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      About Company

      New Hand Shop is a clothing marketplace for new, emerging and unknown fashion & lifestyle brands offering their latest collections in limited quantities. So if you want something new, individual that is not known by everyone, then you're in the right place with New Hand!

      new hand shop

      What were the challenges?

      There are two extremes in the market for fair, sustainable and above all individual fashion: large, well-established brands on the one hand and do-it-yourself sites on the other, where hobby cutters present selected individual pieces. In between, Jonathan and Finnegan Bitsch want to position themselves with their New Hand Shop.

      Unlike DIY marketplaces, the young founders wanted to "work with real brands, with people who really want to build something." It is about making small fashion and lifestyle brands nationwide known on a common platform.

      new hand shop

      In my opinion, Webkul Marketplace is the best marketplace app in terms of price-performance ratio. Once you get to know the app it is easy to use and is helping us do what we want to do: A marketplace for small fashion brands.

      New Hand Shop
      Jonathan Bitsch
      How Webkul was helping in transforming the New Hand Shop?

      "We like to buy small brands ourselves, but we only knew local ones. That's how we came up with the idea for the shop, "explains Jonathan Bitsch. That was mid-2016 when a phone call of the two brothers. One year later, the New Hand Shop went online with the first 8 brands. Meanwhile, their number has risen to over 25.

      new hand shop

      Final Outcome

      As you now know, the New Hand Shop is a marketplace for small fashion and lifestyle brands as well as start-ups that manufacture and sell street and sportswear. When we say small brands, we mean that too! Anyone who is too big or too successful and can stand on their own two feet has to leave our marketplace and is no longer allowed to sell.

      While this approach may contradict any market thinking, as we focus on supporting new, smaller, unknown, emerging, and unique street and sportswear brands, it's perfectly legitimate!

      new hand shop

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