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      Yahala is an upcoming e-commerce market for Libya online shoppers. It sells more than 100,000 products in various categories across electronics, fashion, home products, watches, perfumes, and others. Yahala not only to contributes to improving Libyan society’s economy but also encourages everyone to do so.

      Yahla Online Market

      Yahala Online Market pledges to provide high quality and well-known brands to Libyan customers. Offering a complete e-shopping experience from the web store and mobile app. Browse products from different categories and brands, select cash payment or use vouchers, and get delivery at your location.

      E-commerce Challenges in Libya

      Online shopping in Libya is constrained due to many reasons - there are continuing conflicts in the region, the political & administration is not good, the economy is breaking down, and the ongoing civil war crisis since 2011. There is a lack of security and trust among people especially when they go online or make any payment transactions. 

      Libya Flag

      With no postal code system and proper addresses, shipping becomes a difficult task. So if people want to buy something, they usually visit the nearby local physical stores and retail shops, get the item, and pay cash.

      Besides that, an e-commerce project involves many entities and partners to work with successfully. You need to co-ordinate with suppliers, courier service providers, banks, payment gateways. Moreover, you need good infrastructure facilities as well, the internet reachability is quite low and there are many government restrictions too.

      Launching an Online Store for Libyan Shoppers

      The client was looking for diverse e-commerce solutions to build a fully functional Libyan shopping site. For empowering consumers to shop (local and imported products) online using a suitable offline payment solution and delivery method.

      Yahla Online Shopping

      Creating an online store is a challenging task in Libya. As there are no established payment processor companies available (like PayPal, Stripe) for accepting online payments. With no addresses, most of the deliveries are made to local warehouse facilities or confirmed over the call at the site.

      Yahla Delivery

      The Yahla project involved many key e-commerce system functionalities and components specially intended for the Libyan market.

      • Building an online store and shopping cart employing the Magento platform. 
      • Develop a customized payment solution that uses e-wallet and prepaid vouchers.
      • Order fulfillment, shipping integration with tracking operations and customized dropshipping.
      • Native mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms, and much more.

      Yahla Mobile

      In this project, a complete system was needed to be developed by Webkul that is customer-friendly, easy to use, supports Arabic and English languages. The entire work was executed in multiple stages which involved many Magento 2 extensions and customizations in the platform and modules.

      Complete Server Setup & Configuration

      In the first phase of the project, recommendations, configurations, and complete server set up was done. Here, multiple instances were made for development, testing, training, and production requirements.

      AWS Amazon

      • Hosting Magento 2 on AWS server
      • DNS & CDN setup on Cloudflare
      • Setting up cron to check the server issues 
      • Server load monitoring with email notifications
      • Domain name setup to new server IP
      • Domain migration and configuration with AWS EC2 Instance
      • SSL integration via. Cloudflare

      Our networking team (Cloudkul) assisted the client in every step and suggested the most suited solutions that are reliable, affordable and meet the site requirements.

      Multi Seller Marketplace

      Since the client wanted to build a scalable shopping site selling thousands of SKUs with a huge collection of products, the marketplace system was built using Webkul Multi Vendor Extension. With this, anyone can get on-board, create listings, and start selling their products to customers on Yahla Online Market.

      Yahla Become Seller

      Moreover, additional features were added to the marketplace site, discussed as follows. Display exchange rate and implement currency conversion between (Libyan Dinar) LYD and USD and showcasing product prices in both currencies with English and Arabic store views connected. 

      Yahla Product Page

      Show products to customers based on their gender and make other products invisible. The gender selection was made a mandatory field at the customer registration form, and the SKUs were assigned to the customer groups. Social login via. Facebook was also implemented.

      Yahla Customer Account Create

      Additional filters and sorting options were added to the advanced reporting system for monitoring retailers' transactions and sales records for wallet recharges and orders.

      eWallet/Retail Voucher System

      Handling payments is an integral part of any shopping cart system or e-commerce platform. Magento does support many offline and as well as online payment methods. But considering the Libyan market, the Yahla project needed a combination of both, where consumers can make online payment without using a credit card.

      Yahla Wallet

      With the help of wallet system extension, a customized payment solution was built. Here, the customers can add money into their wallet account by paying cash to local retailers and get recharge vouchers. After entering the voucher code, the wallet amount can be used to do online shopping at Yahla.

      Yahla Wallet Checkout

      These digital vouchers have many benefits for both merchants and shoppers, as it does need an online payment gateway integration, can be purchased offline in different quantities, and provides a faster checkout process.

