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    Marketplace Web Push Notification For Magento 2

    Now the vendors can also send push notification messages to their customers. Create multiple templates for push notification messages and select them as per the need.

    • A custom icon and redirect URL link can be added with the web push notification.

    • It is designed to work with the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate websites.

    • There is no monthly subscription fee required to send the notifications.

    • Notifications can be sent either to all or selected subscribed users.

    • The vendors can create, edit, and delete notification templates

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    Marketplace Web Push Notification for Magento 2: This impressive Magento 2 Marketplace add-on allows the admin and its sellers to send push notification messages to their subscribed users. The biggest advantage of using push notification is its ability to deliver messages immediately to the users.

    These messages can contain any information such as new product launch, new offers, important news & updates, etc. Unlike the emails, which may or may not be read by the users or land up in the spam/junk folder, web push notification’s prompt and assured content delivery feature ensures that the notifications are for sure delivered and seen.

    As long as the browser is running, a subscribed user will get a pop-up message on top of the screen even without opening up your website. This improves user engagement and retention.

    Please Note - This module is an add-on to Magento 2 Marketplace Module. So, to use this add-on you must have installed Webkul Magento 2 Multi Vendor Marketplace module first.

    Why use this module?

    The extension allows the store owner and the marketplace sellers to send multiple notifications to the users of their store. The notifications can be related to any offer, new products, or any information regarding the store.

    These notifications will make the customer active towards your store, and the chances of the customer to visit the store will become more frequent. The sellers or the admin can also send the notifications to all the customers at once. This will make the store's appearance better.

     Integrate Web Push Notification

    The admin can do the configuration of this module from the back-end panel. After setting up the Firebase credentials, it can manage message templates and send a push notification to its subscribed users.

    • The admin can add, edit or delete templates of the notification.
    • The search option can be used to find any specific template or subscribed user from the lists.
    • Various template information is displayed such as - id, title, tags, created date & time, etc.
    • Some information about subscribers can be seen such as id, name, subscribed date & time, etc.
    Integrate Web Push Notification

     Push Notification Handling by Vendors

    Once the add-on has been installed successfully, sellers will be able to send push notifications to their subscribed users as well.

    The workflow is the same as that of the admin, after logging in to the seller account, there will be two new menu options i.e. – Registered Users and Notification Templates on My Dashboard page.

    • The sellers can add, edit, or delete templates of the notification.
    • The search option can be used to find any specific template or subscribed user from the lists.
    • Template information is displayed such as - title, message, URL, tags, created date & time.
    • Subscriber information can also be seen such as browser, token, subscribed date & time.
    Push Notification Handling by Vendors

     Subscribed User View

    When the admin installs this module successfully, the users will be asked whether to receive notifications from your store or not. Once the users have permitted, they will start seeing your push notifications on top of their browser window.

    • Notifications will stay visible for 2-3 seconds, after that they fade away.
    • The redirect page link is embedded in the notification message.
    • Users will see the message title, logo, and contents of the message.
    • Respective users will only see their own subscribed notifications.
    Subscribed User View

    Vendor Creates New Template

    The seller will be able to create the templates from the seller dashboard.

    • The seller can also manage the notification from there end like deleting or editing them.
    • The seller will provide the title and message for the template.
    • Enter the URL for the redirection to the new page.
    • The sellers can add tags to identify them.
    Vendor Creates New Template

    Vendor Sends push Notification

    The seller will further send the notifications to the customers very quickly.

    • Multiple customers can receive notification from the sellers.
    • The seller can save time by sending the notification to multiple sellers.
    • Before that, the admin will select the desired notification from the list.
    • Confirmation will be required before actually sending the notification.
    Vendor Sends push Notification


    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

    You may also check our quality Magento 2 Extensions.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

     Does the seller manage the notifications?
    The seller can send or delete the notifications from the list.
     Is there any redirection page available for the notification?
    Every message has a redirect URL. It is mandatory for the seller or admin to enter the URL.
     Do guest customers receive notifications?
    Yes, the guest user will receive the notifications.
     How does anyone receive notifications?
    One should allow the notifications from the site.
     Can the seller or admin send notifications to multiple users?
    Yes, the admin can select specific all send notifications to all at once.

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    • + Features
    • - Bugs
    Version 5.0.0
    • + Compatible with Magento 2.4
    Version 3.0.0
    • - Fixed some issues
    • + Compatible with marketplace 3.0.*
    Version 2.1.0
    • + Made Compatible with Magento-2.3.x
    Version 2.0.3
    • + Implement push notification using FCM
    Version 2.0.2
    • + Made compatible with Magento-2.2.x & Marketplace-2.1.x
    • + Subscriber name column added in Subscriber grid
    Version 2.0.1
    • + Made compatible with marketplace 2.1.x
    Version 2.0.0
    • + Works well in Chrome and Mozilla.
    • + Designed to work with the SSL certificate websites.
    • + User needs to opt-in the pop-up that reflects at the time of visiting the website.
    • With clicking, the user gets access to view the push notifications until there are any manual changes from the admin end.
    • + With every notification, the admin can send a web link. Web push notifications are clickable as clicking on notification redirects users to the site.
    • + The view of push notification is in the form of an alert.
    • + Admin can create different templates(notification data) which can be chosen while sending notifications.
    • + Admin can select subscriber ids to whom notification will be sent.
    • Functionality to filter subscribers on the basis of browser and date of subscription is available.
    • + An option of selecting a title, message, redirect URL, and icon at the time of the creation of the template is available.
    • + Seller can create, edit and delete notification templates.
    • + Seller can also set redirect URL, title, message, and icon for the template
    • + Seller can send push notification to registered users.
    • + Seller can filter subscribed users by their browser and created date fields.
    • + Seller can filter templates by their title, message, and created time.