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      About Company

      Coolmarket gives Jamaican customers a convenient, hassle-free online shopping experience with a fast and secure way to browse and buy products at any time, from anywhere in Jamaica. You can find an unrivalled choice of products from well-known and trusted brands, all in one place.

      Coolmarket website features products from different Jamaican businesses. Shoppers can choose from a range of TVs, unlocked cell phones, laptops, tablets, groceries, electronics, small and large appliances, baby products, household items and much more. We know how difficult it is to find quality products in Jamaica without wasting valuable time moving from store to store. Sometimes, even town to town.


      Migration to Webkul Marketplace

      Gavin Robinson from contacted Webkul support regarding migration of his website to a new server and domain name. "We are looking to buy your Magento 2 Marketplace plugin and some add-ons. We would be migrating data from our current installed Magento 1 marketplace plugin from a different vendor to yours."

      After gathering all the necessary details about the migration task, our developers started the work in two phases. In the first phase, we did the migration of all the default data of Magento such as (customers, orders, products, and attributes).

      In the second phase, the migration of marketplace data like sellers and relating sellers to orders and products was done.


      Server Configuration

      Gavin also wanted to configure the hosting environment for its new magneto website that we were developing. "We have the servers and we would give you root access to configure them. You can provide recommendations for the configuration as well based on best practice. I like your Speed & Security Optimization for Magento 2".

      After gathering the complete requirements from server configuration. It was implemented and done as per ClouKul Speed and Security Plan for Magento 2. The SMTP module and Railgun implementation were also completed. The following features were added and configured on the server setup:

      1. LAMP
      2. SSH
      3. SFTP
      4. SSL Integration
      5. DNS Mapping
      6. CDN Integration
      7. Memcached Integration (in place of Redis to configure Railgun).
      8. NGINX Integration
      9. phpMyAdmin with Secure Port
      10. Mail Integration
      11. Varnish Integration
      12. Image Compression (As no new images uploaded by us so not applicable).
      13. HTML, CSS & JS merging
      14. Website Modification Report
      15. Resource Monitoring Notification
      16. Server Activity Monitoring
      Gift Card Module

      Previously on Clickmarketonline, the Magento Gift Card module was being used. Because he was migrating his website from Magento 1 to Magento 2, he also wanted to Gift Card module to be made compatible with Magento 2 store as well.

      At the time of migration, the Magento 2 Gift Card module was not available on Webkul Store. But, anyway, we still agreed to accept the customization request and assigned a dedicated developer to finish this work also. After that, the Gift Card module was developed which supported Magento 2.1 version.


      Payment Gateways

      Two payments gateways - (CoolBiz and NCB) was needed to be developed for Magento 2 website. Here's the query from Gavin; "I would like to buy and have one of your payment plugin customized or upgrade our existing 1.8 payment plugin to Magento 2.1, let me know the best option. The NCB and Coolbiz payment method currently extend Magento's default payment plugin. We require both to be standalone Magento 2.1 plugins."

      Cool Financing

      A customized payment method plugin was needed to connect with Mambu for creating loan applications and return approved or denied status when an application is processed. "I require a plugin that can integrate with Magento and allow customers to apply for product financing as a payment method after adding products to their cart."



      The workflow of the Cool Financing was briefly discussed and then module was developed where several other fields (related to loan application) with attachment feature were added.

      Frontend Development

      Gavin purchased the Fastest theme for Magento 2 developed by Codazon. He wanted to maintain all the functionality of the theme. Plus requested to add all functionality on the new design frontpage with the widgets control. Also, he wanted to make sure that all the pages are responsive to desktop and mobile device resolutions.


      All the necessary changes in the theme template were completed as suggested by Gavin. Further, we made sure that all the modules were fully compatible with the new design. We even suggested implementing AMP for Magento 2.  Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP integration is the best technology right now for making any desktop website mobile device friendly.

      Seller Order Modification

      For better management of out of stock product orders, Gavin wanted to have the functionality to change the seller of the order placed by a customer. In the case of out of stock products and we would like to source product from a different seller.

      • Allow admin the ability to change seller of an item on order.
      • Add a field for a seller product sourced price. This is the Payout price to the seller. If we change the seller of the item, then the remaining amount reflecting on the seller dashboard would be incorrect.
      • Modify seller related data if a product is sourced from a different seller.
      • Notify seller that the product has been sourced from a different seller.
      • Modify payout to use the seller sourced price entered by admin to calculate payout and not commission percentage.
      • Allow only products with images to be displayed on website front end. Enable the image field as a mandatory field during upload.

      For achieving this customization work, a child order was created with the same item ordered in the main order. All the details were fetched from the main order such as customer information, address, payment, shipment.

      CoolBiz Airtime Integration

      One more plugin was required for selling phone credit online at CoolMarket website. It will use the CoolBiz platform to sell airtime to customers. The developer will need to connect to the CoolBiz API to allow customers to get the credit.

      From Magento, the customer will be presented a custom or virtual product with the different credit amount to buy for example $500,$800,$1000,$2000,$4000,$5000.

      The customer purchasing phone card will not be required to register or be required to provide billing or shipping address only payment method is required. Once the customer accepts terms and agreements then place the order.

      Disclaimer - Please note all the images and content used in this article belongs to their respective copyright owners. If you have any issues or complains related to this article, please send us an email to [email protected]

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