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  • Joomla Social Tabs

    Joomla Social Tabs : It is a brilliant sliding social media tab module and super useful for your social media needs and it is very slick in design. This module can be applied at both side of web page ...

    25 Review(s)
  • Magento Marketplace Bundle Product

    Magento Marketplace Bundle Product : It is another addon for the planet best marketpalce module for magento which is very useful for if you are using the marketplace for bundle products ....

  • PrestaShop Smooth Pop Up Login Box
    Prestashop 1.7 Compatible

    PrestaShop Smooth Pop Up Login Box

    PrestaShop Smooth Pop Up Login Box : This is an awesome module for the prestashop. This will display a login pop up on homepage which will help your users to signin to their accounts directly. ...

  • CS-Cart Single Seller Checkout

    CS-Cart Single Seller Checkout : This impressive add-on allows to checkout from single seller only. Customers can add only one seller’s product to the cart. Via CS-Cart Single Seller Checkout, adm...

    1 Review(s)

New Products
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  • Odoo Website Product Data Per Variant
    ODOO 11 Compatible

    Odoo Website Product Data Per Variant

    Odoo Website Product Data Per Variant: Each product is different from other as each attracts a different buyer. So, why would anyone keep the same website images, and description for different variant...

  • Odoo Google Rich Snippets
    ODOO 11 Compatible

    Odoo Google Rich Snippets

    Odoo Google Rich Snippets :Odoo Google Rich Snippets module lets you enable rich results (i.e rich snippets, rich cards or enriched results) on Google SERPs for your Odoo website. You can choose to di...

  • Prestashop Order Tracking
    Prestashop 1.7 Compatible

    Prestashop Order Tracking

    Prestashop Order Tracking : Nowadays after placing an order, buyers want to track and view their order progress. With the help of this module, admin can have this awesome functionality through w...

  • WooCommerce POS Pricelist

    WooCommerce POS Pricelist: In the e-commerce driven era, discounts serve as strategies to draw more customers to a store, because people prefer buying things on sale. WooCommerce POS Discounted Pri...


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We decided Cloudkul plan after experiencing some recurring problems with our website. Since the site has been optimised by webkul Team, our page load has been considerably reduced. Now we are able to load Magento website at the speed of the light. After optimisation, Webkul team was monitoring for few days in order to adjust the settings for the best performance. Another great surprise was that the optimisation of webkul team have impacted our amazon expenses. Since optimization our expenses on AWS have been cut down by 10%. I totally recommend Coudkul & webkul team."
WebKul, is not only a name. WebKul are people, are professionals, but mostly there is humanity. They know to listen to you and your project. Webkul makes dreams not only thoughts. They help to achieve them. It is clear that everything has a price in this life, we all have to eat, dress. etc. But WebKul is different, they already make a difference with other companies. Regardless of their awards or achievements. Because the real prizes are them. Each and every one of them. They know how important this life, be grateful. so I am very grateful, because thanks to your patience, thanks to help me and if you are wondering if I will continue with them, of course, there is where my project, will be Webkul and the entire team. Thank you"
We are a United Nations agency called the International Trade Centre (ITC). Our mission is to foster inclusive and sustainable economic development and contribute to achieving the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development. ITC works towards creating ‘trade impact for good’. The best part about Webkul is its capacity to offer a high degree of customizations to the existing modules. Using existing modules allowed us to test an idea quickly and effectively and then customization allowed us to optimize and adapt Webkul modules to our business model. I am very satisfied in general terms for both support and quality of development. I liked the assigned manager, it was Ravi, who allocated dedicated daily chats during critical periods of the project, I think this is important and great added value."
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