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    Odoo SaaS Kit | All in One

    Odoo Saas Kit is a standalone solution that installs the entire Odoo Saas Services business model in your server.

    • Offer Odoo as SaaS to your clients through unique Odoo instances.

    • Deploy on Self & Remote server.

    • Add Subdomains(Domain Masking).

    • Deploy Instance in any Odoo Version of your Client.

    • Customers can Manage the Backup of the module.

    • Define Trial period to offer Instance on Trial.

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    Odoo Saas Kit is now All in One

    How Does Odoo SaaS Kit help you Set up Odoo As A SaaS Business Prospect?

    Odoo SaaS Kit implements a ready-to-use structure to your Odoo Database. Upon installing the module, you can start providing Odoo as a Service to your clients.

    You can create and provide Odoo instances on your server to the customers which they can use for a specified period of time.

    The module saves your precious time by eliminating the need to write the correct code and provides a ready-to-use Odoo as SaaS Service providing the application.

    Plus, We are also providing you with Free* One-TIme Module Installation & Set-Up with the purchase of the module. (Read below for more info)

    Know what included in the Free* installation of Odoo saas kit covers by following the link.

    The module works seamlessly with Ubuntu/Debian OS as it is tested on both. If you want us to test the compatibility of Odoo Saas Kit with an OS your choice, please send your queries to our technical team at [email protected].

    Odoo SaaS Kit

    Planning To Purchase Odoo SaaS Kit?

    Now, Get a Complete Package of All your Saas Requirements!

    You just Need to Pay for Odoo SaaS Kit, and get the extras for free*!

    Prerequisites for Odoo Saas Kit for Custom domain mapping to work

    Installation of dependencies on Server

    • Certbot
    • Certbot Nginx Module

    To install the above dependencies:

    Command: sudo apt install certbot python3-certbot-nginx

    After the above dependencies are installed server setup is done.

    Note: Before setting up a custom domain, specific DNS entries should be made.

    Odoo SaaS Kit Features

     Run Odoo SaaS Services With Subscription-Based Model

    • Use Odoo SaaS kit to offer Odoo as SaaS to your clients through unique Odoo instances.
    • The module provides the structure for the subscription-based service model to your clients.
    • The user can sell Odoo and its modules/apps (official & custom) as Odoo SaaS services

     Create Odoo SaaS Subscription Plans

    • Create subscription plans for Odoo SaaS instances.
    • Set the duration and price of each plan.
    • Add the Odoo modules available with each plan.
    • The customers need to purchase the plan to start the subscription.
    • The customers can use the modules mentioned in the plan on the Odoo Saas instance after purchase.

     Publish Odoo SaaS Plans on Odoo Website

    • Saas Plans can be purchased directly from the Odoo Website.
    • The clients can opt for the desired plan.
    • A unique contract is created for Each Odoo SaaS order.

     Give Unique Odoo Saas Instance To each Client

    • Create a unique Odoo SaaS instance for each Odoo SaaS order.
    • The instance is provided to the client.
    • Allows the client to choose his own desired domain name for each instance.
    • Clients can Just log in to the Odoo SaaS instance to use the provided Odoo modules.

     Manage Saas Clients With Contracts

    • Draw a unique contract for each Odoo SaaS order.
    • The contract records the details of the clients and the instance.
    • An automatic email is sent to the client when a contract is validated.

     SaaS instance management portal in Client’s Website Account

    • The customer can check the subscription contract details on his website account.
    • The modules included in the plan are displayed in the details.
    • The customer can check the status of the plan and login to his Odoo SaaS instance directly from the website account.

     Add Custom modules and libraries to the client instance

    • You can add any custom modules and python libraries in the Clients’ SaaS instance.
    • Add custom modules to the individual clients or all clients’ instances.

     Manage Client Access Rights In His SaaS Instance

    • Choose to give the Admin or User Access Rights to the Client in his Odoo SaaS instance.

     Now Manage Client On remote Servers

    • Keep it clean and organized with remote server client management
    • You can choose to deploy your Odoo Saas clients on a remote server instead of the self-hosted server

     Configure Remote Server with Odoo Saas Kit

    • The new features allow you to configure remote servers for Odoo Saas Kit.
    • A number of different self and remote servers can be configured in minutes.

     Set Priority of Servers Added in Odoo SaaS Kit

    • For more than one remote server, choose which to use for client creation.
    • You can set the list of servers and their priority in each plan.
    • Odoo automatically picks up the server depending upon the priority and space in it.

