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Prestashop Payment Extra Fee/Discount
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Prestashop Payment Extra Fee/Discount - Want to charge extra fees/ provide discount to your buyers on transaction made by any particular payment gateway !! With the help of our Prestashop Payment Extra Fee/Discount module admin can easily achieve the functionality. Admin can add various plans based on various conditions for the Payment Gateways available on the store.

The plans can be set either for Extra Fees or Discount and admin can set the Plan Amount - Fixed, Percentage or Both for the Particular Payment Gateway. The Fees/Discount will be applicable on the payment gateway based on the Specified Order amount in the plan.

Prestashop Payment Extra Fee/Discount Features -

  • Admin can add Extra Fees or Provide Discounts on the Payment Gateway.
  • Add separate plans for each payment gateway available on store.
  • Add multiple separate plans for a single payment gateway.
  • Set the priority of each plan.
  • Specify the name & Description of a plan. These will be displayed on the Payment Gateway to buyers.
  • Title & Description Font size and Color can be modified from the module configuration.
  • Set plan either for Discount or for Extra Fees.
  • Specify the Minimum Amount which has to be applied on the Payment Gateway based on the Plan Order Amount.
  • Maximum Amount which has to be applied on the Payment Gateway based on the Plan Order Amount, need to be specified by admin.
  • The plan can be set on various conditions such as country, customer group, categories, manufacturers and suppliers.
  • If none selected, then the plan will be applied globally on the site.
  • The plan amount can be set on Percentage basis, Fixed basis or on Both.
  • Order amount has to be specified to provide a base amount of order above which the Extra Fees will not be added or the discount will be provided on the payment gateway.
  • Buyer can view the detail of the Fees/Discount on the particular payment gateway.
  • The total order amount will change as per the plan and will be visible to buyer on final confirmation page.
  • Buyer can view the Fee/Discount amount separately on the Order Detail Page.
  • Admin can also view the Fee/Discount amount separately on the Order Detail Page at back-end.

Prestashop Payment Extra Fee/Discount Plans Criteria -

Payment Gateway -

  • Separate plans for each payment gateway available on Prestashop Store.
  • Single payment gateway can have multiple separate plans based on various conditions.
  • Admin can set the priority of the plan as per the need.

Condition -

  • Plan either for extra fees or for discount on Payment Gateway - Enable/Disable the Discount field.
  • Specify the minimum/maximum amount for the plan that has to be applied on the payment gateway when the plan calculated amount is below the minimum specified amount/exceeds the specified maximum amount.
  • The Fee/Discount can be set:

    >> For all the countries or for the selected countries.

    >> For all the customers or for the selected group of customers.

    >> For all the categories or for the selected categories.

    >> For all the suppliers or for the selected suppliers.

    >> For all the manufacturers or for the selected manufacturers.


  • The fee/discount can be set on Percentage basis or on Fixed basis or on Both.
  • Admin has to specify the Order amount above which the extra fee will not be applied or discount will be provided on the payment gateway.

Payment Gateway based Fees and Discounts

In eCommerce you have a lot many payment options available for the customers to pay. Using this module you can add an extra fee to any payment method or offer a discount to customers paying with a certain payment method.

Display applied Fee/Discount to the customers

  • Inform your customers how much they would save/pay extra for a particular payment method in the payment summary page.
  • The module shows the additional fee or discount in the order details and invoice.

Compatibility with Payment Methods

The module is designed to work on any payment method installed on your website. Including:

  • Paypal
  • Bank Wire
  • Cheque
  • Cash on Delivery
  • And many more.

Prestashop Payment Extra Fee/Discount Support-

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com

based on 3 reviews
Posted On - May 22, 2020
Module facile à installer, vraiment très simple et efficace,
Module facile à installer, configuration par mode de paiement, vraiment très simple et efficace, vraiment ce que je recherchait!
Posted On - April 6, 2020
Excellent Support
Posted On - April 6, 2020
payment extra fee/discount
Perfect support and very useful module.
Very quick support and all issues were fixed immediately

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