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      Magento, 2.0.x , 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x

      Marketplace Multi Vendor Module for Magento 2

      Marketplace Multi Vendor Module for Magento 2: Converts your existing Magento 2 store into a complete online shopping mall marketplace with multiple sellers. Using this extension, the suppliers/sellers can manage the product listings, inventory, orders, shipment, seller profile page, collection page, and much more. Suppliers/sellers can add multiple types of products - simple, configurable, virtual, and downloadable. Plus, Webkul Multi Vendor Marketplace extension has many  Marketplace Add-Ons, Shipping, and Payment integrations including FedEx, USPS, DHL, PayPal, Stripe, MangopayAramex, and more. Also, check Magento 2 Multi Vendor Mobile App (Android & iOS).


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      Marketplace Multi-Vendor Module for Magento 2: Multi-Vendor Marketplace Extension converts your Magento Store into a complete online marketplace shop. Using Marketplace Module for Magento 2, the seller can manage the inventory, shipment, Seller Profile page, Seller Collection page.

      The seller can add multiple products like Simple, Configurable, Virtual & Downloadable. The Marketplace Multi-Vendor Module supports all the Magento 2 templates and themes, and it will be compatible with responsive web designs.

      Now Webkul Marketplace Module supports the latest release of Magento 2.4.x as well.


      Highlighted Features

       Fast & Intuitive Interface

      The module helps to create an attractive interface for customers and sellers in on go which is easy to use and understand.

       Separate vendor Dashboard

      Admin can allow the sellers to have their own separate dashboard for showing store information overview.

       Auto/Manual Seller Approval

      The store owner can manage the seller approval manually or automatically.

       Auto/Manual Product Approval

      The admin can approve the products added by the seller manually or can make it auto-approved.

       Layout Configuration

      The admin can change the marketplace layout as per the requirement.

       Multiple Seller products checkout

      Customer can checkout with the different seller products in a single process.

       Seller Profile Management

      Vendors can manage their storefront profile from their dashboard end easily.

       SEO Friendly

      Multi Vendor Marketplace provides SEO friendly URLs which makes seller public pages easily readable to users and web crawlers.

       Global/Separate Seller Commission

      The admin can set the seller commission separately or can set at a global rate for all the sellers.

       Supports Multiple Payment & Shipping Gateways

      The marketplace module supports multiple payment and shipping gateways, both online and offline.

       Report Seller/Vendor and Products

      Customers can report and flag against the seller and their products.

       Featured Vendor/Seller Banner

      The admin can add featured seller slider.

       Assign Products to Vendor

      The admin can assign products to the seller from the admin product edit page.

       View Earnings

      Sellers can check their earnings in chart and grid view.

      Magento Top Selling Extension Award Winner

      Webkul is very proud and honored to receive Magento Technology Partner Award for "Top Selling Extension" Multi Vendor Marketplace at Imagine 2019 and 2018 events.  Yes, we did this twice and we are pleasured to accept the Top Selling Extension award for the two consecutive years of 2017 and 2018. Read more

      Magento Top Selling Extension Award Winner

       Marketplace Performance with Scalability

      In an online marketplace, there are lots of sellers with bulk SKUs, customers, and sales transactions that generate a great volume of traffic on site.

      Webkul Multi-Vendor Marketplace Module is developed on the codebase of the Magento 2 Application Programming, which makes the Marketplace Module as scalable as the Magento 2 platform. It will not affect your existing e-commerce store performance and will support all your standard Magento 2 cache handlers.

      Further, there is no limit at vendor and product levels as any number of vendor stores, and product listings can be created.

      • Supports all types of cache handlers, including APC, Memcached, Redis, others.
      • Supports all kinds of RDBMS, including Percona as well (which Magento 2 uses).
      • Support MySql Replication (Master-Slave architecture) where it will affect existing MySQL replication of your store.
      • Reverse proxy supported including Nginx and Varnish.
      • Well tested with standard debugger tool including Xdebug, Memtop, and monitored with Munin.
      • Product collection indexer will work as standard Magento 2 indexer does. It will work with standard search API's Sphnix and SOLR as well.
      • Follows Magento 2 standard two-level cache paradigm by default.

      All the above tools mentioned are not included in the module as those tools need to be installed and configured correctly for your Magento 2 store. For Magento 2 server setup, speed and security optimization, or migration, please see Magento 2 Cloudkul Services.

       All Product Types Supported

      In Magento 2 Marketplace extension, the sellers can create simple, configurable, downloadable, and virtual types of products by default. From the marketplace module configuration, the admin can choose the allowed product types for the sellers.

      • Magento Simple Product Support
      • Magento Downloadable Product Support
      • Magento Virtual Product Support
      • Magento Configurable Product Support

      Check out the following marketplace add-ons for allowing sellers to create different types of products such as bundle products, daily deal products, booking products, etc.

      magento marketplace product types

       Flexible Commission Management

      Marketplace module provides seller commission management for online marketplace owner or the store admin. In the base marketplace module, the admin can set a commission on a global level or at the vendor/seller level.

      • Global Commission management for all vendors/sellers.
      • Vendor Based Commission management.

      Manage Commission - A separate dashboard view is available in the admin panel for managing all the sellers' commission in one place. From here, the admin can see the following information:

      • Seller ID
      • Commission Rate Percent
      • Total Sales
      • Received Amount
      • Remaining Amount
      • Commission Amount
      • Last Paid Amount

      Magento 2 Marketplace Advanced Commission - Using this marketplace add-on, the admin can set commissions on seller categories and seller products. The admin can also create fixed or percent based commission rules using price range.


       Product, Order & Seller/Vendor Alert/Notification

      Alert and notification are the souls of an e-commerce marketplace site, and marketplace module handles the product, order and sellers alert and notification beautifully. Almost all the notification from product addition to seller approval and from order notification to seller contact us notification is managed by Webkul marketplace module. Here is some example of notification:

      • Seller Approval Notification.
      • Product Approval Notification.
      • Vendor support contact us support alert / notification.
      • Order Notification for sellers/admin.

      Magento 2 Twilio SMS Notification Marketplace Add-on -  You can use this marketplace add-on, for sending real-time SMS notifications to sellers. A seller will receive SMS notifications for seller approval/disapproval, product approval/disapproval, order status, product sale, etc.

