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The CS-Cart Cloudkul Gold Plan is a comprehensive solution for businesses that want to migrate or set up their CS-Cart eCommerce store on AWS and optimize it for performance and security.

Please check our CS-Cart Amazon S3 Plugin for uploading various product files such as - CSS, JS, and downloadable product images and videos to the Amazon S3 cloud storage server.

The plan includes the following features:

  • SSH: SSH provides a secure way to connect to your server and manage files.
  • SFTP: SFTP is a secure file transfer protocol that allows you to transfer files to and from your server.
  • LAMP: LAMP is a popular web development stack that includes Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP.
  • PhpMyAdmin: It allows you to manage MySQL databases using PHPMyAdmin, a web-based tool.
  • SMTP mail integration: SMTP mail integration allows you to send emails from your CS-Cart store using your existing email service provider.
  • DNS mapping: DNS mapping allows you to point your domain name to your CS-Cart store.
  • CDN integration: CDN integration allows you to deliver static content from a network of servers located around the world, which can improve performance for your customers.
  • Website modification report: The website modification report script detects any unauthorized changes to your CS-Cart store's code.
  • SSL integration: SSL integration encrypts the traffic between your customers' browsers and your CS-Cart store, which helps to protect customer data.
  • 15 days of free support: Cloudkul provides 15 days of free support to help you get started with your CS-Cart store on AWS.

Highlighted Features

 Pre-configured LAMP stack

Get your CS-Cart store up and running on AWS quickly and easily.

 PhpMyAdmin with Secure port

Manage your CS-Cart database securely and efficiently.

 SMTP Mail Integration

Send emails from your store using your email server or a third-party service.

 DNS mapping

Ensure that your store's domain name resolves to your AWS server.

 CDN integration

Improve your store's performance by delivering static content from servers closer to your customers.

 Website modification report

Detect unauthorized changes to your store's code and protect your store from security breaches.

 SSL integration

Encrypt data transmitted between your store and customer browsers, helping to protect customer privacy.

 15 days of free support

Get help from Cloudkul experts with any setup or management problems you may encounter.

Why do we need CS-Cart Cloudkul Gold Plan?

AWS is a cloud computing platform that offers highly scalable and reliable infrastructure. By migrating or setting up your CS-Cart store on AWS, you can improve the performance of your store and ensure that it is always available to your customers. The CS-Cart Cloudkul Gold Plan includes features such as website modification reports and SSL Integration that help to protect your store from unauthorized access and data breaches.

CS-Cloudkul Gold Plan is a one-time setup service that takes care of all the technical details of migrating or setting up your CS-Cart store on AWS and optimizing it for performance and security.

Secure access and management

Securely access and manage your server, including installing and configuring software, managing files, and troubleshooting problems.

  • SSH: Securely access and manage your server.
  • SFTP: Securely transfer files to and from your server.
  • LAMP stack: Pre-configured for quick CS-Cart setup.

Database management

Graphical tool for easy and intuitive database management, including:

  • PhpMyAdmin: Graphical tool for easy database management.
  • Create, edit, add, remove, and back up tables.
  • Manage data and users.

Email integration

Send emails from your store using CS-Cart User Activation By Mail or a third-party service, such as Gmail or SendGrid.

  • SMTP mail integration: Send emails from your store using your server or a third-party service.
  • Emails with order confirmations, shipping notifications, and other important information.
  • Essential for customer communication.

Performance and security

Improve store performance, reduce loading times, and improve the overall user experience.

  • CDN integration: Improve store performance by delivering static content from servers closer to customers.
  • Website modification report: Detect unauthorized changes to store code.
  • SSL integration: Encrypt data transmitted between store and customer browsers.

Cloudkul Gold Plan Support -

Cloudkul Gold Plan Support - For any query or issue please create a support ticket. After the completion of the Server Setup, we will provide a limited period of Support to the customer so that you can check and ensure the configuration. Our Support Period includes an SLA of around 18 Hours and covers only issues regarding the Server Setup and Configuration (Issues Regarding Applications or Modules are not included in this support).

Details are given below-

  • Support Period of 15 days.
  • SLA will be 18 hours.
  • Modes of Communication are Ticket and Email.
  • You may also check our other top-quality CS-Cart Add-ons.

You may also check our other top-quality CS-Cart Add-ons.

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Alexander Fuehren
Posted On - April 21, 2022
Good Job by Team Webkul
Very solid setup of AWS servers and quick to respond.
No Showcase.
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