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      Magento, 2.0.x , 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x

      Multi Vendor REST API for Magento 2

      Marketplace Web Services API For Magento 2 : This multi vendor marketplace addon will expose the Web Services API of Marketplace module with REST api so that marketplace functions can be used by other application like ERP, Mobile application (iOS , Windows, etc).


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      Marketplace Web Services API For Magento 2: This multi-vendor marketplace addon will expose the Web Services API of Marketplace module with REST API so that marketplace functions can be used by other application like ERP, Mobile application (iOS, Windows, etc).

      Please Note - This module is an add-on to Magento 2 Marketplace Module. To use this module you must have installed Webkul's Magento 2 Marketplace Module first.

      Highlighted Features

       Extend Mobility

      Using Marketplace API, enable the mobile app functionality by fetching the functions of the marketplace.

       Cross-application interaction.

      With the help of this module, a mobile app can be integrated for accessing web functionality.

       Data Integration

      By means of Marketplace API, data can be exchanged between your marketplace store and the APIs database-driven resources.

       More Scope For Development

      With the use of API, applications layers can be created and used to distribute the information and services to a new audience.

       More Flexible Environment

      With the use of API, any changes with time can be performed easily populates the data in real-time.

       Increase Capability

      API provides a more efficient way to transfer data to every channel on which the access is granted.

      What is an API?

      An API (Application Program Interface) is a set of protocols and a kind of service that allow two software programs to communicate with each other directly and use functionality and data from each other.

      API Integration

      API is the only way to enhance your application in which software components may interact with other software components that provide interfacing with other apps and software over the internet.

      • The API key that is generated must also use Alphanumeric and special characters.
      • The admin can generate the API in a few steps by providing the required details.
      • The admin can add a new integration. Admin has to fill up all the required information such as name, email, Callback URL, and Identity link URL.
      • Moreover, the admin can select all the resources or can choose some particular resources from the API tab.
      API Integration

      Multi-Channel Retailing

      Beginning the journey from one sale channel is ok. But scaling the business with multi-channel platforms helps the businesses to reach more potential customers. It is beyond selling the products from one sale channel to multi-channels like a marketplace, social media, and mobile app, etc.

      This module allows the functionality to expose the marketplace features with other multi-channels.

      • The admin can use the APIs to integrate their store with other multi-channels like widely used marketplace Amazon, eBay, and Etsy
      • Furthermore, the admin can use APIs to integrate their shop to sell on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, etc.
      • The admin can also use mobile apps to integrate their marketplace store using APIs with mobile apps for different platforms like android, iOS, and windows.
      • The admin can use the APIs for different purposes like to authenticate the users at the time of login, get seller profile details, fetch seller’s dashboard data along with the total sale, total buyers, and other order details, etc.
      • Moreover, the admin can also use the APIs for the product, order, and customer management on the multi-channels and other third-party marketplaces.
      Multi-Channel Retailing

      GraphQL Implementation

      The most powerful query language is now used by Magento. GraphQL is used to expose the data in a more declarative format. It has only a single API endpoint that serves all the data requests.

      • Only the precise and effective data is served to the users.
      • It allows defining the structure of the data.
      • The customers can perform the full-text search on products and can also filter the results.
      • After the query, GraphQL helps to serve only the data you requested. All the product types are supported.
      • Support for all the payment methods, and shipping methods.
      GraphQL Implementation

      Benefits of Marketplace Web Service APIs

      With the help of Magento 2 Marketplace Web Services API, it is easy to call the functions of the marketplace from any third-party platform like ERP, Mobile application, etc.

      • The process will be executed and return results as per the execution process.
      • After the successful installation of the module, the listed functions in the Magento 2 Marketplace Web Services API of the Marketplace module will be exposed.
      • Admin can call those APIs from any third party using Magento REST user's credentials.
      • Thus, the Magento Marketplace function can be used by other applications like ERP, Mobile Apps, and even by the third-party marketplace like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy, etc.
      Benefits of Marketplace Web Service APIs

        Marketplace Web Services API For Magento 2 Features -

      • Standard REST API support found.
      • This module exposes several marketplace resources to web API including creating and become a seller, get sellers list, invoice, credit memo, cancel seller orders, landing page data and many more
      • Admin and customer level authentication for resources.
      • Search criteria for seller list and seller’s order.
      • The consumer can authenticate by any of these methods token, oAuth or session
      • JSON format return can be used in mobile and ERP devices including OpenERP(we have built world best openerp Magento connector).
      • Using this addon marketplace can be managed very easily from other applications as well.
      • Added Graphql implementation feature as per suggested by Magento 2.3.