      Marketplace Web Push Notification For Magento 2 - Using this marketplace add-on, the sellers can send customized web-based push notifications to their customers. Web Push Notification feature can be used for sending any information about offers, discounts, or news.

      notification mail

       Marketplace Email Notification Templates

      The admin can select the email templates for various marketplace events for both sellers and the store admin. Following email templates can be configured by the admin:

      • Seller approved template
      • Seller request template
      • Seller unsubscribe template
      • Seller denied by admin template
      • Product deny by admin template
      • Product approval request sent to admin template
      • Product edit approval request to admin
      • Ask a question to seller regarding product
      • Ask a question to seller template
      • Ask a question to admin template
      • Product approval/disapproval mail to seller template
      • Seller order placed notification template
      • Seller order invoiced template
      • Seller transactional mail template
      • Seller low stock notification mail template
      mail notification

       Marketplace Seller Order Management

      If the admin has enabled the function to allow the seller to manage orders from the backend, then the seller can manage the orders by checking the 'My Order History' section in the Marketplace panel.

      It will display all the sales orders of the sellers with the details and status of the order. The seller can manage all the functions related to the order from one page only, like-

      • Creating Shipment of the order.
      • Create an invoice.
      • Send email to a customer regarding notification.
      • Canceling the order.
      • Print the order.
      • Create a Credit Memo.

      The seller also has the provision to add the Carrier details and Tracking numbers to the orders.

      Marketplace - Seller Order Management

       Vendor Order Details/History & Invoice Management

      Order history and order management are must-have features for any stable marketplace module. All Webkul marketplace shipping module contains order management that means using any of Webkul shipping addon vendor can manage the order and can generate the invoice.

      • Vendor/ seller can view the order details and can filter them out using available filters.
      • Vendor /seller can manage the order using any of Webkul Marketplace Shipping Add-on.
      • Vendor/seller can input tracking info and can confirm the order using marketplace shipping plugin (using addon)
      • Vendor / Seller can print the invoice and can ship the goods to customers using shipping add-ons.

       Seller Reviews & Ratings Management

      More reviews more sales and that's true, Webkul marketplace module offers review and rating for vendors. The buyer can choose the sellers having a most positive review.

      Seller overall review and rating will display at seller/vendor profile. Also, a buyer can check all the review for any particular seller/vendor.

      Admin or shop owner can set the option for buyers for posting review including review moderation, and the only buyer can post the review for the seller, not any guest user. Admin has all the access to manage the seller review and rating.

      Magento 2 Multi Vendor Product Review - With this marketplace add-on, the store admin can allow the marketplace sellers to manage and moderate their product's reviews from the seller dashboard. A seller can add, edit, delete, approve, disapprove, or make any review as pending.


       Seller SEF URL & SEO Management

      Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Marketplace module supports SEF URLs for vendor profile page, vendor collection page, vendor product pages, etc. Search Engine Friendly URLs are super useful for Google search bots, readable to users, and easy to remember. Every vendor will have a unique URL for their page.

      • Meta title for product page
      • Meta description for a product
      • Meta keywords
      • SEO friendly URLs
      • Seller profile meta description
      • Seller profile meta keywords
      • Seller public pages are SEO friendly

      Magento 2 SEO Extension - You must check out this extension if you want to optimize search engine visibility of your Magento 2 store. Using this amazing extension, the admin can create XML sitemap files, send auto-ping on product save, display rich snippets, view SERP snippet preview, create Facebook Open Graph, Twitter Cards, and much more.


      Analyze Marketplace Data Using Google Analytics

      Now the admin can use Google Analytics to analyze and record the data of their website. It helps the admin to understand how the customers are interacting with their stores.

      • The admin can enter the Google Analytics tracking ID to track the website data on their Google Analytics account.
      • The admin can also allow the sellers to use Google Analytics for their seller store.
      • It also helps the admin and the sellers to track the real-time website data of their store.
      • The admin and the seller can use Google Analytics to decide their marketing strategies based on the analytics data.
      • The admin and the seller can use the Audience data to target the right audience for their marketing campaigns.
      Analyze Website data Using Google Analytics

       Marketplace Seller Central

      • The admin can create a Seller Central where users will have a separate Seller Registration page.
      • The users who want to become a seller can register from here only if "Display Seller Registration Block on Customer Registration Page" option is set as ‘No’ from the backend.
      • Now the default Magento registration page will work for buyers only. So now the customers will have a separate seller signup page.
      • Not only this, the best feature is the admin can change the layout of the seller login page as per the requirement. For more details, click here
      Marketplace Seller Central

       Marketplace with Attractive Landing Page

      A clean and modern landing page always attracts the attention, which helps in increasing the UI/UX and quality experience, thus resulting in the conversion of visitors to customers.

      The module is based upon Luma theme which makes the marketplace landing page more beautiful than before, which is simple, modern and uncluttered and enhances the beauty by incorporating an alluring banner with high-quality content to inspire confidence among your customers.

      With a landing page, customers can see:

      • Top 4 sellers of the marketplace, with their top-selling products,
      • Seller logo, Shop Title, and
      • Button to redirect to view the full collection of the seller.
      Marketplace with Attractive Landing Page

       Inventory Setting

      With Marketplace Multi-Vendor module, admin can also configure the inventory setting. Admin can update the Low notification settings. If “Enable Low Notification” is selected as “Yes,” then seller get notified through their e-mails when their inventory decreases with subsequent orders.

      Store owner can enter the Low Stock Quantity, which will allow sending a low stock notification mail to sellers when product quantity will be equal or less than this quantity.

      • Enable Low Stock Notification.
      • Admin can enter a low stock quantity.

      Magento 2 MSI Marketplace Add-on - The marketplace sellers can now take leverage from the Magento 2.3 MSI feature which facilitates the merchants to manage the inventory of their stores from multiple locations. This way the sellers can fulfill the orders from the nearest available source or warehouse and ensure fast product delivery with optimized costs.


       Seller Reviews & Ratings at Product Page

      Let your customers evaluate the product with a rich 'Review & Ratings,' displaying the ratings of the seller and positive review feedback based on specified parameters like Price, Value & Quality, etc., on the scale of 5 with star ratings.

