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      SpringSoko is a newly built e-marketplace specially made for Tanzanian arts and crafts traders. This African region based e-commerce site is providing an online platform to support the buying and selling of more than 400+ assorted products sold by small-scale merchants and local shop owners.

      The digital platform is establishing resources for the emerging business owners, advertisements and other related information to help buyers and affiliates effectively participate in this trade.


      SpringSoko promises the sale and delivery of arts and crafts products to your doorstep anywhere in Tanzania and the world. The company provides end-to-end trade facilitation right from the product discovery, purchase process, payment, delivery and customer retention lifecycle.

      It is also empowering sellers to focus on their core business activities, products, sales, and marketing, leaving the logistics part managed by SpringSoko itself. The eMarketplace helps merchants that seek growth in terms of sales and market reach beyond the limitation of brick-n-mortar.

      E-Commerce in Tanzania

      Africa is a growing market for the e-commerce industry, with a larger youth population, increasing smartphone usage and internet availability. But, there are still many African countries where people don’t earn enough to cover their basic life necessities.


      As per the report, more than 70% of the population in Tanzania continues to live in poverty and earns less than $2 a day. Read Word Bank published article. But nevertheless, the country is progressing day by day, with new entrepreneurs are coming up and contributing to the country's economic growth.

      eMarketplace Platform to Promote Tanzanian Local Traders

      Emmanuel Nnko planned to implement a multi-vendor (merchant) eMarketplace platform targeting Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Tanzania. As these micro sellers and traders communities continue to face challenges in obtaining first-hand business knowledge and skills.

      Also, the difficulty in the availability of trading information has been identified as the major limitation for MSMEs in understanding the potential markets and manage day-to-day business operations better.

      Don't forget to read Africabaie success story, (built on Webkul Multi-Vendor for WooCommerce) a dedicated online marketplace built to promote Afro-products worldwide.


      SpringSoko is a brand created by M/s Mahali Sokoni Trading Company Limited (MSTCL) that aims to bridge the gap by providing an ICT (Information and Communications Technology) platform and enable availability and exchange of trade information between different persons, focussing on the Tanzanian market.


      The main objective of the company is to provide a digital platform where local traders and small shop owners can add, showcase and exchange information regarding sales, products and services. Further helping them to sell, market, and find new customers to sustain and grow their subsistence.

      Developing Custom Ecommerce Marketplace

      SpringSoko eMarketplace is built on Magento 2 platform (now known as Adobe Commerce) and uses the Webkul Multi-Vendor Marketplace solution. Further, there are many Marketplace Add-Ons, custom developments, and more than 50+ extensions are being used.


      As the Magento 2 is an open-source e-commerce platform, it gives freedom to developers to make changes to the complete frontend and backend systems as per our requirements.

      From designing and applying custom theme templates, adding new features and functionalities on the frontend users, changing workflows, integrating third-party platform services via. API development, and much more.

      The SpringSoko project work was initiated in early 2018 that included the basic website work (selecting platform, tech stack, hosting), gathering requirements, marketplace system, mobile app development, and some extension installation.


      Once the website was ready, many new extensions and customizations work has been done to add some more features that will benefit the frontend users- customers, sellers, resellers and the backend management by the store owner - site admin, marketplace owner.

      We will learn more about some of the custom development work that has been done on the SpringSoko eMarketplace. Further, in the coming months, we will see more changes in the website.

      Social Login in E-commerce Marketplace

      Creating a new account on any website is a long process as you need to provide multiple information. But with the help of the social login feature, frontend users can easily do one-click login and get access to a complete website with a newly created registered account.

      Similarly, in SpringSoko, the customers, sellers, e-marketers can use the social login via. Facebook, Google, Yahoo, or Microsoft to register or signup on the website.


      Also, social login allows the shoppers to quickly buy items on the e-commerce marketplace without needing to create an account first. Even during the checkout process, the social login can be used to make the purchase faster and easier.

      In the above image, you can also see the reward points message for registering. This feature is also developed by Webkul, enabling shoppers to earn store credits on different rules.

      Buying Products from Various Shop Owners

      With Webkul Multi-Vendor Marketplace, the buyers can shop for items sold by multiple third-party sellers or service providers. This allows the customers to browse a large assortment of products being available in a single place.