     Manage users Based pricing for SaaS Clients

    • You can choose to bill the clients on the number of internal users he creates in his saas instances.
    • Set a predefined number of internal users a client can make in his instance.

     Simplified Invoicing for Odoo SaaS Business

    • Once an Odoo SaaS contract is confirmed. The order can be invoiced.
    • The subsequent recurring invoices can be either created manually or automatically (by enabling from the settings).

     Tested for Compatibility with Recommended OS

    • The module is well tested for compatibility with Ubuntu.
    • The module works perfectly fine on it.
    • For queries regarding compatibility with an OS of your choice please contact us at [email protected]

     Odoo SAAS kit custom domain mapping

    • You can map a custom domain to an existing client.
    • SSL is also set up for the domain using Letsencrypt.

     Manage Non Valid Domains

    • Domain is not accepted if it is not valid.
    • Moreover, the new domain can be used to browse the SAAS Client.

     Ease to Revoke custom domain

    • Revoke Subdomain facilitates the removal of mapping.
    • It will remove the nginx configuration file and then SAAS Client wouldn’t be reachable from the custom domain.

    Get Your One-Time Free* Module Installation & Setup With The Module Purchase

    • To help you get going, we are providing basic one-time module installation with the module to help you easily set up your Odoo SaaS services.
    • This does not include any Odoo Setup at your end from our side. You should have a running Odoo server already set up at your end.
    • This installation allows you to have your Odoo SaaS up and running on one primary Server.
    • In this, the Customers and clients are managed on the same server.
    • All the instances you create after this installation will also be on the same server.
    • The number of instances that can be successfully created on the server depends upon the capacity of the Odoo server.

    How Does Odoo SaaS Kit Works

    • After installing the Module, the user would be able to create different subscription plans in Odoo.
    • These plans would include the price for the Odoo instance and the modules to which the customers would get access on purchasing the plan.
    • The mentioned modules would be included in the Odoo instance created for the customer.
    • Each plan has an expiration date.
    • The customer would choose the desired subscription plan and place an order. Once the order is confirmed, a unique Odoo Instance is created for the customer.
    • The customer just needs to login to the specified Database and can use the modules for the course of the subscription plan, post which the Database instance would expire.

    Newly Added Remote Server Management For Client Creation

    • Now you can choose to deploy remote servers in your Odoo Saas kit along with a self-hosted server.
    • Remote servers are the servers that do not have Saas Kit installed on them.
    • Multiple remote servers can be configured in the Odoo Saas Kit.
    • The remote servers can be used to create and store clients’ instances and contracts.
    • Note: The Saas plans are created only on the same server on which your Odoo Saas Kit is installed. Only clients can be deployed on remote servers.

    Build Up With Odoo Saas Distribution Business As You Grow

    The basic installation setup to get you up and running quickly. But the Odoo Saas Kit Module is not limited to any pre-planned installation.

    You can easily scale and develop the module further with customizations that suit your budget, server setup, SaaS architecture - single or multi-tenant, and clients and other requirements.

    As the cloud is evolving, the architecture can be scaled to any required capacity to suit your needs.

    To know more details, Contact Our Technical Team Now at [email protected] (*Customizations may fall under the paid services)

    You can enhance your servers on-demand with advanced setup options to improve different areas;

    • Load balancing on the servers.
    • Auto-Scaling
    • AWS Fargate
    • Use Odoo SaaS Multi-Tenant Architecture
    • Instead of a single server, you can choose to have multiple servers to increase the number of clients running at the same time.
    • Alternatively; You can separate the primary server on which the Odoo SaaS kit is installed from other servers on which you create Saas Instance for Clients to allow compartmentalization and better control.

    Please note: Any customizations requests other than the one-time basic installation setup may fall under paid customizations.

    Dedicated Support For Your Odoo SaaS Kit Module

    Webkul's dedicated support provides you with the customizations and troubleshooting solutions for your Odoo SaaS Kit Module.

    For any query or issue please CREATE A TICKET HERE

    You may also check our other top-quality Odoo Plugins.


