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      Paisajismo Urbano is a leading company in the world for vertical gardening. They have more than 12 years of experience with a clear objective to bring nature closer to the future of our cities, guaranteeing the durability of our vertical gardens.


      Paisajismo Urbano is dedicated to the research, design, construction, and development of vertical ecosystems. It is an interdisciplinary team made up of graduates in biology, architecture, engineering, journalism, marketing, and business.


      They have specialization in each part of the process that involves the creation of our vertical ecosystems - from design, installation, promotion, and maintenance.

      What is vertical gardening?

      Growing plants or gardening on a vertical suspended panel by using mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent is called vertical gardening.

      It takes less space and helps to reduce carbon footprints of the building by reducing the air pollution. Moreover, it makes the building attractive and eye-catching that leaves a positive effect on the employees, workers, and apartment owners of that building.

      eLearning Industry

      These are those industries that provide online education to the students. These industries provide the best collection of articles, online courses, concepts for better learning better management system for the teachers.

      Moodle is also an eLearning software that provides a better learning Management System to educators around the globe.

      Webkul has designed a connector for Moodle that connects the Magento store to Moodle and allows the store owner to sell online courses. This helped Paisajismo Urbano to create an e-Learning platform for their users.

      Why Paisajismo Urbano is using Moodle Connector for Magento 2?

      Moodle is a learning platform designed to provide educators, administrators, and learners with a single robust, secure, and integrated system to create personalized learning environments.

      online course

      Moodle Connector for Magento 2 module helps Paisajismo Urbano to provide online courses for vertical gardening to their students. Now the students can learn more about vertical gardening without going outside. they just need to login to their account and can find the project and study material to learn online.

      How Paisajismo Urbano is helpful in today's word?

      Because of COVID 19 pandemic, everyone is facing problems-related to business, face to face teaching style, and especially students.

      The main motive of Paisajismo Urbano is to provide education to their students in this tough time and teach them how they can save the environment.

      login page

      But the major problem was social distancing and they found the solution as e-learning. Now they are providing online classes to their students that follow social distancing norms. This helps to bring positivity in this tough time for the students so that they can build a better tomorrow.


      Selling Online Courses

      Nowadays for the fast growth of the business, every industry is taking its business online. This helps them to sell their products online across the globe.

      Some great minds have taken this to another level they started providing online education for the students across the globe.

      For providing better education and making everything intangible and convenient for the students they provide online courses for them.


      Paisajismo Urbano has also joined the league and started providing online courses to its users. This helped them to grow business in this harsh time also.


      Email Notification for Account Creation

      Another reason for Paisajismo Urbano to use Moodle connector for Magento 2 is that it notifies the customer regarding the account creation on Moodle once the order is purchased.

      After placing the order the account will be created for the customer over Moodle if the account is not available on Moodle with the email id used to purchase the course. The customer will be notified of account creation by email.

      email notification

      Also, once the invoice is created on the Magento store for the purchase course then the user will get enrolled on Moodle for that course. This is also notified to the user/customer on email.

      enrolled notification

      Multi-Lingual Support

      Moodle Connector for Magento 2 supports all the languages that all the customers over the globe to use the webstore conveniently.

      That's why Paisajismo Urbano is using this module so that it will be easy for the store owner to provide e-commerce services to customers belonging to different language backgrounds. This helps the customers to easily use the online store.

      Client Review

      Alberto Garcia posted a positive review on Webkul Store and gave 5/5 ratings. You can read the feedback below or visit this link.

      “Great service and support

      Very good service from Webkul. Bought an extenstion from Webkul. Support team explained everything in detail. Thank you Webkul.

      Alberto Garcia
      Alberto Garcia (Spain)

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