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    Magento 2 Split Order Marketplace Add-On

    With the help of Marketplace Split Order for Adobe Commerce, separate order ids will be generated at the back-end if there are multiple seller products in the shopping cart. The customer will also receive different order ids. Admin can generate separate invoice and shipment for each order id for different sellers.

    Magento 2 Split Order Marketplace Add-On Magento 2 Split Order Marketplace Add-On Magento 2 Split Order Marketplace Add-On Magento 2 Split Order Marketplace Add-On Magento 2 Split Order Marketplace Add-On Magento 2 Split Order Marketplace Add-On Magento 2 Split Order Marketplace Add-On Magento 2 Split Order Marketplace Add-On Magento 2 Split Order Marketplace Add-On
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    With the help of the extension, the customer orders can be split as per the sellers. That is if the order has products from more than one seller the order gets split. The customer here will get two order ids. This helps in the easy organization of the orders and keeps them managed.

    The new order IDs of the split orders are respectively visible to the sellers. Thus, allowing them to manage the order easily and process the returns and refunds of the orders easily.

    Please Note:-

    • This module is an add-on to the Adobe Commerce Marketplace Module. To use this module you must have installed Webkul Magento 2 Marketplace Module first.
    • Marketplace Split Order for Magento 2 will work with the Magento 2 default offline payment methods – Check / Money Order and Cash on Delivery.
    • In the case of any 3rd party payment module, it may need some customization if the third-party payment module code does not follow the default Magento Payment module pattern.
    Magento 2 Split Order Marketplace Add-On

    Highlighted Features

     Automated Separation of Order Id

    The Order ids of any orders are segregated as per the present seller in the order.

     Invoice and Shipment Generation Separately

    The store owner and the seller both can generate separate invoice and shipment for each order id for different vendors.

     Quick Return and Refund Manager

    The return and refund process of the customer can be managed using the module easily as per the seller of the product.

     Easy Order Management

    The extension allows the store owner and merchants to easily manage the order with a separate order id for each seller.

    What is the use of this module and why should I use it?

    If you want to manage and organize your orders in a more efficient manner. Then, Magento 2 Split Order Marketplace Add-On will create separate order IDs as per different sellers. This add-on will create less confusion and mismanagement in the marketplace.

    After placing, the order with multiple seller products in a single cart, the customer, and the respective sellers will get their order IDs automatically. The customers and the sellers will be able to view separate order information for different products. The sellers can generate separate invoices and shipments for different order IDs for the customers. Also, the process of refund, return, replace becomes simpler to manage for both the customers and the sellers.

    Exclusive Order ID Generation

    Herein the extension focuses on the automation of the order splitting process as per sellers. This gives a sorted approach to the customers as they are also having a divided order which is easily traceable.

    • Easy invoice generation for separate order ids.
    • Quick return and refund processing.
    • Enhances the customer shopping experience with a systemized approach.
    Exclusive Order ID Generation

    Split Order Serviceability

    The extension allows generation for separate order ids in case there is more than one seller associated with the order. The separate order ids are created at the back-end for each seller's product(s). Thus helping the store owner to manage the shipment, invoice very easily for each seller.

    In the Order Grid, the store owner can individually complete the order for any seller and if there are any chances of fraud then the admin can cancel that particular order also. Thus, easily saving the whole order from getting canceled rather a part of the order.

    • Generation of the separate invoice from the backend.
    • Visibility of separate order id's in the order grid.
    Split Order Serviceability

    Easy Vendor Order Management

    This extension gives the maximum utility to the sellers. The vendors will get an exclusive order id for the order of their products. This helps in making the process sorted as they will be dealing with their orders only.

    • No confusion and complexity.
    • Generate invoices and shipments of received orders.
    • Faster return and refund management.
    Easy Vendor Order Management

      Marketplace Split Order for Magento 2 Features

    • Separate order ids will be generated at the back-end if there are multiple seller’s products in the shopping cart.
    • Admin will be able to generate separate invoice and shipment for each order id for different sellers.
    • The customer will receive different order ids if they have purchased multiple seller products.
    • Order Management from the admin’s end will be very easy.
    • The codes are open source so it can be customized easily.

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    Support in webkul is like always, GREAT!

    Posted On - November 17, 2022

    Support in webkul is like always. Fast, Knowledgeable and Courteous. I highly recommend webkul !

    Very good service

    Posted On - July 15, 2021

    I am impressed with the very good service. Officials pay attention to the solution quickly. I thank the whole team. And I promise to continue to use webkul products.

    Great advice and implementation of the requirements!

    Posted On - December 30, 2020

    Great module. immediate response. Very good support! I would definitely buy again!!!

    Great and reliable support…

    Posted On - April 22, 2020

    Great and reliable customization support.
    Bugs of course happen everywhere, but webkul always fixes them promptly and without discussion once identified. Amazing service!

    Great service and support

    Posted On - June 19, 2019

    Great customization support for Magento web servers.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

     What is the utility of split order to the sellers?
    The split order removes confusion and makes the process systemized by splitting the order among sellers.
     How split order extension can help the customer?
    The split order can allow the processing of the refunds by seller easily. They can view the different order ids in the order list section.
     What will happen on the order success page if the customer checkout with products of different sellers?
    When the customer checkout with the order of different sellers then the order success page will display the order ids separated as per sellers.
     Can the store owner view the separated order ids in the backend?
    Yes, the store owner can see the segregated order in the store backend.
     What value does the extension add to the store owner?
    The extension is useful for the store owner to approach much systemized wherein the order is divided as per sellers. This allows for easy invoice and shipment generation. It even makes the order cancelation process easy.

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    • + Version upgraded.
    Version 2.1.0
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    Version 2.0.1
    • + Work with Magento discount. Split Magento discount in each order.
    Version 2.0.0
    • + Can split order according to the seller with a single checkout.
    • + Works with all Multivendor Marketplace shipping Addons.
    • + Works with Multivendor Marketplace Adaptive Payment Addon.