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Multi Vendor Price Comparison for WooCommerce


Multi Vendor Price Comparison for WooCommerce: This plugin gives the ability to compare price among different sellers for a single product. Now different sellers, selling the same product will be displayed on the product page. Buyer can choose from them as per the product reviews or on the basis of price. A seller can add the product which is available in the global catalog with different price, stock units, and conditions. This plugin allows the sellers to update their assigned products and also delete them.

Note - This module is an add-on of WordPress WooCommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin. To use this module you must have installed WordPress WooCommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin first.

Highlighted Features

 One Product, Multiple Sellers

Different sellers can sell the same product with different price and quantities.

 Manage Assigned Products

The sellers can easily update or even delete the products assigned.

 Seller Comparision

Display different sellers on the product page with their prices.

 Stock Management

Sellers can easily manage the product stock and update the quantity as and when required.

Global Products List

The seller price comparison module provides the admin with the feature to provide global products for the sellers, which they can search from their account and add that product with price, name, inventory etc.

Different sellers can add that product to their store with different price, inventory etc. And can publish the product, after that the products will be available for the buyers to compare the price of the same product by different sellers and the buyers can select the sellers to buy the product from.

  • Can select the type of products to be shown on the store
  • Can select from base product and cheapest product to assign products to the store
  • Can add global products for the sellers to choose from
  • Can allow the seller to publish the product

Request Product by Vendor

The seller can search products from global products and can add the products with their price, name, inventory etc and can publish the products to be available for buyers to buy from the store.

  • Can search for products assigned by the admin under “assign product”.
  • Can add details regarding the product
  • Can view the published products under “assign product list”

Compare Price from Other Vendors

The buyers can see the product available on the store on the basis of the cheapest product and base product, whichever selected by the admin.

  • Can compare sellers price for a product
  • Can select the seller to buy from
  • Can view all the available sellers for a particular product

Sellers Assigned Products

The sellers can view all the assigned products, which they have published under “assigned product list” menu option. Here all the assigned products details are shown in a list view and the sellers can edit/delete the product from there.

  • Can view all the published products
  • Can edit/delete the published products

Complete Features

  • Multiple sellers can assign the same product with different price, stock units, and conditions.
  • Sellers can update their assigned products and also able to delete them.
  • Admin can configure whether approval required to publish assign products or not.
  • Display different sellers on the product page with their price.On the product page, a buyer can see all the available sellers who are selling the product.
  • Product stock management for sellers.A seller can manage the stock of assigned products.
  • Admin can allow to display- Base Product or Cheapest Product on the marketplace.


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