      • Displays average ratings on a 5 point scale.
      • The snippet is placed on the product pages of the seller.
      • Shows the ratings and positive review feedback for the sellers.
      • Ratings on parameters like Price, Value, Quality.
      • A customer or guest user can report a seller's product or seller to the admin.
      Seller's Review and Rating at Product Page

       Edit Seller/Vendor Shop URL Rewrite

      The seller can now manage the URLs of various landing pages according to his own needs with Marketplace Module. He needs to mention the 'Profile Page Target URL Path' and then the URL of the requested path, which will be displayed in the URL of the particular page instead of the actual Target URL Path.

      The seller can manage the custom shop URL. Various Pages for which URLs can be controlled are: the seller can part of the marketplace

      • Profile Page.
      • Collection page.
      • Review page.
      • Location page.
      Edit Seller/Vendor Shop URL Rewrite

       Multi Vendor Advance Pricing

      Advance pricing is said to be a special price offered for specific Customer Group. This is an extended functionality which can be achieved in our marketplace module via Magento 2 Custom Attribute Marketplace Add-on. This will enable the seller to add Tier Price to a customer group for certain quantity via custom attribute enabled by admin.

      • The seller can increase customer loyalty.
      • The seller now has the power to advertise the product in a better way with discount.
      • Both admin and seller can do better management of price.

      Note- To have the functionality of Tier Pricing in Seller end, you must have the add-on, Magento 2 Custom Attribute Marketplace Add-on.

      Vendor Advance Pricing

       Full Arabic/RTL Language Support

      Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Marketplace supports many language translations, including the Arabic RTL (Right to Left) design. To know how to translate the module language, please visit -

      • Compatible with all the RTL theme templates
      • Complete Arabic language support
      • Easily editable language CSV file
      Full Arabic Language Support

       Seller/Vendor Dashboard Management

      Multi-Vendor Marketplace Dashboard - is super intuitive and easy to understand interface by the seller can view their report, income, growth ( with the help of graph). Seller Dashboard will contain following features

      • Vendor income (weekly, monthly and for the current date)
      • Vendor Payout and the remaining balance
      • Most Recent order(s)
      • Latest comment and reviews
      • Vendor/seller can view order information as well

      Also check out Magento 2 Advanced Report System Marketplace Add-on, for viewing reports based on specific categories, order status, date interval, sellers, geolocation, etc.

      Seller / Vendor Dashboard Management

       Interactive Dashboard in Separate Vendor Panel

      Now enjoy an interactive vendor dashboard with a new look and feel in a separate vendor panel. This feature will be allowed by the admin from the back-end and can be enabled or disabled as required. When enabled, a lot of new visual improvements with tightly coupled options enabling easy navigation to the required options are available.

      • Separate Vendor Login in the Footer section.
      • Switch to Buyer Dashboard.
      • Seller Notifications.
      • Vendor Side Panel Options. An interactive vendor dashboard in a separate vendor panel
      • Enable or disable the separate vendor dashboard form the admin panel
      • Vendors can access their customer grid, reviews, and activities easily
      • New login section for vendors
      • Login link at the footer allows separate login
      • Withdrawal request via separate vendor panel for the remaining amount
      Interactive Dashboard in Separate Vendor Panel

       Multiple Vendor Products Checkout at Once

      Marketplace Multi-Vendor Module for Magento 2 Module is unbelievable in so many ways, and multiple vendor products checkout at once is one of them.

      Buyer/ customer can purchase the product from various sellers/vendor at once. At the cart, the buyer will be able to see the vendor name in the cart as well

      • Split Cart Marketplace Add on - With this additional extension, the admin can restrict the customers to do the checkout process from only one seller products. Shopping carts will be divided according to the number of sellers.
      • Split Order Marketplace Add on - With this additional extension, if a customer adds products from multiple sellers, then separate order IDs will be generated for every seller. This allows better order and shipment management for the sellers.
      Multiple Vendor Products Checkout at Once

      Featured Seller/ Vendor Slider Banner

      In this huge marketplace, to get that grace and impact from the customers, the seller/ vendor needs to be featured and be capable enough to attract the customers:

      • With this, a list of featured sellers/ vendors will be visible in the storefront.
      • The featured sellers/ vendors can be added to any of the pages and blocks of the marketplace.
      • The admin can add them as a widget and after then provide some basic details.
      • The admin needs to add the seller/ vendor ids that will be visible in the storefront.
      • The widgets have their transaction time, width, and size.
      Featured Seller/ Vendor Slider Banner

      Seller/Vendor Earnings

      Running a business or a store is not that easy as it looks. Maintaining proper earning and profits at a regular time is duration really important for the sellers/ vendors:

      • The sellers/ vendors can view the total earnings in terms of days, months, and years.
      • The details will be visible in the form of a graph.
      • Under that, table grids will be available showing the associated details.
      • Details may include orders, amount, earnings, admin commission, etc.
      • The seller/ vendor can set a duration among which the details will be mentioned.
      Seller/Vendor Earnings

       Magento 2 Marketplace - Shop Seller/Vendor Benefit 

      Putting your product in a marketplace is always a plus for vendor/seller or small shop owners, so its massive benefit for them to increase the sales conversion by adding their product into a branded marketplace.

      Using marketplace like webkul vendor will have all the details for his / her order, shipping and payment also the seller has all the access of their product so they can manage their products and inventory either it's a digital marketplace or global marketplace. 

       Marketplace Mobile Application for Magento 2

      After creating a significant share in the world of the e-Commerce software marketplace, Webkul is all set to move into the new arenas of mobile applications and is stepping from the world of e-Commerce to m-Commerce with its new product Mobikul Marketplace for Magento 2

      A product which is going to provide its esteemed customers with lots of features, to relish their shopping experience in a more comfortable and mobile way to provide Ubiquity, Convenience, Interactivity, Personalization, and Localization, which is just some taps and swipes away.

      • To attract the attention of the customers any time anywhere, while they are on the move with their mobiles.
      • To Open a New Avenue for increasing the Sales.
      • Providing flexibility and ease of connectivity, in learning about customers.
      Marketplace Mobile Application for Magento 2

      Multi Vendor Point of Sale (POS)

      Now you can allow your sellers to use web-based POS system to manage their offline sales channels and outlets. Using Multi Vendor POS System, the marketplace sellers can take offline orders, sync data to the online store, create multiple salespersons/cashiers easily.

