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Salesforce Connector For Magento 2
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This Adobe Commerce connector is best known for synchronising an eCommerce platform to a CRM platform. Salesforce Connector for Magento2 provide real time synchronisation of Magento2 store to Salesforce. With the help of this module admin can easily sync their categories, products, customers, orders and contact us leads to their Salesforce org which will help them to increase their sales and improve customer services.

Note : Before installing this module on your Magento store, you have to open an account on salesforce

  Salesforce Connector For Magento 2 Features_V_4.0 -

  • Synchronization of magento contact us to salesforce leads.
  • Synchronization of magento customers to salesforce.
  • Synchronization of magento categories to salesforce.
  • Synchronization of magento products to salesforce.
  • Synchronization of magento orders to salesforce.
  • Admin can synchronized leads, customers, categories and orders in real time.
  • Shows contact us details in the form view.

  Salesforce Connector For Magento 2 Features_V_5.0 -

  • Field Mapping for "Account, Order and Product".
  • Opportunity synchronisation (Manual as well as real time).
  • Searchable drop-down for "choose document folder,Choose pricebook, choose guest account,choose default record type for new account,choose default record type for new contact".
  • Users can switch to Salesforce record directly from synchronization view at Magento end
  • Users can synchronize customers into an Existing Salesforce Account, or create a new corresponding account.

  Salesforce Connector For Magento 2 Features_V_5.0.2 -

  • Background jobs implemented to sync records from Magento to Salesforce
  • User can Sync different product types such as Simple, Grouped, Configurable, Bundle, Virtual, and Downloadable.
  • Sync Magento Orders to Salesforce Orders with Shipment and Tax details.

Salesforce Supported Editions -

  • Enterprise
  • Unlimited
  • Developer
  • Professional(Need to make API enable from Salesforce)
Note : API's should be enabled in Salesforce Professional Edition required for data Synchronization..

Video Tutorial For Magento 2 Salesforce Connector :

For detailed video tutorial please click here https://youtu.be/VrxbCEBH0sw

 Admin Configurations -

For configuring the settings of Salesforce Connector For Magento2, admin has to fill all the credentials such as User name, password, API Token etc. Admin can enable or disable auto synchronization for Orders, Contact Us Leads, Categories, Products and Customers. Admin can also Reset all the Salesforce Mapped Data from Magento. In Upload WSDL File, admin has to upload the WSDL file which he got from Salesforce account. This file is used for connecting the APIs. If admin does not upload any WSDL file then a default file will be upload.

  • Admin can do synchronization settings for Orders, Contact Us Leads, Categories, Products and Customers.
  • Admin can reset all mapped data.

 Salesforce Connector -

Admin can manage all the salesforce connector option by going to Salesforce Connector. Here admin will see Categories, Products, Account, Contacts, Orders and Contact Us (Lead).

 Salesforce Connector Categories -

When automatic Category Synchronisation is disabled, then admin can synchronise them manually by exporting all categories. Admin can export all the Magento categories to Salesforce account by clicking on “Export All Categories“. If any changes are made in the any of the categories then admin can select those categories and then change the sync status as “yes” and then click on “Update All Categories“, this will only update the selected categories in the Salesforce account.

 Salesforce Connector Product Mapping -

When automatic Product Synchronisation is disabled, then admin can synchronise the products manually in a single click by clicking on “Export All Products“. Admin can synchronise changes made to an existing product by selecting the updated products and then clicking on “Update/Export” for updating all products.

If in case admin selects 2 products, out of which one product is updated and the other product is not exported then the updated product will get synchronised and the other product will get exported to the Salesforce account.

 Salesforce Connector Customer Mapping -

When automatic Customer Synchronisation is disabled, then admin can synchronise the Customer details manually in a single click by clicking on “Synchronize All Customer and Addresses“.

 Salesforce Connector Order Mapping -

If the auto Order synchronisation is disabled then admin can synchronise the orders by going to Sales > Order. Here admin can select the orders and then can choose the action “Sync at Salesforce” to sync the orders to Salesforce account. In case of active automatic sync, admin don’t need to do anything, orders will be automatically synchronised from Magento to Salesforce.

 Salesforce Connector Leads Mapping -

When automatic Leads Synchronization is enabled then all the Contact Us Queries will be synchronised with the Salesforce leads. Admin can see the contact us details in inform view in a single click on the contact. A mapping table is maintained where you can check which contact is synchronised with which Salesforce id.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/.

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based on 4 reviews
Rawls Grimsley
Posted On - January 10, 2023
They had a very reliable team that was flexible and patient
Webkul successfully performed the necessary integrations seamlessly, receiving positive feedback from the client. They were reliable, patient, and professional throughout the process. Ultimately, their flexibility and responsiveness ensured customer satisfaction.

Mohamad Beydoun
Posted On - August 5, 2019
Great working solution for Salesforce integration
This module works well and WebKul support is very quick and spot on.
Karen Pargeter
Posted On - July 15, 2019
Excellent Service
Responsive and quick.
Brandt Beal
Posted On - July 15, 2019
Amazing Product & Service.
A must for Magento/Salesforce Users.
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