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    Magento 2 Seller Coupons Marketplace Add-on

    Using this add-on, vendors can also generate coupons for their products.

    • Create unlimited coupons for vendor products.

    • Send coupons to customers via E-mail.

    • Set coupon details (value, expiry date, quantity, prefix, etc.).

    • Buyers can apply coupons from different sellers for the order.

    • Generate coupons on behalf of vendors.

    • View coupon code and related information in order invoice.

    • Multi-Lingual support along with RTL.

    • Compatible with Multi-Store.


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    Marketplace Seller Coupons for Magento 2: Using the Marketplace Seller Coupons module, the sellers are able to generate the coupon for their products. Admin can also manage the seller’s coupons. The seller can set the value of the coupon and can also set the quantity.

    The seller can define the prefix of the enabling the seller to have a unique coupon generation. The seller can also set the expiry date of the coupons. The seller generated coupons will be distributed for promotions to different buyers. Buyers can use these coupons and take advantage of the discount.

    Please Note - This module is an add-on of Magento 2 Marketplace Module. To use this module you must have installed Webkul Magento 2 Marketplace Module first.

     Highlighted Features

     Easy configuration

    The seller can easily configure the settings of the module.

     Supports Multistore

    The multi-store feature is supported in the Marketplace Seller Coupon.

     Custom coupons generation

    The seller can define the prefix, quantity, and value of the coupons.

     Multi coupon functionality

    The buyer can enable the multi-coupon for the multi-seller in a single order.

    What is the use of this module and why should I use it?

    Coupons are one of the best promotions used by online merchants. One can easily make the old customers return back to their online store by luring them using the discount coupons.

    Seller Coupons Marketplace Add-on helps sellers in creating coupons. The seller can then distribute these coupons to their customers. The customers can redeem these coupons and get a monetary discount while purchasing a product. This can benefit the seller by attracting enhanced traffic while the customers can save money.

     Coupon Generation

    Magento Marketplace Seller Coupons enables the vendor to generate coupons for their products. The Buyer can take advantage of the coupon and take advantage of the discount. The seller can generate coupons through the "Seller Coupons Manager"

    • Allow unlimited coupons to be generated.
    • Set the coupon code/prefix, the coupon value, the amount of the coupon, and the date of expiry of the coupon.
    • The value of each coupon can be set by the seller.
    • Allow any coupon to be deleted from the list.
    • Allow the coupon search to use the coupon code.
    • Allow the coupon to filter with the coupon status.
    Coupons Generation

     Buyer Benefits

    Providing discounts to customers is one of the best ways to build trust and increase sales. The buyer can apply for a coupon to receive a discount from the seller.

    • The purchaser can see the total amount on the checkout page.
    • The coupon will apply to those products sold by the seller/seller who created the coupon.
    • Once the product has been placed in the cart, the coupon option appears along with the "Proceed to Checkout" option.
    • The purchaser may apply multiple coupons to multiple vendors in a single order.
    Buyer's Benefit

     Coupon System Handling by Admin

    The admin can manage the coupon system from the back end very easily.

    • The admin can see the status of the coupon under "Seller Coupons Record" and manage the seller 's order under the "Manage Seller" tab.
    • The admin may also pay the "Manage Seller" to the seller after deduction of the coupon amount.
    • When admin pays the seller "Credit Deduction Status" to become "Deducted" in "Seller Coupons Manager."
    • The admin can also manage all vendor coupons under the "Seller Coupons Record" tab.
    • The admin can find the full details of the coupons under the "Seller Coupon Record" tab and can also remove/delete coupons.
    Coupon System Handling by Admin

    Cart Price Rules

    The admin may, from its end, view and manage the seller's cart price rules for a product based on the discount type to be applied to the coupon.

    • The admin can view the codes along with all the conditions of the rule.
    • The admin can view all of the cart price rules, whether they are created by the seller.
    • The admin can also see the status of the coupons that include – Active, Used, and Expired.
    Cart Price Rules

    Using Coupons on Cart/Checkout Page

    Discounts have always been a source of attraction to customers and have them come back to the store for their purchase needs. So, none of our valued customers can be as useful as this module, which makes them save that extra penny.

    • The customer can add the coupons in the Apply Discount tab on the Cart page.
    • As the coupon is applied, the customer can see a change of price along with the code applied.
    • Customers can choose products and add them to the cart in order to receive discounts.
    Using Coupons on Cart/Checkout Page

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    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

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     Frequently Asked Questions - Magento 2 Seller Coupons Marketplace Add-on

     Does the module support the multi-lingual feature?
    Yes, the marketplace seller coupon does support multi-lingual.
     Does the module support RTL?
    Yes, the module does support RTL.
     Can the seller add coupon?
    Yes, the seller can generate the coupon and can set the value and quantity of the coupons.
      Can the coupon generated by one seller be used for other seller’s product?
    No, the coupon generated by one seller cannot be used for other seller’s product.
     Will the coupon apply on order with multi seller’s products?
    Yes, the coupon will apply to order with multi seller’s products.
      Do the coupon discount applicable to order total?
    Coupon amount is applicable on product amount or the subtotal amount only. It is not applicable for the Shipping and tax amount.

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    • + Features
    • - Bugs
    Version 5.0.1
    • + Compatible with Magento 2.4.x CE and Marketplace 5.0.*.
    • - major issues fixed
    Version 5.0.0
    • + Compatible with Magento 2.4.x CE and Marketplace 5.0.*
    Version 4.0.1
    • + Compatible with Magento 2.4.x EE and Marketplace 4.0.*.
    • + Add buy X get Y (y is discount) coupon type
    • + Send coupon from the seller to customers via email
    • + Create/select email templates for the seller to send coupon codes(normal editor of Magento)
    • + Coupon send via the link – if clicked on that link – the coupon will be applied automatically
    • + Auto apply coupon feature for the customer in popup
    Version 4.0.0
    • + Compatible with Magento 2.4.x EE and Marketplace 4.0.*
    Version 3.0.2
    • + Admin can generate coupons for sellers.
    • + Added grid for seller coupons.
    • + Added Mass Enable, Disable for coupons from admin and seller end.
    Version 3.0.1
    • + Customer can apply coupon at admin products as well.
    • + Used Magento's coupon instead of custom coupon.
    Version 3.0.0
    • + Version updated for Magento 2.3.x
    Version 2.1.0
    • + Compatible with Magento 2.3.x versions and Marketplace 2.2.x
    Version 2.0.3
    • - Major issues fixed
    Version 2.0.2
    • + Compatible with Magento 2.2.* versions and Marketplace 2.1.*
    • + Customer can now apply coupons at the checkout page
    • + Module installable through composer
    Version 2.0.1
    • + Compatible with Magento 2.1.* versions
    Version 2.0.0
    • + Allows the seller to generate a coupon for their products.
    • + Seller can set coupon value and quantity.
    • + Buyer can add coupon value from the different sellers also.
    • + Admin can also manage the seller’s coupons.
    • + Added translation CSV file.