      • The module works in both online and offline mode.
      • It gives easy real-time synchronization.
      • It provides separate seller panel for better sales management for each sales agent.
      • Multiple outlets can be added
      • Various POS add-ons are available - custom label, print receipt, barcode inventory, etc
      Multi Vendor Point of Sale (POS)

      Marketplace Multi-Channel Connectors

      There are various multichannel connectors available which allow the admin and the sellers to sync their product data, sales orders, customers from the different online marketplaces and platforms:

      Marketplace Multi Channel Connectors

       GDPR Compliance Ready

      Using the GDPR Marketplace Add-on, you can make your Webkul Marketplace compliant with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Multi-Vendor Marketplace GDPR for Magento 2 module follows all the latest EU (European Union) regulations and guidelines for user data protection.

      • Customers and sellers can request for data update or erase.
      • Access personal stored data immediately in PDF or HTML format.
      • Customers and sellers can view all the data related to the account, address, product, order, and transaction.
      • Admin can enable/disble customer/seller data consent on registration and account edit page.
      • Enable cookie notice on all the pages on the website.
      • Admin can manage all the requests from the backend with status.
      GDPR Compliance Ready

      Report Seller/ Vendors and their Products

      In this online marketplace, where the sellers/ vendors can sell and the customers can make a purchase, there must be some options to report and appreciate the better and the bad times:

      • The customer can report the seller/vendor and their product in case of any issue.
      • The customer needs to add the details for reporting the product and the seller.
      • Details may include the Name, email, and reason.
      • The guest users can also report the sellers/ vendors.
      • The logged-in user does not need to enter the mail id.
      Report Seller/ Vendors And their Products

      Complete Features List

      Admin End Features

        • The admin can easily enable/disable the marketplace extension.
        • Easy configuration of the Marketplace Module.
        • The module offers Attractive design for managing the Products, Sellers, and Commission.
        • The module provides an option to view the list of all the sellers of the marketplace at one place.
        • Admin can set the status of the seller profiles as Approve/Disapprove/Deny/Processing
        • The admin can allow a separate vendor dashboard.
        • Admin can manage the Seller profile page setting.
        • Admin can assign Category and subcategory to the seller.
        • The Admin can view, approve, disapprove, update, deny, and delete a seller requested product.
        • The admin can view the list of unapproved seller products.
        • Admin can approve mass products and sellers at a time.
        • The Admin can allow a seller to add a product limit for a customer on product purchases.
        • Admin can allow a seller to add related products, up-sell products, and cross-sell products from the seller’s panel.
        • The seller gets notified by mail when product inventory reaches the specified minimum level set by the admin.
        • The seller can view hints for fields if enabled and set by admin
        • Configuration setting for SKU prefix that the admin can configure for seller’s products.
        • The admin can view notifications for seller request, seller product, and feedback review.
        • The admin can create email custom templates.
        • Admin can choose and customize between three different layouts for Landing Page.
        • Admin can configure marketplace landing page options like- banner, banner content, button label, icons, etc
        • The admin can choose to auto-approve orders or not.
        • The admin can view the Product Preview for product approval.
        • Features a Product Assignment tab to render product grid to mass assign products to the seller in the seller edit page in the admin panel.
        • Make SKU configurable Static/Dynamic for seller’s products so that admin can set accordingly.
        • Admin can now refine the search process by enabling the seller filter in layered navigation.
        • TAX management for seller's product by the admin.
        • Admin can assign products to sellers from the admin product edit page.
        • Admin can add a featured seller slider.
        • The admin can use Google Analytics to analyze website data.

      Seller/Vendor End Features

        • An interactive vendor dashboard in a separate vendor panel.
        • Separate Seller Profile with Company Logo and Seller Collection Page with Company Banner.
        • The seller can delete his logo and banner from seller's profile
        • Vendors can access their customer grid, reviews, and activities quickly.
        • The module offers a different Product type for Seller (Simple, Downloadable, Virtual, Configurable).
        • Allow seller to add/update/delete products from their dashboard
        • Mass delete of product in seller's product list
        • Using a dashboard seller can track his income, latest order, comment and reviews, recent orders, and recent comments with the total sales matrix.
        • Allow vendors to make a withdrawal request to the admin for their remaining amount via a separate vendor panel.
        • This module provides an attractive landing page with top 4 sellers with their top 3 products.
        • The marketplace sells page (in case of layout 2 and layout 3) works as seller central where a seller can separately create his account.
        • Allow the seller to edit the shop URL for the Profile page, collection page, review page, Location page.
        • Sellers can add social media icons on their profile page
        • The module uses Ajax checks for vendor/seller shop URL.
        • The module provides a captcha security feature so that the customer can contact sellers. customer can give their reviews.
        • Different seller commission for every seller.
        • Display total Payout and remaining amount of seller's in seller's dashboard
        • Separate seller’s product collection.
        • The sellers can get low stock notification only if the option is enabled by the admin.
        • A seller can manage the order from the front-end when approved by admin.
        • The sellers can view notifications for product approval, new orders, and new transactions.
        • Tax/VAT information for the seller profile page can be given.
        • The seller can change their profile page background colour.
        • The seller can add Return and Shipping policy if enabled by the admin
        • Allow seller to add Carrier and Tracking numbers for orders.
        • A vendor can create a duplicate copy of a product listing.
        • Product filter by name, date, and status in seller's product list
        • The Admin can see the seller's transaction details of total payout from the admin panel.
        • Allow vendors to add information store wise.
        • Automatically generate seller product URL’s like- Profile, Collection, Location & feedback URL.
        • The seller can add sample URL, link sample URL and link URL for downloadable products.
        • The sellers can visualize their top-selling category by the help of Pie chart view.
        • Display sales reports by using charts, sales by location, sales stats, and filter the reports by year, month, week, and day in the seller dashboard.
        • Customer can view all the details about the product given by the seller.
        • Sellers can refund their order with return quantity to stock option and add comment option
        • Option to configure products with available attributes-key features.
        • Add Videos along with your product images at the add new product page in the Marketplace.
        • Public pages of sellers are SEO friendly.
        • Seller's order can be filtered by order id, date, and status in seller's order history page
        • Seller's transaction report with download record in CSV and search filter by transaction id and date
        • Seller can check their earnings in chart and grid view.
        • The seller can also use Google Analytics to analyze website data of their seller store.

