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      Shark Express is an online eCommerce store with its headquarters in Panama they are a newborn marketplace currently emphasizing scaling their business across Latin America.

      The marketplace currently offers a catalog of more than a thousand products sold online via its mobile app and website. You will find a vast category of products ranging from Fashion, Electronics, sports, toys, and household items.

      A promising platform for sellers ensuring trust with their online presence and offers multiple secure payment methods for product purchase for buyers.

      Shark Express

      Read the complete story and find out why this brand relies on the Adobe commerce cloud solution offered by Webkul which enriches their digital store performance.

      Panama’s Top Emerging eCommerce Shops

      In an industry dominated by big eCommerce players like eBay, Amazon, and Aliexpress there are plenty of newly opened online shops that are doing a good business.

      Shark Express

      SharkExpress Built on Adobe Commerce Cloud

      Adobe Commerce is one of the most used platforms as it offers customers the option to keep the store updated using the latest plugins and extensions.

      The selection of Enterprise cloud edition for the development of the SharkExpress marketplace provides greater efficiency.

      Shark Express

      Using Webkul’s marketplace solution the SharkExpress store owners can customize the layout and design of the page. With plenty of other options like adding a banner image with content, button labels, icons, etc.

      Restricting Seller Info In SharkExpress Marketplace

      The Sharkexpress marketplace restricts the user from viewing seller information on the eCommerce marketplace. This helps them to add authenticity to the product that the marketplace offers and generates trust within customers.

      The store admin of the SharkExpress marketplace can choose to show or hide seller and buyer information.

      Shark Express

      This can be implemented on the product page, order history, packing slip, invoice, and credit memo using Webkul’s Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Marketplace.

      Buyers and sellers of SharkExpress will not be able to find one other's information using this function.

      Explore the SharkExpress Magento 2 Mobile App

      You can download and check out the SharkExpress Magneto 2 mobile app on your Android and iOS smartphones or tablets from Google Play and App Store.

      Shark Express

      Supports Tablet Compatibility

      The responsive design of the app helps users access the application on any device easily. The mobile app works extremely well on a tablet device this gives users a clear advantage for Product media consumption.

      Shark Express

      Initial Stages of SharkExpress Development

      To provide a secure and reliable service to the client Webkul firstly worked on a staging instance. A staging server is a type of server that is used to test software, websites in a production environment before being made live.

      It is part of a staging environment or staging site, where it serves as a temporary hosting and testing server. We also helped the client in publishing the application on the apple app store.

      Vast Utility Set for SharkExpress Mobile App Users

      A mobile app is highly important as the number of users is drastically high in comparison to web users and it’s more user-friendly to make online purchases.

      Webkul’s developed mobile app for the SharkExpress marketplace helps customers enjoy a list of amazing features. These are features are a basic requirement in any eCommerce mobile app that the SharkExpress mobile app possesses.

      Inbuilt Tools to Manage Mobile App Home Page Layout

      With the Magento 2 backend, the admin of SharkExpress can manage and adjust the complete layout as per requirements in seconds. The sorting of the category carousel can be done using these tools and position of sections like:

      • Featured categories
      • Featured products
      • Hot deals
      • New Products
      • Trending Now
      • Best offers
      • Fashion Accessories
      • Daily Deals
      • Banner Images

      Shark Express

      The user just needs to drag and drop the carousel category to change its position which makes it quick to make modifications in the app layout.

      Supports Dark Theme UI

      Device optimization and customer habits play a huge role in buying experience. As mobile commerce has progressed offering a light and dark theme UI support is a basic requirement.

      Shark Express - Theme

      You may check how the user experience is enhanced with the use of dark and light themes within the SharkExpress mobile app.

      Spanish Language Transition

      Language plays a key role for customers who are accessing a mobile app. Native language availability surely improves customer clarity. The SharkExpress mobile app offers both languages including English and Spanish.

      Shark Express

      As a user, you just need to select which language you prefer and all the content is translated in the particular language.

      Shark Express - Language

      With the Help of Webkul’s plugin, the SharkExpress marketplace users can access the store in multiple languages. Currently, the app and the marketplace store offer two languages namely Spanish and English as it is one of the most used languages in the region.

      They simply need to switch the store view and the website will be completely translated into the respective language.

      Register your Shop at SharkExpress Marketplace

      If you are a seller in central America or want to sell your product in the region check out the Sharkexpress marketplace.

      Shark Express

      Disclaimer - Please note all the images and content used in this article belong to their respective copyright owners. If you have any issues or complaints related to this article, please send us an email at [email protected].

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