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Opencart Marketplace Advanced Custom Shipping
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Opencart Marketplace Advanced Custom Shipping : Opencart Marketplace Advanced Custom Shipping module will allow the marketplace sellers and the admin to add custom shipping to their products. Now the sellers and the admin can add their charge list and the formula list to generate the shipping cost for shipping their products.

This module calculates shipping based on Quantity, Price(with or without tax), Zip Code(country-wise), Volume(according to the products volume), Weight, Per Item, and Flat Rate.

Please Note -

  • This module is an add-on of the Marketplace Module. To use this module you must have installed Webkul Opencart Marketplace Module.
  • This module supports all templates and themes including the Journal theme.
  • Opencart Marketplace Advanced Custom Shipping module supports the Multi-Store feature of default Opencart.

  Opencart Marketplace Advanced Custom Shipping Features -

  • Sellers can Add/Edit and Delete their own Charge list.
  • Sellers can add their own Combinational Formula.
  • Sellers can upload Postal Code, Price, Quantity, Weight, & Weight values in the range table.
  • Sellers can select uploaded CSV type as Fixed or Range.
  • Sellers can also add values for Fixed table entries.
  • The admin can select the Categories that will be Available for the sellers for Creating the Charges.
  • The admin can select the Seller Allowed Rules that will be Available for the marketplace sellers.
  • The admin can Add/Edit and Delete their own Charge list.
  • The admin can Approve/Disapprove the Charge list and Formula List of any marketplace seller.
  • The admin can Add/Edit the charge list for the marketplace sellers as well.
  • The admin can upload Postal Code, Price, Quantity, Weight, & Weight values in the range table for himself and the marketplace sellers via CSV.

 Admin Configuration:

Here the admin will be able to -

  • Enable/Disable the module.
  • Select the Seller Allowed Category(Flat Rate, Per Item, Post Code, Price, Quantity, Total, Weight, & Volume) by which the seller can create the charges.
  • Set the Seller Allowed Rules(Round, Adjust, Maximum, Minimum, Zone, City, Country, Post-Code, and Currency) which can be used by the sellers to apply rules on the charges.
  • Set “Seller Override” to Enabled/Disabled(If no shipping charge has been made by the seller and the Override option is set to “Enabled” then the sellers shipping cost will be calculated on the basis of the admin’s shipping formula).
  • Select the Tax Class as required.
  • Select the Length Class(Whatever option you select, the length of the product will be converted into that).
  • Select the Weight Class(In this weight class, the weight of the cart will be converted).
  • Set the Sort Order for the shipping module.

 Seller Configuration- Under the Advanced Shipping list

Here, the seller can add a new charge, delete a charge, and can edit any previously created charges. To create a new charge, the admin will click on the “Add” button.

After clicking the add button, another page opens where the seller has to input the Charge Name, Choose Shipping Charge Type(From the allowed charge types allowed by the admin), input the Price Per Item (according to the shipping charge type selected the seller). After this, the seller will click on the “Rule” button to define the rules that will be applicable to this configuration. Clicking on the “Rule” button will bring up the option to select how the rules will be applicable for the current configuration. Select the rules that will be applicable . The seller can select from - Adjust(round, Adjust, Maximum, Minimum), Location(Zone, City, Country, Post-Code), and Order(Currency).

 Seller Configuration- Under the Charge Combination

Under this menu option, the sellers will be able to set the charge combination/charge formula that will be applicable on the shipping charges to generate the final shipping price. To add a new charge formula click the “Add” button. Also, a formula gets applied according to the sort order of the formula. Formula Example: max(sum(5,6,7),avg(5,6,7)) [The numbers here signify the Charge list IDs].

 Front-End Work-flow

When Buyer will place an order of seller’s product, the buyer can see Advanced Custom Shipping under the shipping methods. The buyer will select the method and then click the confirm order button to complete the order. The buyer will be able to see the details of the shipping method selected and the cost of the method under my orders section.

 Opencart Marketplace Advanced Custom Shipping Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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Posted On - June 2, 2017
Best plugin
I've tried several multi vendor plugins and webkul marketplace plugin is by far the best i've used. On top of that, the services that the teams provided is top notch. If you're looking for multi vendors plugin, webkul marketplace is for you. You won't regret.
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