      Customer End Features

      • Customers will do shopping from the variety of products options available.
      • Customers can search seller by seller shop name in seller list page
      • The customers can compare the products based on price, vendor rating, and location
      • Customers can give products ratings and reviews.
      • The customers can also view the rating of the seller.
      • The customers can view all the details about the product given by the seller.
      • The customer can contact the seller with captcha support.
      • The customers can also compare the price of the products of different sellers.
      • The customers can view the seller profile page.
      • The customer can place the order of different seller products by using the same cart.
      • A customer can send a request to admin to become a marketplace seller
      • A customer can check out at once having multiple sellers' products in the shopping cart.
      • Customer can report flag against seller.
      • Customer can report flag against product.

      LabX - Laboratory Equipment Marketplace

      LabX - LabX Media Group is a leading B2B science media company from Canada that delivers award-winning editorial, essential industry news, analysis, and insights for members of the scientific research and life science community.

      LabX was founded in 1995, with the sole focus on laboratory equipment. Over time, the site has evolved from simple classified listings to an online auction platform and now a premier B2B marketplace where professionals shop for instruments, accessories, consumables, and supplies.

      Customer Success Story - LabX

      Roadzila - European Tire Suppliers Portal

      Roadzila - It one of a kind online marketplace created for automotive and tire professionals. From its online B2B portal, the business buyers can find tires, compare prices, and purchase them from various French and other European suppliers.

      Roadzila provides a single platform with the widest choice of over 700 tire brands, 80,000 references, and a stock of over 15 million tires. Roadzila essentially wants to optimize and simplify the buying process for its B2B clients and further desires to build a commercial relationship between different parties of the tire market.


      Grocery Delivery - Cambodia's Online Supermarket

      Grocery Delivery - Based out in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Grocery Delivery online marketplace offers thousands of groceries and home essential products. Grocery Delivery offers express and next delivery options, available anytime and anywhere in Phnom Penh.

      Customers can choose a preferred delivery time slot and get the best discounts & promotional offers on grocery shopping. Grocery Delivery offers varieties of products across categories like - fruits & veggies, meat, seafood, dairy, chilled, beverages, bakery, health, beauty, household, alcohol, and other items.

      Grocery Delivery

      Drezzer - Independent Fashion Labels Marketplace

      Drezzer - Find and shop for the newest, coolest, hottest independent fashion clothing strictly produced in Europe. You can browse through carefully selected independent fashion labels, explore future styles, discover new designers and purchase items directly from your favorite labels.

      Launched in 2017, Drezzer is now a fast-growing network, both for buyers and sellers, created to empower the European independent fashion scene. It acts as a bridge between the customer and the labels. Drezzer is all about fair, fun, high quality, slow fashion, produced in Europe.


      Fast Track Aero - EMEA Airport Services Reservation

      National Aviation Services (NAS) is the fastest-growing aviation services provider in emerging markets. From initial operations in Kuwait in 2003, NAS has quickly transformed into a leading airport service provider with a presence across regions.NAS provides services to more than half of the world’s top ten airlines.

      Read how Webkul built Fasttrack.Aero, so travelers can skip the queues at the busiest international airports around the world. Flight passengers can book Meet & Assist services or lounge access and pay online. Avoid the queues, save time and let Fasttrack.Aero agents meet and assist you.

      National Aviation Services (NAS)

      Meal Temple - Cambodia's Online Food Delivery Service

      Meal Temple is an online food delivery platform that lets you order meals from the best restaurants in Cambodia. It is currently available in three cities - Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Sihanoukville. The customers can easily search for restaurants based on their location, view menu across cuisines, and place an order.

      Meal Temple platform is available on both web and mobile apps. A customer can even choose the expected delivery time during the checkout process. At the moment, Meal Temple only accepts cash on delivery as the payment option.

      Meal Temple

      CoolMarket - Jamaica’s #1 Online Marketplace

      CoolMarket - One of Jamaica's largest eCommerce store with thousands of products and services from sellers all across the country. The company was founded in December 2013 with just one seller but quickly grew to represent several of Jamaica's most recognizable retail outlets across the island.

      With Webkul's Magento 2 Marketplace and Add-Ons, CoolMarket now offers the best-in-class seller-buyer online shopping experience. Shopping on CoolMarket is made easy through its multiple payment options including credit/debit cards, cash on delivery, direct bank transfer, and easy financing.


      Localecom - Italian Portal for Local Shops and Merchants

      Localecom is an eCommerce marketplace that is based on the hyperlocal business model. This marketplace is based in Crema, Cremona Territory, Italy Localecom offers you the opportunity to buy a product online at the comfort of your home, from the merchants & retailers of local stores & shops in your city who always selects the best for you. The website offers various product categories so as not to limit your daily desires.

      Offer you the opportunity to buy a product in your city, at a local store, from a merchant who always selects the best for you. Localecom offers various product categories so as not to limit your daily desires


      Kratomnesia - Online Kratom Marketplace from Southeast Asia

      Kratomnesia - The best place to buy kratom online from Southeast Asia. One of the chief advantages of online shopping on Kratomnesia is all the strains of the kratom sold have lab certificates that are accepted by the FDA or Court which ensures ample evidence of a product’s safety.

      Webkul Marketplace and other modules have made online buying & selling - an easy and safe process. Kratomnesia will become one of the largest Indonesia online herbal markets in the world. You can sell your items and set your own price for each product that you sell.


      Boolenat - Swiss-Based CBD Products Marketplace

      Boolenat -  An online marketplace for handmade products. A swiss based online marketplace that helps you to sell your unique handmade products online and also help them to win the heart of their potential buyers by applying effective marketing tricks.

      Boolenat always welcomes the sellers who can design and produce unique homemade products including crafts, clothes, home decor, foods, drinks or any styling item. They give complete freedom to the sellers to bring unique and creative products on their platform.


