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      Wachabi is a company that seeks to increase national trade and promote all the work of artisans promoting inside and outside of Guatemala. At the same time, they provide all the necessary tools for any person or company to carry out the activity of electronic commerce, without the need to make any type of investment or expense. Their service is completely free and available to everyone.

      Home page

      As a company, they promote the commercialization of the products of other companies, people, and entrepreneurs. Their main goal is to market all kinds of physical and digital (new, used) products.

      Integration of Multi Vendor Marketplace to Wachabi

      Wachabi is using OpenCart Multi Vendor Marketplace on its website. This allows the customers of Wachabi to become a seller and earn money by selling products online. This module will convert your Opencart store into Marketplace with separate seller product collection and separate seller with feedback support and rating.

      Vendor ragistration

      Multiple Steps for Vendor Registration

      Wachabi was looking for a multi-step registration solution for their vendor and Webkul helped them to achieve the same by customizing the marketplace extension and integrating multiple steps for vendor registration.

      Step 1 - Register as a Company or as an Individual 

      seller registration

      In the first step, the seller can select to register an Individual or as a Company.

      • In the case of an Individual, the vendor needs to enter the name (as Individual).
      • In the case of a Company, the vendor needs to enter the name of the Company.

      Step 2 - Verify General Information

      General Information

      In this step, the vendor needs to enter the general information. This step also verifies the email id entered by the vendor by sending a verification link to the entered email id. The vendor also needs to enter the address and can even give additional information in this step.

      Step 3 - Select Membership

      Wachabi wants to make membership a required step for the vendors. So they asked Webkul to add select membership to the registration step by customizing the OpenCart Multi Vendor Marketplace Membership extension.


      Now while registering as a vendor, it is mandatory for the vendor to select the membership plane to complete the registration. After accepting the membership the seller will get a pop-up window for price.


      After accepting the membership the registering vendor will get an email on the verified registered email id regarding the accepted membership.

      Step 4 - Bank Details

      In this step, the vendor needs to enter the bank details and the commission of the vendor will be transferred directly to the entered bank account details. 

      bank details

      Step 5 - Billing Details for Vendor

      After entering the bank details another step is to enter the invoice details. In this step, the vendor needs to enter the invoice details. The vendor can even add personal information, photo, contact number, etc for the vendor invoice generation details.

      invoice details

      Step 6 - Available Category

      The last step is for the available category for the registering vendor. after accepting that the vendor gets successfully register on and can start earning money by selling products online.

      available category

      Multilingual Support

      Opencart Marketplace extension works very fine with all languages (including LTR and RTL ). Not only this it also supports multiple languages and currencies. That's why wachabi is using OpenCart Marketplace.

      The Multilingual support helps the store owner to provide e-commerce services over the globe. This helps the customers to easily use the online store.

      Integrating Credit Card System for Payment 

      Wachabi wants its customers to pay by using the credit card for their orders. Hence they asked Webkul to customize the payment method in such a way that it accepts the credit card payment (online payment). Also, they have asked to add a number of fees options.


      This means the customer can select to do the single payment or want to choose another option by using the dropdown.

      another option

      Use of Online Payment in Today's World

      In today's world, online payment plays a major role as nowadays because of Covid-19 social distancing is a major concern. The online payment method is totally intangible asset that keeps the customers safe.

      Not only this nowadays every customer is giving preference to those websites that are having online payment and zero contact delivery. Wachabi understands the need of the customers and added it to their website.

      Use of Discount Coupon/e-ticket 

      Another customization on done by Webkul is eTickets/eCard. Only the logged in customers will get the coupon option on the top of the website after my profile option. After clicking on the coupon option the customer can select the kind of product as eTicket or eCard and can enter the coupon code. The product on which this entered code will be applicable will get appear after hitting the search button. 


      This will make the process of applying the coupon code for a particular product easy for the customers. The customer can select the product and can apply the coupon code for it.

      Integrating Wallet System to Wachabi Website 

      Wachabi wants a wallet system for its website and that too they want to customize in such a way that the wallet is reached by entering the bank details and amount. This means the customer needs to select the bank and currency and also needs to enter the bank account number and amount to recharge the wallet (The bank no. must be registered for a successful wallet recharge). 


      For this requirement, Webkul used the OpenCart Multi Vendor Wallet System and customized it as per the demand raised by Wachabi. The customers can even check the details of Wallet transactions i.e. credit and debit history.


      Client Review

      Mario posted a positive review on Webkul Store and gave 5/5 ratings. You can read the feedback below or visit this link.

      “Great service and support…

      A great explanation about why the Error 404 was displayed, after correct it, the error disappears. Thanks, Vivek.

      Mario (Mexico)

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