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      Next time you see an aircraft in the sky flying above you and whether it is a military helicopter like the chinook or a trainer aircraft made by companies like Boeing, Lockheed Martin or Northrop Grumman from a bolt to the parts of its avionics all need to be replaced with the time that could be because of an up-gradation or wear and tear of parts or some other reason since when it comes to aircraft parts it always needs to be replaced by new to ensure the serviceability of the aircraft is at its best.

      GoDirect Trade - HoneyWell

      Find out how Honeywell’s startup GoDirect has transformed the future of an industry and made it convenient for thousands of merchants selling aerospace parts online as the primary option. The GoDirect trade uses Blockchain technology to monitor the lifecycle of a product which enables the buyer to know the usage and history of the product listing.

      What is GoDirect Trade and what is the need for a platform like this?

      Founded on December 18th, 2018 the GoDirect Trade startup aimed to revolutionize a billion-dollar industry, but how is this capable of something like this and generating massive revenue alongside. To answer this we need to know what is GoDirect Trade and why was it created firsthand?

      In a recent Q&A session with Aviation International News Lisa Butters, General Manager of GoDirect Trade with an initial motive to solve the customer problem as buyers were still buying through emails and phone calls which delays their procurement by days.

      There are also competitors with a large user base that makes it evident that creating a monopoly is vital for GoDirect Trade but contrary to other stores it is absolutely different as it functions as an e-commerce marketplace store here seller storefront shopping cart and flexible payment options to check out everything is present for the buyers.

      GoDirect Trade - HoneyWell

      Though the GoDirect Trade is currently in beta, However, it is being updated with many different features. Further, to list a product, sellers must include a price, product images, and quality papers in order to make the customer purchasing procedure more efficient and transparent.

      GoDirect Trade - HoneyWell

      Honeywell’s History and Journey in a Nutshell

      With ambition and desire, “THE FUTURE IS WHAT WE MAKE IT” as said by Honeywell. Today, where they stand, is indeed an apex foot in the industry but it also took a series of major innovations and improvements to build the Honeywell into an aviation tech giant that we can see today.

      Honeywell is the Sole innovator and conceptualized the complete idea of GoDirect Trade bringing buyers and sellers together on a single platform so that they can then sell the heavy-duty to smaller parts of the aviation industry.

      Honeywell focuses on providing a cost-effective way to keep equipment in top condition and assure high dispatch availability.

      Honeywell Aerospace Trading Contribution to Ensure Durability of Thousands of Aircraft's

      Not just as one of the storefront owners on the GoDirect Marketplace HAT i.e Honeywell aerospace trading is already a key player in aviation equipment manufacturing and sales.

      All aviation clients get pre-owned certified components from HAT (both Honeywell and other manufacturers). HAT provides services to commercial, business, and general aviation, as well as the defense industry, original equipment manufacturers (OEM), helicopters, and aircraft repair providers.

      Further, from nose to tail, HAT offers the entire set of line replacement components necessary for Boeing 737NG, 777, and Airbus 320 series aircraft.

      Why GoDirect Trade is the most logical Business Innovation?

      The major problem that this startup by Honeywell solved was as people of the aerospace manufacturing industry must be aware of no single owner or company is currently manufacturing all the required parts that go in an aircraft. There are some parts or sometimes a whole engine that is then sourced from other manufacturers or companies or maybe landing gears there are just so many parts.

      GoDirect Trade - HoneyWell

      So the GoDirect Trade is simply a B2B marketplace with inventory from different sellers across the globe giving the buyers a choice now to select parts that are offered to them at correct market value and quality it’s like the Amazon of used or new aviation parts.

      GoDirect Trade - HoneyWell

      How We Build The online Marketplace For Aviation Industry Parts - Webkul

      We are renowned for our fast deployment of client-requested functionalities and support services and delivering the complete live website or product in record time.

      When Honeywell wanted to build GoDirect Trade their foremost objective was to get live with a minimum viable product so that they can check the market sustainability and start working on growing their user base.

      Webkul developed the GoDirect Marketplace and delivered the complete marketplace web application and as we are committed to suggest our client different modules based on their requirements that can be implemented to enhance both the seller/customer experience.

      GoDirect Trade - HoneyWell

      Ask Seller/Make Offer, Thanks to Webkul’s Buyer Seller Communication Marketplace Extension

      What is the urge that drives an individual to purchase aviation parts from a buyer usually located in a different part of the world is the sense of security, determining to checkout a product is not enough the buyer must feel secure and that feeling is intensified when a buyer is at the right platform. For the GoDirect Trade marketplace, Webkul helped to add a buyer-seller communication feature using this now the customers can connect with a seller regarding any possible product query attach an image or file along with it and that seller can then reply to that respective customer.

      GoDirect Trade - HoneyWell

      2 Major Advancements That Can Help GoDirect Trade, In Shaping The Future Of The Aviation Parts Marketplace

      Currently, with almost thousands of active user base, this number is more likely to grow many folds in the coming years than in order to achieve the loyalty of both the sellers and customers it needs to become the Landmark and the one-stop destination for selling and buying all kinds of parts of an aircraft’s. So there are various aspects that can help the startup to grow more aggressively we have tried to shortlist and mention some of these as described below.

      • A marketplace web store with multilingual support as in the aviation industry majorly buyers are from Western and European countries like Germany and France and people are not as comfortable their in English then they are in their native language. Further, middle eastern countries like UAE are also a prominent customer base that is why RTL language support is recommended which is also helpful for sellers backend and product attributes translation.
      • Allowing sellers to offer the product on lease or with a support period. The sellers can auction their product listings which helps them to sell at profitable rates and to the highest bidder. Concluding, the above two solutions will help the GoDirect Trade to increase their buyers and become a global player with making better revenue over the same product listings

      Disclaimer - Please note all the images and content used in this article belongs to their respective copyright owners. If you have any issues or complaints related to this article, please send us an email at [email protected]

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