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  • Magento Shipping Check

    Magento Shipping Check : Shipping Check Module is a solution to set your own shipping rates according to distance. It can show shipping rates by entering pin code or location. Shipping Availability C...

  • Magento Marketplace Bundle Product

    Magento Marketplace Bundle Product : It is another addon for the planet best marketpalce module for magento which is very useful for if you are using the marketplace for bundle products ....

  • Joomla SoundCloud Easy Social

    Joomla SoundCloud Easy Social : It is an easy social app.This plugin allows to fetch soundcloud feeds and show in easy social profile and in dashboard also....

  • Odoo Website Product Vote-Up/Down
    ODOO 10 Compatible

    Odoo Website Product Vote-Up/Down

    Odoo Website Product Vote : Website Product vote – up/down module helps you with product feedback on just a single click by the customers. Admin can manage to take feedback as vote like or dislike i...


New Products
The most recent products from Webkul for your eCommerce Store
  • CS-Cart Payment Gateway

    CS-Cart Payment Gateway: Simplify the payment process by integrating a reliable and secure payment gateway, CS-Cart Payment Gateway makes your website ready ...

  • Customer Pricelist Odoo Bridge For Magento
    ODOO 11 Compatible

    Customer Pricelist Odoo Bridge For Magento

    Customer Pricelist Odoo Bridge For Magento : Customer Pricelist Odoo Bridge For Magento module allows the user to manage the Customer Group Price and tier price at Magento end using Pricelists at Odo...

  • Magento Twilio SMS Notification

    Magento Twilio SMS Notification: Magento Twilio SMS Notification extension comes with an ability to send the respective notification messages to the customers. It is liable for sending text SMS direct...

  • Odoo MSG91 SMS Gateway
    ODOO 11 Compatible

    Odoo MSG91 SMS Gateway

    Odoo MSG91 SMS Gateway : This module allows you to send short message service notification to your valuable customers on their mobile numbers. Communication is the major concern for eCommerce website ...


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