      In SpringSoko, the buyers can add items from different sellers to the shopping cart, but they are restricted to checkout one-seller products at a time. That means a checkout order will only consist of only those products sold by a particular seller.


      With Single Seller Checkout, the marketplace vendors will be able to manage their orders efficiently. As for each seller, a separate order ID will be generated, helping them to manage packing and delivery, payment collection and refund.

      Quick Buy with One Step Checkout

      On SpringSoko, buyers will find single page checkout process to ease the purchase process. With this, all the necessary information is entered on the same page without visiting multiple web pages.

      • The customers can select or enter a new address
      • Select payment method
      • Choose shipping method with cost
      • Pick the preferred delivery time slot
      • Review order items with price, tax


      Select Preferred Delivery Time

      On this Tanzanian marketplace, the delivery times were calculated based on the distance between the shop address and buyer’s delivery address:

      • Same day timeslot is shown for same city/region of the seller and delivery
      • Two days for all other regional/city centres sellers
      • Up to five days for all other districts/wards sellers

      Online Payment Only

      The payment for products and services is restricted to online mediums. This will be through payment service providers such as Mobile Payment Providers and Commercial Banks. So while choosing a payment method, buyers will find AirtelMoney, Tezo Pesa, Tanzania Postal Bank, and VISA and Mastercard payments options.


      CyberSource Secure Payment Acceptance

      The customers can also apply the seller-wise discount coupon codes to get the discount (If any offer is available). For processing the Visa and Mastercard payments, Webkul has integrated the CyberSource Secure Acceptance payment gateway module.


      Locating Tanzania Sellers with Google Maps

      SpringsSoko aims to bring together traders and merchants from all over Tanzania and provide them with an easy to use online platform to showcase their products to a broader audience.


      With the Seller Store Locator page, the customers can find the complete list of sellers and sort them out as per their current location. Moreover, with Google Maps integrated, the customers can also use the interactive map to find seller shops pointed on the map.

      SpringSoko eMarketplace Mobile App

      The client also wanted to develop native mobile applications for the SpringSoko customers and sellers. It was a challenging task to build the mobile apps, as SpringSoko is a custom-built marketplace with many changes made in the existing code and several extensions are also installed.


      • Delivered Android and iOS applications
      • Published the iOS on App Store
      • Compatible with the Swahili language
      • Customers can track orders from the app

      Nevertheless, Webkul’s in-house mobile development team, Mobikul took the project and delivered the native mobile apps as early as possible. Further, many marketplace components and third-party extensions changes were needed to be adapted for the mobile app.

      Delivery Boy App

      Besides the standard marketplace app, the client also needed a dedicated app for the delivery personnel. This app is useful for sellers and exporters of products.

      • The seller can view all the shipment related instructions.
      • View all the available shippers that are ready to deliver orders.
      • Communicate with delivery persons and distributors through mobile live chat.


      You can also check out and download the SpringSoko Delivery Boy iPhone App.

      A customized handover feature was also developed, where more than one delivery person can be assigned to a single product. Enabling admin and sellers to hand over the item from the first delivery boy to second personnel.

      The customer can track the location of the delivery guy through Google Maps. So when the final delivery personnel arrives at the destination address, the customer will share the passcode to authenticate and confirm the rightful recipient of the product.

      The delivery personnel will then enter the number in its delivery app to update the status in SpringSoko eMarketplace platform to confirm the order status as delivered.

      Development In-progress

      SpringSoko eMarketplace is continuously improving and making efforts to become one of the best online portals for small traders and merchants to grow their businesses.

      However, there are still many things to come in the website which are currently being tested and be deployed once ready. In the coming time, you can see many new features and product categories on the marketplace. Such as food & drinks delivery, hyperlocal on-demand services, e-pharmacy, crowdfunding and much more.

      Further, SpringSoko is also adding new functionalities and customized extensions to improve the buying and selling experience for both buyers and sellers.

      Disclaimer – Please note all the images and content used in this article belongs to their respective copyright owners. If you have any issues or complaints related to this article, please send us an email to [email protected]

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