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Mobile App for Shopify

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Mobile App for Shopify: Flutter-based native app that provides consistency in both Android and iOS platforms. Shopify Mobile App is designed to be customer-centric which enables shoppers to have a complete online shopping experience from their smartphone and tablet devices. Shopify Mobile App is fully integrated with Shopify online store which allows real-time synchronization of products, categories, orders, customers, and other relevant data. Open source code is also available by which customer can customize it as per their requirement.

There is no recurring fees or subscription charges. Only One time Fee.

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Mobile App for Shopify: The cloud-based Shopify website has now an app with the storefront properties. This app is based on Flutter which is having a single code base. The app is the perfect solution for the customer with its attractive user interface.

Shopify Mobile App doesn’t include any recurring charges so the app owner will pay only once for the app. This Ready-made app solution by Mobikul will allow the increment in accessibility and mobility of the store along with easy download from App and Play Store.

The app can be easily customized from the code end and configured from Shopify Backend to allow personalization of the app. The customization can be done by us for which you need to share the requirements on or you can purchase the source code for customization at your end.

Shopify Mobile App

Highlighted Features

 Shopify mobile app template

The app will provide in a template which will allow an easy and effective UI. Thus, allowing more user engagement and more sales.

 Easy Order management

The order placed by the customer will be effectively managed by the customer from the app.

 Tablet and mobile support

The device support is not an issue in the app be it a tab or any other mobile device it will work effectively on both.

 Tax implementation

The taxes are automatically calculated in the app to help in accuracy in amount.

 Lite Weight App

The application is based on flutter to allow the creation of lite apps. The size of the Shopify Mobile App is approximately 7 MB.

 Deep Linking (coming Soon)

The Shopify mobile app helps in improvisation of the time on the store of customers by weaving the functionality of deep linking via product linking.

 White Labelling( Open Source)

Creation of (white label) brand by adding logos and layouts, in the app which in turn improvises the visibility of the complete store.

 Easy Configuration and customization

The app can be managed from the admin end to achieve minor functionalities. However, if the modification is major then it can be edited via code end. For which you need to share requirements on

 One Time Payment

The app owner will have to do a one-time payment while purchasing this app, the recurring payment is not allowed.

 Enhance Layered Navigation

Customers can easily set their requirements in layered navigation and the products will be sort according to their needs at the same point of time.

Why Shopify Mobile App?

If one is having a web-store based on the e-Commerce platform, then its time to convert it into an app. This Dart based Flutter application can work to allow to achieve the functionality.

This app remains synchronized in real-time with the app will allow consistency of data on both the web and app-end. This app will enhance the engagement of the customer to allow increment of sales on the store.

  • Configured to allow Store Front Functionality in an app.
  • Special features like notification, easy checkout, and many others can make the app usable.

Why Flutter based application?

Flutter was first introduced by Google, in the year 2015. However, the major buzz of this technique grew lately. This effective app-building technology is today used by Alibaba, AppTree, Reflectly, Tencent and many more. The main reason behind the usage of Flutter is-

  • High on Productivity - Being a cross-platform, one can use the same code on both the end, that is, Android and iOS. This saves time and resource which makes the app usable.
  • Faster and Simple Development - This app uses emulators, simulators, and hardware to record and visualize the code end changes. This functionality can be a boon in both for UI creation and bug fixation.
  • Single Code - The code written on Flutter supports the cross-platform functionality which makes it usable on both Android and iOS. This single code base is created by using a modern, reactive framework.

Real-Time Synchronization

The complete data on the mobile app will remain synchronized in real-time with that of the website. The data related to any of the products, orders, customer and many more will be similar at both places.

  • The customer can place an order from the website and get a delayed update about delivery from the mobile device.
  • No conflict of the data on the website and mobile app.
  • The App user (or customer) can enter the same login credentials on the website as well as the mobile app.
Real-Time Synchronization

Native App Like Solution

The app is based on Flutter will provide a look and feel just like a native app. This App will provide all the customer-centric functionalities. This app will efficiently work with both Android and iOS device. Wherein, a single code base is used to have refined app solution.

  • Being a Flutter based application it uses Dart as the programming language.
  • The app will require fewer efforts of the tester as a similar set of test cases can run on both Android and iOS.
  • Increase in MVP(Minimum Viable Product), due to its fast development and cross-platform working nature.
Native App Like Solution

Via Fingerprint (Coming Soon)

This effective technique will allow the customer to quickly log in the application. This will save an ample amount of time of the app users.

Thus, allowing more customer to be on the store. Thus the fingerprint sign-in method is useful in-

  • Creation of a strong and secure login password.
  • Hackers cannot identify the pattern of a fingerprint.
  • Need not remember any special set of character to log in the app.
Via Fingerprint(Coming Soon)

Machine Learning (Coming Soon)

With this award-winning feature, the Shopify App can facilitate its customer to conduct an optimized search process. The app uses Google's Machine Learning Kit which makes the app personalized.

