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    Multiple Promo Coupon Codes for Magento 2

    Multiple Promo Coupon Codes for Magento 2: This module allows the admin to create multiple coupon codes that customers can avail of on their purchases. These coupon codes can be applied either on the cart page or the checkout page and also for orders that the admin creates on behalf of the customers. Even, unique coupons are defined by the admin along with which no other coupon is applicable. Guests customers as well get to avail of these coupon codes.


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    Multiple Promo Coupon Codes for Magento 2: We are very much aware of the fact of how effective discounts have proven to be for online businesses. Where on one hand offering discounts can lure more customers and drive more sales, on the other hand, it can even help improve the brand awareness and most of all it makes your customers come back to your stores for their buying needs; and why not, after all, they get to save that extra penny! Multi Coupon Module for Magento 2 simplifies the idea of offering discounts in the form of coupons.

    Moreover, it facilitates the admin of a store to create multiple coupons which otherwise is not a default Magento feature. This module takes the Magento functionality to another level thus making your customers befit from the discounts offered through coupons.

    Highlighted Features

     Creating Multiple Discount Coupons

    The store owner can create multiple coupons with the help of the Multi Coupon Module for Magento 2.

     Adding Coupons for Admin Order

    The store owner as well can add the coupon codes for the order they create.

     Unique Coupon codes

    The store owner may allow unique coupons as well. No other coupon code is applicable to apply unique coupon codes.

     Limit on the Coupon Use

    A limit on the coupon use for each customer is set by the store owner.

    Why do we need the Multiple Promo Coupon Codes Module for Magento 2?

    For business entrepreneurs, nowadays it has become very essential to divert customer traffic to their stores. For that they need to upgrade their stores as such it meets the demands of the customers in terms of product/ services and definitely some cost savings as well.

    When talking cost savings, the first thing that pops up is Discounts as yes, it is the prime necessity of online stores these days as our customer lookout for cost savings deals.

    Thus, Multi Coupon Module for Magento 2 is the way out as not just one, but the store owners can create multiple coupons using this module. Where it helps generate real sales it even helps build customer loyalty.

    Multiple Promo Coupon Codes Module for Magento 2

    Multi Coupon: Basic Configurations

    Multi Coupon Module for Magento 2 facilitates the creation of multiple coupons which otherwise is not feasible with default Magento 2. The customer can apply these coupons in the cart and checkout pages and avail the discounts offered therein.

    • The admin must enable the multi coupon functionality.
    • On cart and checkout pages the admin allows coupon application.
    • Even for the admin order, multiple coupons can be applied.
    • The admin has to set maximum coupons that can be applied to the cart.
    • Also, the admin may set unique coupon codes.
    Multi Coupon: Basic Configurations

    Using Coupons on Cart/Checkout Page

    Discounts have always been a source of luring customers and make them come back to the store for their buying needs. So, for our valuable customer's none can be as useful as this module that makes them save that extra penny.

    • The customers can choose products and add them to the cart so as to avail discounts.
    • In the cart page, the customer can add the coupons in the Apply Discount tab.
    • As the coupon is applied, the customer can see the price change along with the code applied.
    • In the checkout page as well, the customer can apply coupons, along with previously applied discount codes.
    • On applying a unique code, the previously applied coupons get disabled.
    Using Coupons on Cart/Checkout Page

    Numerous Discounts Per Order

    The store generally does not allow customers to apply multiple discount codes in a single order when they meet different promo rules, and this may result in a loss of customer interest during purchase.

    With the Multiple coupon module, online shoppers will be able to apply all available promo codes to order and get the maximum discount possible. A positive shopping experience would certainly increase customer loyalty and encourage customers to purchase more from the store.

    Enhance Shopping and Boost Sales

    The customers are allowed to apply several coupons in one order at the same time and obtain excellent discount prices. Due to the huge discount, this will make them happier and allow them to return for future purchases. As a result, the customer shopping experience will be enhanced, with a corresponding increase in sales in the shops.


    • Store admin can set the Coupon quantity limit.
    • The admin Store can set one or more unique coupon codes.
    • The customers can use multiple coupons to get a better discount.
    • The customers can easily remove any coupons applied.


    • This module facilitates the admin to create multiple coupons.
    • Both the admin and customer can apply multiple coupons for their respective orders.
    • While creating a new order in the admin panel, the admin can add multiple coupons.
    • The discounts shall be applicable on the basis of percentage or a fixed amount.
    • The admin can set a coupon quantity limit.
    • Also, the admin can specify unique coupon codes.
    • The admin can set a limit on the number of coupons a customer can use.
    • Even the guest's customers can use multiple coupons for their orders.
    • A list of coupons that a customer applies displays in the shopping cart and checkout page.
    • The customers/ admin can even remove the coupons if need be.


    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

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    Frequently Asked Questions

     Which Magento 2 module facilitates the creation of multiple coupons?
    Multiple Promo Coupon Codes for Magento 2 facilitates the creation & application of multiple coupons, which otherwise is not feasible in default Magento.
     Is there any limit so as to how many coupons can the store owner creates?
    The admin can create any number of discount coupons using Multiple Promo Coupon Codes for Magento 2.
     What are the unique coupon codes?
    These coupon codes just as similar to other coupon codes. The customer cannot apply other coupons along with unique coupon codes.
     Is there a limit on the coupon use for the customers?
    Multiple Promo Coupon Codes for Magento 2 allows the admin to set a limit on coupon applications for the customer.
     On what pages can the customers apply the discount coupon codes?
    The customer can apply coupon codes on the Cart as well as Checkout pages.

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    Version 3.0.0
    • + The admin can enable/disable from configuration.
    • + The admin can enable multi coupons for admin & front both end.
    • + The admin can set the maximum coupon limit from configuration.
    • + The admin can specify the unique codes as well.