      FashionHub - Malaysian Fashion and Beauty Marketplace

      FashionHub is a Malaysian clothing and accessories online marketplace. FashionHub provides a wide range of clothing items for both men's and women's, footwear, fashionable accessories, and beauty products. FashionHub also has a brand category that helps its customers to view and place an order for any specific brand products.


      Marketplace Multi-Vendor Module for Magento 2 Support

      For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here

      Rating 5.0
      based on 85 reviews

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      Webkul Professional Company

      Posted On - March 16, 2021

      Webkul is a great company. The extensions used by me are very well developed and are reliable.
      Support is very helpful


      Posted On - March 13, 2021

      It works now, very happy, webkul is always willing to help wherever they need too, their customer service is out of this world

      Great advice and implementation of the requirements!

      Posted On - February 1, 2021

      I am using the Magento Marketplace plugin for 6 months now, and everything is working well. The support is very responsive.

      Excellent help and support towards a full-blown e-commerce product.

      Posted On - February 1, 2021

      In our search to find the right system in regards to an online e-commerce platform, we stumbled upon Webkul and contacted them. Since our requirements were extensive, the team at Webkul helped us through the starting phase and answered questions where there was still doubt throughout the whole process in a very professional and patient manner. They are capable of really good translating the question from demand towards a path of product delivery. Definitly for providing us all services as requested.

      Excellent Support Services

      Posted On - January 28, 2021

      I am using the Magento Marketplace plugin for 6 months now, and everything is working well. The support is very responsive.

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       Frequently Asked Questions - Marketplace Multi Vendor Module for Magento2

       How many sellers and customers does this marketplace support?
      In the module Magento 2 Marketplace, the store owner can add an unlimited number of sellers and customers.
       How many products can the seller list?
      In the Magento 2 Marketplace extension, the seller can add an unlimited number of products.
       Can admin create a seller and customer?
      Yes, the admin can create customers and sellers for the marketplace.
       Can admin create seller or customer account passwords?
      The admin can reset the password of any customer and seller accounts. The customer will receive a link to reset the password on the registered email address.
       Can the seller create customer accounts?
      The seller itself is a customer, so the seller cannot create customer accounts. Only the admin can create customer accounts.
       Which type of commission does this marketplace support?
      There are two types of commission in the default marketplace:
      • Global Commission:- This is the global commission type applied to all the sellers.
      • Seller Commission:- This is the specific commission type using which the admin can define different commission for different sellers. For more advanced marketplace commission structure, refer Magento2 Advanced Commission Marketplace module. Using this module, the admin can apply commission in six ways.
       Can customers view the seller details in their orders?
      Yes, the customer can view the seller information in their order details.
       Can sellers manage their orders?
      Yes, the seller can manage the orders if allowed by the admin.
       Which types of products the seller can add?
      In the default marketplace, the seller can add various products - Simple, Configurable, Downloadable, Virtual. You can check out the following marketplace add-ons for allowing sellers to create the additional type of product such as -
       Can the customer cancel their orders?
      The admin and the seller can cancel the orders but the orders cannot be canceled from the customer end.
       Does the Multi-Vendor Marketplace module support Multi-Currency, Multi-Site, and Multi-Stores configurations?
      Yes, the module supports Multi-site, store, and currency configurations.
       Does this module support separate seller profile / micro-site?
      Yes, it does.
       Which theme does this marketplace module support?
      Yes, it supports all kinds of responsive themes, templates and custom theme/template.
       Can the marketplace be established in a separate domain e.g (
      All the Webkul plugins installation comes with one production single instance(domain/sub-domain) support and one test instance at the same time. You can check the license policy.
       Does the extension code encoded/encrypted or can we customize it?
      The code is fully open and you can customize it as per the requirement.
       License, terms, and conditions for the module?
      You can use this module in a single domain (for multiple domains you need to buy the extended license - single domain contains the license for development server domain as well as production domain as well) but you can not sell it directly or modified version of it. If you found in such activities then there will be a direct copyright violation.
       Is there any way by which the seller can contact admin?
      Yes, there is a button “Ask Questions To Admin” under “Seller Dashboard” where the seller can ask the admin for any query.
       How can a customer contact to the seller?
      The customer can contact the seller using the “Contact Us” link available on each product page.
       How will a seller/vendor or partner monitor the sales?
      The seller or partner will get an email on every product sale and can monitor the money in their seller dashboard.
       How can a seller add custom attributes?
      Integrating Magento 2 Marketplace Custom Attribute extension with this marketplace module, the seller can add the custom attributes to their products.
       How can the seller add custom options?
      Integrating Magento 2 Marketplace Custom Option extension with this marketplace module, the seller can add the custom options to their products.
       Can Seller add Facebook and Twitter URLs?
      Yes, under the “Seller Profile” section the seller can add various social links for their shop.
        How will the admin pay the seller share?
      The payment from the customer will go to the admin directly and the admin will manually transfer the seller’s share into their Account. But the payment from the customer can automatically be split among the sellers and the admin commission by using any of the Webkul Magento 2 Marketplace Payment modules.
        Is there an API for the marketplace extension, for extending multi-vendor marketplace functionality to other platforms?
      For this, you can refer to our module – Magento 2 Marketplace Web Services API.
       Is there a way the admin can let the multiple sellers use existing products and duplicate them?
      Yes, using Magento 2 Marketplace Seller Price Comparison module the multiple sellers can add the same products. And, show price comparison for the same products to the buyers offered by various sellers with different prices.
       How the customers can raise an issue against any seller's product or a seller?
      The customer can raise an issue/flag against the seller's product by tapping “Report Product” on the product page and the flag seller by tapping “Report Seller” at the seller’s profile page under the shop name. After that, the admin will be notified automatically.
       What is the process of assigning the products to the seller?
      Multiple products can be assigned to the seller under the section manage sellers at once by selecting the products from the available list. Also, the admin can assign the product to the seller while adding a new product or editing the existing one by selecting the seller from the dropdown at the product edit page.
       Do you have a similar app for Shopify?
       Do you have a mobile app for Shopify?
      Yes, we do we have a Mobile App for Shopify.