This feature can optimize the search process by two cases in firebase.

  • Text Detection - This will read the text on an object via camera and show the related result in the app. Currently, the text detection works for English language only.
  • Product (Object) Detection - This will identify the object via camera and through machine learning the result related to the object will be displayed to be selected by the user. This will help the user to search the product more efficiently.
Machine Learning(Coming Soon)

Augmented Reality (Coming Soon)

With the advancement in the e-commerce industry, new technological changes are emerging. These changes will allow the store to achieve multiple functionalities virtually to ease the customer.

The Augmented Reality technique is implemented in two ways-

  • Virtual Try-On - This will allow visualization of virtual product in reality, in order to enjoy the product look and feel in reality. These AR-Products will allow the app user to get how the products being sold will appear when they will be in reality. Usability of the feature in the areas like the automobile industry, architects and interior decorators, fashion industry and many more places.
  • Virtual Measurement - This feature will allow detection of the object and calculation of the size of the object. This will allow customization of the product as per the recorded size of the object. It uses AR core and AR kit for the implementation of the feature. This feature is highly helpful for reduction of the errors in the fashion industry and many other such places where recording measurement is important.
Augmented Reality(Coming Soon)

Personalization of Application- Open Source (Paid)

This Shopify App is created in a way wherein the code of the app is transparent. This transparency will allow quick and easy customization of the code.

The app can be purchased with source code if one wishes to get the customized at their end. Else the app owner can get it customized by us, wherein they can share the requirement on

  • Customization of the app as per requirement.
  • The feature is highly helpful when additional functionality needs to be added in the app.
Personalization of Application- Open Source(Paid)

Social Login (Paid)

This paid feature will allow the app user to save their time from filling-in the long registration form for authentication.

Rather with this functionality, the app user will be able to use their social account like Google account to login the application and accomplish the authentication process.

  • A much faster and simpler way to log in the app.
  • Need not remember any login credentials.
  • Fewer chances of failed logins.
Social Login (Paid)

Push Notification (Coming Soon)

This Flutter based application also provides an extended feature wherein the admin (app owner) will share information related to the store with the app user. This information will vary from new offers, exchange offers, and many others.

The content appearing in the notification can be managed by the admin from backend. Thus, helping the customer in the following ways-

  • Engage the customers even when they are not using the app.
  • Creation of customized notifications that can be pushed to various customers.
Push Notification (Coming Soon)

Third-Party Integrations Support (Paid)

The Payment and shipping method may vary as per location and requirement. The website which is being converted to an app might follow this convention.

Thus, the Shopify app also resolves the way wherein it supports multiple payment gateways and shipping methods.

  • The app is meant to give support to the payment gateways like- PayU, MolPay, CCAvenue, Citrus and many more.
  • The app will also support a list of array of shipping methods like- DHL, Aramex, UPS, USPS, and many more.

Note - By default, all the payment gateway is supported in Shopify will be the same on the mobile app and as on the website.

Third-Party Integrations Support (Paid)

More Features List

  • Interactive theme to attract the maximum customer in the store.
  • Easy management of the orders with the help of the app.
  • Storage of customer or app users personal data for an easier app working.
  • Quick and Effective Tax implementation in the app.
  • Well configured and synchronized with the backend.
  • It is a lightweight app based on Flutter, which is having a single code for both the devices (Android and iOS).
  • The app can work on both tablet and smartphones.
  • Informative and interacting shopping app with a fast and intuitive response.
  • A quick search of the product via keyword type search, voice search, and machine learning/ image search(text and object detection).
  • Enhances the navigation by application of sorting.
  • Involves one-time payment(no recurring fee charges).


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here


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Frequently Asked Questions

 Will I get both the mobile applications (Android & iOS) with this Mobikul extension?
Yes, you will get both the mobile applications (Android & iOS) with the Mobile App for Shopify.
 Will I get the mobile apps with the source code?
Yes, you will get the mobile apps with the source code. You need to select the option"Mobile App with Source code" during Add to Cart.
 Where can I send my order details to get my application?
You can send us your order details on our ticket system by creating the ticket on Mobikul Support
 What will I do after purchasing the Mobikul Mobile Application?
You will get a prerequisite pdf file on Webkul store account then you need to provide us all the required details. To know more please follow the link -
 How will I get the source code after purchasing the app?
We will provide you the source code on your respective mail ID. Please follow the point no. 4 of the following link -
  Why is there only "Publish through Webkul Google Play Store Account" not the iTunes Store account?
Yes, we will publish both the Android app and iOS App. If you have chosen the Publishing Information - "Publish Through Webkul Google Play Account" then we will publish iOS App as well. But you need to follow the updated Program License Agreement (PLA) of the iTunes Store. You can get the complete details by clicking here
 Do we have a mobile app based on subscription for the Shopify Platform?
Yes, we do have an app Native Mobile App for Shopify which can be purchased on subscription bases.


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