      LabX - Laboratory Equipment Marketplace

      LabX - LabX Media Group is a leading B2B science media company from Canada that delivers award-winning editorial, essential industry news, analysis, and insights for members of the scientific research and life science community.

      LabX was founded in 1995, with the sole focus on laboratory equipment. Over time, the site has evolved from simple classified listings to an online auction platform and now a premier B2B marketplace where professionals shop for instruments, accessories, consumables, and supplies.

      Customer Success Story - LabX

      Marketplace Mobile Application for Magento 2

      After creating a major share in the world of e-Commerce software marketplace, Webkul is all set to move into the new arenas of mobile applications and is stepping from the world of e-Commerce to m-Commerce with its new product Mobikul Marketplace for Magento 2

      A product which is going to provide its esteemed customers with lots of features, to relish their shopping experience in a more easy and mobile way in order to provide Ubiquity, Convenience, Interactivity, Personalization, and Localization, which is just some taps and swipes away.

      • To attract the attention of the customers any time anywhere, while they are on a move with their mobiles.
      • To Open a New Avenue for increasing the Sales.
      • Providing flexibility and ease of connectivity, in learning about customers.
      Marketplace Mobile Application for Magento2

      Marketplace Web Services API For Magento 2 Support -

      For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

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      Best Service

      Posted On - April 6, 2018

      We've been working with Webkul for a few months now. Compared to development in North America the process is different, but you just have to get used to the back and forth dance. Instead of 1 constant step forward at a time, the QA process makes it more like 10 forward, 5 back, 20 forward, etc. but from a net perspective, we're making progress in leaps and bounds.

      We've used them for IT setup/configuration, extension purchase/installation, as well as extension customization/creation. Prices are reasonable, we we've even got 2nd opinions on some customization quotes and the numbers are right on.

      Given that there's a huge time difference between India and North America, I've also been surprised with their responsiveness and availability.

      Overall, happy to work with them and honestly not sure what we'd be doing without them.

       Frequently Asked Questions

       Does the Marketplace Web Service API’s secure?
      The module uses API key and access token which are needed by the application to access an API. Only the correct token is authorized to access and perform the specific task/actions granted through that API.
       Can we use custom names of API?
      Yes! the admin can use the custom names of the API.
       Can the Marketplace API be used on third-party Applications?
      You can fetch the data from the marketplace to your third-party applications. For further query, please revert us over
       Which mobile platform does Marketplace API support?
      The API supports mobile platforms like Android & iOS.
       Are the API key generated automatically?
      Yes ! the API key is generated automatically.

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      • + Features
      • - Bugs
      Version 4.0.0
      • + compatible with Magento 2.4.0
      Version 2.1.0
      • + Compatible with Magento 2.3.*
      • + Implemented graphql for guest users
      • + Implemented graphql for sellers
      Version 2.0.3
      • + create sellers API from frontend
      Version 2.0.2
      • + Seller list API with search criteria from both ends.
      • + Seller's orders API with search criteria from both ends.
      Version 2.0.1
      • + Compatible with Magento ver 2.2.x and marketplace ver 2.1.x
      Version 2.0.0
      • + added assign and unassign product to the seller by admin API
      • + added create shipment API.
      • + This module exposes several marketplace resources
      • + exposes resource to become sellers
      • + exposes resource to get sellers
      • + exposes resource to invoice, credit memo, cancel seller orders
      • + exposes ask admin and contact seller resources.
      • + exposes marketplace landing page data
      • + admin and customer level authentication for resources.
      • + consumer can authenticate by any of these methods token, oAuth, or session.