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      • + Features
      • - Bugs
      Version 5.0.2-p1
      • + Compatibility issue fixed with Magento 2.4.2.
      • + Currency issue fixed on the transaction page.
      • + Notification issue on admin end is fixed.
      • + Admin can change the seller profile banner's default image from their end.
      • + Product flag issue is resolved with the custom role resources.
      Version 5.0.2
      • + Seller can add Google Analytic id from their panel.
      • + Admin can enable/disable the Google Analytics functionality.
      Version 5.0.1
      • + Fixed Pdf print issue from Seller end.
      • + Compatible with Magento 2.4.1.
      Version 5.0.0
      • + Compatible with Magento 2.4.x.
      Version 4.0.2-p1
      • + Compatibility issue fixed with Magento 2.4.2.
      • + Currency issue fixed on the transaction page.
      • + Notification issue on admin end is fixed.
      • + Admin can change the seller profile banner's default image from their end.
      • + Product flag issue is resolved with the custom role resources.
      Version 4.0.2 (EE)
      • + Seller can add google anyalytic id from their panel.
      • + Admin can enable/disable the google analytic functionality.
      Version 4.0.1 (EE)
      • + Fixed Pdf print issue from Seller end.
      • + Compatible with Magento 2.4.1.
      Version 4.0.0 (EE)
      • + Compatible with Magento 2.4.x.
      Version 3.0.8
      • + Seller creation from the admin end issue is fixed.
      • - Wysiwyg image upload issue resolved.
      Version 3.0.7
      • - Fixed some minor bugs from the seller end.
      Version 3.0.6
      • + Admin can enable/disable minimum order functionality.
      • + Admin & seller can set minimum order amount.
      • + Seller profile link for each item on the customer order view page.
      • + Seller can add images from the Wysiwyg editor.
      • - Fixed Multi-website issue on product create and update from seller end.
      Version 3.0.5
      • + Seller can check their earnings from Navigation.
      • + Earnings will show in chart & grid view.
      Version 3.0.4
      • + Compatible with Magento 2.3.4.
      Version 3.0.3
      • + Seller & admin can filter denied, approved, and pending products.
      • + Admin can assign products to the seller from the product edit page.
      • - Fixed Few more bugs.
      Version 3.0.2
      • + Customers can report flag against seller's products.
      • + Customer can report flag against the seller.
      • + Admin can enable/disable the report flag functionality.
      • + Admin can add the flag reasons.
      • + Admin can deny/suspend seller & product based on the reported flags.
      • - Fixed Few more bugs.
      Version 3.0.1
      • - Removed unnecessary use of object manager.
      • - Removed cyclomatic complexity.
      • - Fixed layout issues and removed redundancy from the layout.
      • + Added marketplace logger file to log the data.
      • + Use the specified function to generate XSS-safe output.
      Version 3.0.0
      • + Compatible with Magento 2.3.x.
      • - Seller collection page issue resolved which is coming on 2.3.2.
      • - Seller status change email's link redirect issue resolved.
      • - Fixed Few more bugs.
      Version 2.3.0
      • + Compatible with Magento 2.2.x.
      • - Google Recaptcha issue resolved on the Vendor login and Registration page.
      • - Seller Product Search issue resolved if flat catalog and category are enabled.
      • - Fixed Few more bugs.
      Version 2.2.5
      • + Admin can add featured seller slider.
      • - Fixed a few bugs.
      Version 2.2.4
      • + Admin can set multiple seller approval statuses.
      • - Fixed a few bugs.
      Version 2.2.3
      • + Declarative Schema added.
      • - Fixed a few bugs.
      Version 2.2.2
      • + Sitemap feature added for the seller's profile and collection pages.
      • - Fixed a few bugs.
      Version 2.2.1
      • + Compatible with Magento 2.3.x and PHP 7.2.
      Version 2.2.0
      • + Compatible with Magento 2.3.x
      Version 2.1.10
      • - Fixed Few bugs.
      • + Seller filter feature added in layered navigation
      • + Added feature to select a different type of seller information display on the product page.
      Version 2.1.9
      • - Fixed Seller Order Status issue in the seller order grid for separated dashboard layout.
      • - Fixed Few bugs.
      • + Added a new field to the seller's profile page to add their privacy policy.
      • + Added items and total child block in order view page.
      Version 2.1.8
      • + Added customer, review list page for default seller layout
      • + Add transaction withdrawal request block in the transaction page for default seller page layout.
      Version 2.1.7
      • - Fixed product image upload console error issue at the seller dashboard.
      • + Added Duplicate Product Create Feature at the seller dashboard.
      Version 2.1.6
      • + Added Layered Navigation in the seller collection page.
      Version 2.1.5
      • - Fixed Cross-site request forgery(CSRF) vulnerability issue with seller individual product delete.
      • - Fixed color picker selection issue with mobile view.
      • - Fixed order grid view load issue with marketplace shipping addons after generating a shipping label.
      • - Fixed varnish cache issue with product view page.
      • - Fixed product limit notification issue with non-seller products.
      • - Fixed issue with Add New Product page when after saving product results an error it's wiping out all data from Add New Product page.
      • - Fixed category unassigned issue when saving a product with Magento 2.2.x.
      • - Fixed seller's product order shipping issue with multiple currencies.
      • - Fixed issue with update seller profile page when after saving profile information results in an error it's wiping out all data from the seller profile page.
      • - Fixed issue with product status update with "Product Update Approval Required" setting as "No" at vendor dashboard.
      • - Fixed issue with configurable product qty on order history page when separate vendor dashboard set as "No".
      • - Fixed currency-related order total issue.
      Version 2.1.4
      • - Fixed Cross-site scripting (XSS - stored) vulnerability issue.
      • - Fixed separate seller dashboard left menu header logo issue.
      • - Fixed seller product reindexing issue after approving by admin.
      • - Fixed seller collection page sorting issue by name and position with Magento version 2.2.2.
      • + Showing marketplace header links "Sell", "Vendor Dashboard".
      • + Added configuration setting for uploading logo for separate seller dashboard left menu header.
      Version 2.1.3
      • + Change seller public URL's design.
      • - Fixed issue with custom options saves with magento2.2.
      • - Fixed some issues.
      Version 2.1.2
      • + Allowed vendors to add their information store wise.
      Version 2.1.1
      • + Allowed vendors to have their separate vendor dashboard from their customer dashboard.
      • + Allowed vendors to switch to their buyer dashboard from vendor dashboard and vice versa.
      • + Allowed admin to configure vendor product add/edit page category tree view page like admin panel.
      • + Added vendor login link.
      • + Allowed vendors to see their customer's grid if separate vendor panel enabled.