      The Yahla wallet supports both USD and LYD, allowing shoppers to recharge and do shopping using both the currencies.

      • Wallet System module installation
      • Customize the module workflow
      • Recharge wallet by gift card
      • Managing voucher retailers/resellers
      • Transfer wallet amount to another wallet holder
      • Currency conversion between USD/LYD
      • Wallet transactions reports for admin
      • Implement wallet feature in the mobile app
      • OTP verification on email.
      • Supports RTL Arabic and English
      • Payment method selection for wallet currency

      Shipping Area Selection

      As the country didn't have any postal zip code system and proper addresses, so to counter this issue, the shipping area selection feature was added. In this, the admin uploads the shipping data using the CSV file and mentions all the areas covered with the delivery time and cost. 

      Yahla Shipping Area

      On the storefront, instead of typing the address, the customer can select the nearest area from the dropdown option and view the available shipping methods with the estimated time and delivery rates.

      Yahla Shipping Methods

      Buying Imported Products at Yahla - AliExpress Dropship

      For sourcing imported products, AliExpress dropship integration was implemented into Magento, allowing thousands of items to be imported into Yahla Online Market. AliExpress is one of the best marketplaces, where merchants from all over the world procure imported products at wholesale prices and sell them to their local shoppers with markup.

      Yahla Dropship

      With AliExpress Dropship Integration, Libyan consumers can now shop for a wide range of global products at Yahla and get them delivered locally by Chinese suppliers and international courier partners. The customers can use the existing payment methods available at Yahla Online Market.

      Yahla Online Market

      AliExpress Dropship Extension offers a great solution for merchants who wants to create an online store without inventory. You can fetch complete product information, high-quality images, reviews, attributes, and options.


      Further, an auto-update feature was added in Yahla Online Market, for routinely updating the price and stock via. cron. From the backend, the admin has the complete control to manage the price rules, upload shipping CSV data, manage warehouses, create managers for handling other operations for the better supply chain management. 

      Multichannel Product Data via. Akeneo PIM 

      Maintaining quality product information has always been a challenging task for e-commerce merchants. With the growth of multiple sales channels (web, mobile, marketplace, retail, print), multilingual localized content, sync data across different platforms (ERP, CRM, suppliers), handling large sets of SKUs. There is a dire need for a centralized system for managing up-to-date marketing data and getting ready for the market faster than your competitors.

      Magento 2 Akeneo Connector

      Product information on Yahla is managed using the Akeneo PIM system, where the product descriptions, images, categories, attributes, options, meta-information, and other important data are easily synchronized via. Magento 2 Akeneo Connector. Using this Webkul's extension, the client can now import and export complete catalog data in Arabic and English from Akeneo to Magento and vice-versa.

      • Akeneo installation on AWS server
      • Complete Akeneo setup with server configuration
      • Magento 2 Akeneo Connector for integrating online store with PIM
      • Importing & mapping product attributes
      • Multilingual local set up for Arabic and English languages
      • Diagnosing issues, explain workflow with guides & videos

      Yahla Market Mobile App

      E-commerce merchants know the significance of mobile conversions, as a growing number of customers rely on smartphones rather than shop on a computer or laptop. Not only, Yahla Market needed to be mobile-friendly, but also fully native apps were developed for the shoppers and marketplace vendors.

      Yahla Market Android Mobile App

      Yahla mobile app is completely customized and several changes were made to modify icons, splash screen, background, color scheme and app design matching the web theme. 

      Yahla iOS Mobile App

      Many functionalities similar to webstore were also implemented into the app:

      • RTL Arabic language translation
      • Sign in & signup through OTP
      • Socials account (Facebook, Google, Linkedin, Twitter) log in integration
      • Social login integration for both Android and iOS
      • Recharge the wallet through the Gift card.
      • Private Shop Feature for the logged in users.
      • Integrate the Magento 2 price list module in the Mobikul Marketplace app.
      • Submitting the application to publish on the App Store account.
      • Price rules and price list design and API integration

      Download the Yahla Market Mobile App from Google Play and App Store.

      [Update] - Due to some network issue, the Yahla website is down. However, you can still download the mobile apps and also view the screenshots above to know how Yahla online market looks.

      Disclaimer - Please note all the images, screenshots, and content used in this article belongs to their respective copyright owners and we've used them here for representational purposes only. If you have any issues or complaints related to this article, please send us an email to [email protected]

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