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      From Mild to Wild, Pure Diesel Power online shop has a wide variety of diesel performance parts and accessories. They provide a fast and secure checkout process to get you up and running ASAP!

      Home page

      They provide access to parts for most diesel car and truck applications. Semi-trucks, motor-homes, agriculture equipment, retrofitted Cummins applications, and more. Parts for your daily driver, tow truck, hauler, drag truck, sled puller, or that weekend toy.

      How Pure Diesel Power Uses Opencart Vehicle Part Finder?

      Pure Diesel Power is using Opencart Vehicle Part Finder in the search filters. Whenever the customers search for any vehicle part then they will get additional filters to get more appropriate results.


      In today's world, the automotive industry is growing at a faster rate and to find any particular model of any vehicle part is very difficult on any online store because of a large variety of the same parts of different models. That's why to improve the search results Pure Diesel Power is using Opencart Vehicle Part Finder.

      Using this extension they have created more filters to reach accurate search results. Now the customer needs not to get panic for search any vehicle part on every webpage. They can simply use these additional filters to reach to their requirement.


      In order to enhance the user experience, Pure Diesel Power needed a better filter solution so that customers can easily search vehicle parts and they find the solution over here in Webkul. 

      Opencart Vehicle Part Finder

      Webkul's OpenCart Vehicle Part Finder allows the customers to search the vehicle parts more conveniently by providing additional filters. The store owner can create multiple filters for the vehicle parts. 

      How to sell Vehicle Parts online?

      It is really not an easy task to sell vehicles and its parts online because of the rapid growth of the automotive industries in the past few years. Also, selling vehicle parts online is not easy because of the wide range of vehicle parts and their models. 

      To grow in the online market of vehicle parts and to meet the customer requirements big e-commerce company like eBay uses the advanced filter to provide the exact product to customers for which they are searching.


      By implementing this kind of advanced filter eBay is doing really good in the online market of vehicles.

      Pure Diesel Power was also searching for the same kind of filter to increase the sales by providing the exact product to the customers as per their search results and they found the solution as Opencart Vehicle Part Finder.

      Add New Part Finder

      This extension provides additional search filters (created by the store owner) like eBay to the customers.

      Client Review

      Mike has posted a positive review on Webkul Store and gave 5/5 ratings. You can read the feedback below or visit this link:

      Works Great & Support is Off the Charts

      “Definitely the easiest interactions and best ending result of any other Vehicle filter for Opencart!”

      Pure Diesel Power
      Marshfield, Wisconsin


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      Opencart Vehicle Part Finder