      • + Allowed vendors to see their review grid if separate vendor panel enabled.
      • + Allowed vendors to see their all activities grid if separate vendor panel enabled.
      • + Allowed vendors to make a withdrawal request for their remaining amount if separate vendor panel enabled.
      Version 2.1.0
      • - Removed unserialize call as per magento version 2.2.
      Version 2.0.10
      • - Fixed Bundle Product credit memo issues.
      • - Fixed multi-currency order issues.
      • - Fixed order coupon (when admin coupon is applied) issues.
      • - Fixed product quantity saves issues when flat catalog on.
      • - Fixed minify HTML issues.
      • - Fixed configuration products create an issue for the swatch type attribute option new value.
      • + added dispatch even on order mass approve the action.
      • + Added a short description field to add/edit products at the seller dashboard.
      Version 2.0.9
      • - Bundle Product issues fixed.
      • + Created Seller Notification popup to notify seller regarding updates in Product List Transaction Order
      • + Created Admin Notification popup to notify Admin regarding updates in Manage Product Manage Seller Manage Feedback
      • + Added Tax/VAT field in seller edit profile setting.
      • + Admin can view the seller's product before approval.
      Version 2.0.8
      • - Fixed currency-related issues on the seller's order at the seller dashboard.
      • - The fixed foreign key issue with the marketplace_saleperpartner table.
      Version 2.0.7
      • + Updated Composer.json file as per Magento 2.1.x version.
      Version 2.0.6
      • - Fixed marketplace_controller_list table insert duplicate data issue.
      • + Allowed seller to add related products, up-sell products and cross-sell products from his dashboard.
      • + Allowed seller to add product limit for customers on product purchase.
      Version 2.0.5
      • + Added 3 types of layout for a marketplace landing page that will be configurable from admin config settings.
      • + Added Seller Central functionality through which the seller can create an account from the marketplace sell page.
      • + Created seller registration block call on customer registration page configurable.
      • + Added Order approval required setting at marketplace configuration settings through which the seller can only get order place notification and can manage order after order approval by the admin.
      Version 2.0.4
      • + Changed some files and added a table to make the module compatible with the Webkul seller group module.
      Version 2.0.3
      • + Added "Add Video" functionality on the product add/edit at seller end.
      • + Added automatic generate seller public URLs like
      • profile URL -,
      • collection URL -,
      • location URL -,
      • feedback URL - on seller registration.
      Version 2.0.2
      • - Fixed Google Optimizer issue during product adds/update if enabled.
      • - Removed "Add Products" and "Remove Products" tab from the seller edit page in the admin panel.
      • + Added "Product Assignment" tab to render product grid to mass assign products to the seller in the seller edit page in the admin panel.
      • + Make SKU configurable Static/Dynamic for seller's products so that admin can set accordingly.
      • + Added a configuration setting for SKU prefix that admin can configure for seller's products.
      • + Added functionality for not showing a select dropdown of "Attribute Set" and "Product Type" for adding product if the admin has only set single attribute set and product type respectively.
      • + Updated Seller Dashboard design.
      • + Added, "Sales By Locations" chart and "Sales Stats" chart by "year", "month", "week" and "day" in seller dashboard.
      • + Added "Top Selling Category" pie chart in the seller dashboard.
      • + Added "Top Selling Products" (max 5) with sales count in the seller dashboard.
      • + Updated Database schema to add foreign key for "seller_id", "mageproduct_id", "order_id".
      • + Updated module version to 2.0.2.
      • + This version 2.0.2 of the module will not work with the Magento 2.0.X. If you want to continue with Magento 2.0.X versions then we will need to apply Webkul marketplace version 2.0.1.
      Version 2.0.1
      • - Fixed issues regarding admin UI component grid data provider class.
      • + Update module version to 2.0.1.
      Version 2.0.0
      • + Allow adding multi-seller with help of the extension
      • + Allow seller to add/update/delete products from their dashboard
      • + Seller can delete his logo and banner from seller's profile
      • + Seller can view hints for fields if enabled and set by admin
      • + Seller can add Return and Shipping policy if enabled by admin
      • + Category and subcategory assignment to the seller from admin
      • + Product filter by name, date, and status in seller's product list
      • + Mass delete of product in seller's product list
      • + Display total Payout and remaining amount of seller's in seller's dashboard
      • + Latest seller's order in seller's dashboard
      • + Seller's order with filter by order id, date, and status in seller's order history page
      • + Add seller's order view page with commission and total seller's amount details
      • + Add seller's transaction report with download record in CSV and search filter by transaction id and date
      • + TAX management for seller's product from marketplace setting at the backend
      • + Product update required setting from marketplace setting at the backend
      • + seller policies(return/shipping) enable/disable setting from marketplace setting at backend
      • + Restrict seller to use only some selected categories for adding products from marketplace setting at the backend
      • + Make a Review on only Order Purchase setting from marketplace setting at the backend
      • + Hint(s) / Guide feature for the fields(for product and profile page) which will be managed by Magento Admin
      • + Seller and Product deny from admin panel
      • + Mass approve products and sellers at the backend
      • + Admin can see seller's transaction details of total payout at the backend
      • + Manage seller's order grid with pay(individual and mass) options for an admin at the backend
      • + Attractive Marketplace Landing Page design
      • + Attractive Seller's shop page like profile, collection, feedback, location page
      • + Allow admin to configure marketplace landing page options like- banner, banner content, button label, icons, etc
      • + Display top 4 best sell sellers with their top 3 selling products
      • + Allow sellers to manage their orders
      • + Allow sellers to refund their order with return quantity to stock option and add comment option.
      • + Allow customers to search seller by seller shop name in seller list page
      • + Manage seller's total and commission on product refund
      • + Change Marketplace Feedback grid collection in the admin panel
      • + Allow seller to add sample URL, link sample URL and link URL for downloadable products
      • + Allow seller to update configurable associate product from seller dashboard
      • + Allow sellers to add social media icons on their profile page
      • + Low stock notification to sellers if enabled by admin.
      • + Allow admin to create custom email templates for marketplace email templates.