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      For our readers and all the Disney followers, it all started with the announcement on 13 Nov 2020 that shop Disney is coming soon to India.

      Now, this case study covers the story that most of you are unaware about how Webkul and Capgemini worked together before it was made live as the shop Disney online store for India.

      Discover all the wonders that await you, anticipate unexpected surprises, and add your own magical touch to satisfy all of your wishes. Because only here, every day of the year, you will find magic.

      Shop Disney

      Webkul provided their multi-vendor marketplace with other add-ons that helped build the shop Disney and ease out the vendor and store owner’s work to effectively manage the online store.

      This is the complete inquisitive case study that discusses every factor that helped Shop Disney achieve such a great response from customers across India.

      Read the full case study to uncover why Shop Disney who is an Enterprise Cloud Edition client preferred our Magento 2 marketplace solutions to build the Shop Disney store.

      And Adobe Commerce is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms. It is a PaaS Platform as a service that helps the user to manage the commerce activities instead of managing the infrastructure of the platform.

      Shop Disney

      Now Explore Shop Disney India!

      Yes, there are multiple online stores for Shop Disney that have been previously made and are currently active for instance the Shop Disney US is a similar-looking store.

      So, as the Shop Disney store, India is ready and live people of India have already showered their love for the online store because of the brand value it has and the smooth user experience of browsing the online store.

      Check out how users can filter products easily by tapping on the index provided in the layered navigation such as price, color size, and some custom units.

      Shop Disney

      Customer Sign In - Create Shop Disney Account

      Now you can enjoy all the exclusive features of Shop Disney and buy products from all four franchises of its which are Marvel, Disney, Pixar, and Star Wars.

      The Magento 2 marketplace allows the Shop Disney customers to create their accounts with ease and the sign-in process is smooth and secure as well.

      Moreover, there is certain access that the shop Disney store owners can provide to only those customers who are logged in like adding favorite products to the wishlist.

      Shop Disney

      Shop Disney Seller Collection Page - Contact Seller

      Webkul's marketplace plugin features include the very amazing Shop Disney seller collection page that helps customers view the complete Seller product offerings.

      Shop Disney

      Moreover, the customers can also view the seller ratings added by customers if any, about and the Contact section.

      The customers can ask any queries from the seller using the contact section they can simply give a subject along with their requirement and submit.

      Shop Disney

      Curated Shop Disney Shopping Wish List

      No online shop is complete without a wishlist feature using Magento 2 your online store wishlist contains various functionalities that customers love.

      The Shop Disney customers can edit their wishlist change the required quantity of products or even remove a product or directly add it to their cart.

      The Shop Disney users and customers are notified with a message that displays the change they have made to their wishlist.

      Shop Disney

      View Shop Disney Product Page

      Well, the product page is the spot where the customer makes the decision to buy a product or not. So it must contain all the necessary details which tempt the buyer.

      The Shop Disney product page contains information about the product with multiple images, descriptions, and customer reviews.

      Moreover, Shop Disney customers can change the quantity of that product and add it to their shopping cart.

      Shop Disney

      Manage Your Shop Disney Shopping Bag

      The Shop Disney customers get to use the most simplified and yet easy-to-use shopping cart from where customers can add multiple products sold from different sellers and checkout.

      Moreover, the Shop Disney customers can check Order Summary, change or remove a product or can move it to their wishlist.

      Shop Disney

      Shift To Online Platform By Shop Disney Globally?

      There has been realized that offline stores aren’t able to gain many customers and also impose challenges such as managing warehouse cost of managing the physical store.

      But with the internet boom seen in recent years in developing countries like India, it was a very effective move to utilize the brand value that Disney has and open the Shop Disney online store.

      The online store offers consumers with selecting shipping of their choice making returns and products exchange.

      Moreover, the Shop Disney store offers various integrated payment methods that are mostly used in India.

      Shop Disney

      Why Disney’s Online Store Venture is Gaining Traction?

      Disney stores were present in many countries like the USA, china but they were not really able to serve to masses or common people.

      Now the Shop Disney India has a great opportunity to cash on the love for its merchandise products anyone residing within India can order their product of choice.

      On contrary, this is going to result in Shop Disney making massive sales as the online platform is only going to help them increase their customer base.

      Shop Disney

      Built on Magento 2 Enterprise Cloud Edition Platform

      The complete integration theme and appearance as required from Shop Disney was done by Capgemini.