    Product Version1.0.1
    Released4 years ago
    CategoryOdoo AppsProductsTool
    Last UpdatedJanuary 10, 2024 (3 months ago)
    Supported VersionsOdoo  11.x  12.x  13.x  14.x  15.x  16.x  17.x  
    Rating 4.9
    based on 17 reviews

    Recent Reviews

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    Excellent Support and Product

    Posted On - March 15, 2024

    I had the opportunity to work with Webkul's odoo team on several occasions. Especially the implementation of the SaaS Kit, one in 2021 (V14), 2022-2023 on (V15) and currently on V17.
    The support is always excellent and exceeds my expectations.
    I particularly thank Ms. Tanya Garg who is in charge of managing this project.
    She is very attentive to customer needs and manages the interface with technical support well.
    It is a pleasure to work with Webkul and we are reassured that we have human and technical support on which we can count.
    I wish you very good continuation.

    Highly satisfied with your support

    Posted On - March 7, 2024

    I had the opportunity to work with Webkul's odoo team on several occasions. Especially the implementation of the SaaS Kit, one in 2021 (V14), 2022-2023 on (V15) and currently on V17.
    The support is always excellent and exceeds my expectations.
    I particularly thank Ms. Tanya Garg who is in charge of managing this project.
    She is very attentive to customer needs and manages the interface with technical support well.
    It is a pleasure to work with Webkul and we are reassured that we have human and technical support on which we can count.
    I wish you very good continuation.

    Exceptional Service and Effective Solutions by Webkul

    Posted On - February 16, 2024

    My experience with the Webkul support team for our Odoo SaaS solution has been nothing short of remarkable. Their expertise and responsiveness have brilliantly resolved a series of technical challenges we faced. Here's a list of key issues they effectively addressed:

    1. SAAS Instance Creation Issues: They identified and corrected a configuration problem in the Odoo SAAS Client template, which resolved our inability to create new SAAS instances.

    2. Odoo Version Update and Configuration: The team successfully created Docker images for Odoo versions 16 and 17, enabling us to offer these versions to our SAAS clients from the frontend.

    3. Docker Storage Space Optimization: They managed a significant storage space issue, reducing space usage and advising us on best practices for storage optimization.

    4. Removal of Older Odoo Versions: Webkul efficiently removed obsolete Odoo versions (12 to 14) from our system, in line with our request for an update.

    5. Assistance with Deleting SAAS Clients, Contracts, and Plans: They updated the code to enable us to delete SAAS client records, SAAS contracts, and SAAS plans, which were previously restricted.

    6. Advice and Support for Odoo Migration: They provided valuable insights into migrating Odoo from version 15 to version 17, highlighting implications and offering alternatives to minimize disruptions.

    Each interaction with the Webkul team was marked by a high level of professionalism and efficiency. Their client-centric approach and constant commitment to providing tailored solutions have greatly contributed to enhancing our SAAS infrastructure and operations.

    I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the Webkul team for their excellent work and constant support. I highly recommend their services to any business seeking a reliable and competent partner for managing and optimizing Odoo solutions.

    Excellent Servce

    Posted On - October 12, 2023

    By far the best service I have experienced with regard to Odoo offshore service. their response to queries are prompt and they have demonstrated high technical skills. I bought Odoo Saas kit from them and they configured it in my server within a day. my currently testing it and so far so good. they have provided me with good technical and functional manuals. I highly recommend

    Best Support

    Posted On - October 10, 2023

    definitely the best Odoo online service I have ever received. their response time are prompt and they know what they are doing. I'm currently in the testing phase of their Saas solution and so far so good.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

      Is this addon compatible with Odoo Enterprise?
    Yes, the addon is completely compatible with Odoo Community and Enterprise edition.
      What Kind of support will you get after the addon purchase?
    You will get free* 10 hours of cloud engineer support. For more details visit
      What if I need any additional customization or extra feature with this addon?
    Please contact our team via [email protected] to discuss more about the features and customization required so that we can provide you assistance with your request.
      Where the saas client Instance will be hosted with this Addon?
    The instance of the client can be managed on the same Odoo server on which Odoo SAAS Kit (Odoo server) is installed or the SAAS admin can choose to deploy the instance of the client on a different remote server.
      Will every client have a separate database for their Odoo?
    Each client will have a separate and independent database irrespective of the database of other clients.
      What are the prerequisites for the module installation?
    Please follow the link to get details about the pre-requisites -
      Is the addition of a custom domain and subdomain possible for the SaaS client instance?
    Yes, the SaaS client can add a subdomain for his instance, and after the correct mapping of custom domain admin can also add a custom domain to the SaaS client contract.
      With this addon can a saas admin provide Odoo instances in different languages?
    Yes, with our addon SaaS admin can configure the language in which he wants to provide Odoo to the SaaS client, but the configuration has to be done manually.

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