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WordPress WooCommerce Marketplace Advanced Commission Plugin: WooCommerce Marketplace Advanced Commission gives the ability to admin to set commission for products, categories, and seller categories. Admin can also use various commission rules to charge a commission from the seller. In case of any product lies under various categories on which admin has set the commission, then the highest commission will be applicable to the product.

Please Note - This module is an add-on of WordPress WooCommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin. To use this module you must have installed WordPress WooCommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin first.

Highlighted Features

 Add New Commission Rule

Using this the admin can set a new commission rule for the products and can also set the form of commission for that.

 Commission Fixed

The admin may also set the form of commission as a fixed commission on the basis of business needs using this module.

 Set Commission Setting

This module makes it possible to mutually set commissions for both products and categories.

 Commission Category

The admin may set different commission rates for every category using this module.

Why we need this module?

As a marketplace owner, you may want to more individually customize the commission rates. With this extension, the admin is free to more precisely set commission rates for each seller product, particular seller assigned category, or set a global commission rate for all marketplace seller products. It is possible to set the commission rates as either fixed or percentage-based.

For example - If a customer buys a $200 selling product and the commission of the fixed form is set to 20. Then, for this sale, the admin will earn $20. Also, if the commission of the percent form is set at 20 percent, the admin will get $40. In addition, for various price points, the admin may create commission rules. So the specified commission will be applied automatically if any product lies in that price range.

Commission On Per Product

It provides the admin with the base commission feature. This add-on sets up the commission on the categories of the product and seller.

  • The admin can set the commission from the back-end per product. The admin may add "Commission Per Product" to any existing or new product.
  • If product commission is not set, then if both are not set, commission on the seller category will be given priority, then default commission will be used.

Commission Per Seller's Categories

The admin can put the commission in the category of the seller. The admin will put various commission rates from the back-end on different categories of sellers.

  • Set commissions for categories of sellers.
  • Set commission very fast and easily.
  • Commission on the product is not fixed, so commission on the category of the seller will be given priority.

Commission Rules

A Commission Rule can be generated using this admin module. By selecting "yes" from the back-end option, commissions will be charged based on rules that can be handled by admin from the back-end.

  • The price range, amount, commission form for commission rule must be entered by admin.
  • The admin may also use the rule of commission or can set two kinds of commission, such as fixed or percentage.


For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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Posted On - April 13, 2018
Perfect company
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Posted On - March 20, 2018
Customer Support
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