      Webkul’s cost-effective and highly scalable enterprise cloud edition add-on and core marketplace module were utilized to build the Shop Disney marketplace.

      The coding was done with the usage of PHP framework as you know the PHP is a scripting language suited for web development.

      Webkul delivered multiple other marketplace addons with free limited-time support which you will find out about in detail in this article.

      Shop Disney

      How Reports & Analytics is Helping Shop Disney?

      The Shop Disney store owners and sellers use Webkul’s Marketplace Advanced Report System.

      The vendor and store owner at shop Disney can check their report based on pre-selected categories, order status, dates, or intervals.

      Moreover, the Shop Disney store owners can select and view the reports of any of the sellers of the Shop Disney marketplace.

      Shop Disney

      Collaboration With Capgemini As Integration Partner For Disney

      The Capgemini SE is a multinational information technology consulting and services company based in France.

      The company's headquarters are in Paris, France. Capgemini employs over 270,000 people in more than 50 countries, with nearly 125,000 in India.

      Shop Disney

      Well as we have cited before that the Capgemini is the integration partner for Shop Disney. Moreover, all the plugins for Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition at the time of purchase from Webkul were of the Magento 2.3.4 version.

      Later when the Magento 2.4.0 version was released we helped Capgemini to deliver them with the compatible module in very short duration to help them out in the development as part of an upgrade for the Magento 2.4 Enterprise cloud version.

      Special Promotions Helps Customer Avail Discount

      Another, cost-effective extension provided by Webkul is so easy to manage because of its simple and rich features the Special Promotions.

      As the Shop Disney customers may have found various offers which let them enjoy discounts all these are created by the Shop Disney store owners.

      • Special promotions in the form of fixed or percentage discounts can be created.
      • If coupons are permitted, discounts will be applied to products after the coupons have been applied.
      • A product set or a group of products is covered by the promotional rules.

      Shop Disney

      At Shop Disney Enjoy Split Order Checkout

      The Shop Disney customers with the help of Marketplace Split Order from Webkul will receive different order ids for their purchase which includes products from multiple sellers.

      Moreover, the Shop Disney store admin can generate separate invoices and shipments for each order id for different sellers.

      This helps in the return and refund process of the customer can be managed using the module easily as per the merchant of the product.

      Shop Disney

      Mass Upload Eases Adding Shop Disney Products

      The Shop Disney store contains thousands of products and the number is only increasing every day it becomes easier for owners and sellers to be able to upload their product listings in bulk.

      By uploading the products with the help of CSV/XML/XLS files. Include all relevant information in the file, including images, such as name, category, price, stock, description, tax, and so on.

      Further, from the backend, the Shop Disney admin can also upload products for the seller. The seller can mass upload the related, cross-sell, and up-sale products.

      Shop Disney

      Stores In India Selling Disney Merchandise Products

      Now after their launch in India, it is important for Shop Disney to capture most of the market. To boost the sales the Shop Disney must utilize every opportunity they can such as.

      • Providing custom-made packaging slips on the shipped products to ensure their buyer can verify that the product is genuine.
      • A marketplace mobile app that helps customers purchase the products on the go.
      • As the customers in India are from diverse demography and read different native languages only Shop Disney must offer the store in different regional languages spoken in the country as well.

      Shop Disney

      Official Disney merchandise is currently available on Ajio, Amazon, Bewakoof, FirstCry, Lifestyle, Max, Pantaloons, Reliance Digital, The Souled Store, and WYO, among other third-party platforms.

      To create a monopoly the Shop Disney store must leverage the social networking platforms to sell and engage more customers.

      Shop Disney

      Shop Disney Uses Advance Commission For Vendor

      Currently one can become a seller on Shop Disney marketplace only if they have the Disney license to sell products and various other lists of eligibility criteria.

      The Shop Disney owners use Webkul’s Advance commission extension from Webkul that helps them.

      • Apply commission rules and set advanced level commissions for vendor products and vendor categories.
      • Set a specific commission rate for each vendor's product and category.
      • Set commissions for both products and categories.

      Shop Disney

      Disclaimer -

      • Please note all the images and content used in this article belongs to their respective copyright owners.
      • Moreover, this article uses ceratin images that are just to provide the readers with an idea of how the Shop Disney backend looks like.
      • However, if you have any issues or complaints related to this article, please send us an email at [email protected].
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