer we also place an order it will be going as a pending order.

      Sharing The Heart Felt Delightful Experience - Client Testimonial

      Now, one may easily conclude from this how the collaboration helped the client achieve their goal of the addition of a custom mobile app for their marketplace store.

      Multiple individuals employees from the isas cloud team showed us their appreciation for the services and support provided by Webkul. Watch the below youtube video to find out more.

      Client Review For Multiple Products & Services Rendered

      Fantastic Solutions and Support that Help to Achieve Goals

      Posted On - July 2, 2021

      A fantastic solution when it comes to providing solutions, fast and adequate support that help you achieve your goals in your project.

      Pioneers in eCommerce web and mobile app development.

      Milton Hilara
      Milton Hilara (Bolivia)

      Download The iSas! Multi-Vendor POS App for Tablet

      You can download and check out the isas POS app on your Android and iOS smartphones or tablets from Google Play and App Store.

      Download The iSas! E-commerce Bolivia Mobile App

      You can download and check out the isas mobile app on your Android and iOS smartphones or tablets from Google Play and App Store.

      Disclaimer - Please note all the images and content used in this article belongs to their respective copyright owners. If you have any issues or complaints related to this article, please send us an email at [email protected]

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