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Marketplace Reward System for WordPress WooCommerce
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Marketplace Reward System: WordPress WooCommerce Marketplace Reward System allows the sellers to add reward points to their products using which customers can purchase the seller’s product. Here sellers can add reward points to each product. Customers receive the reward points after the product purchase.

Please Note: Marketplace Reward System is an add-on of Webkul WordPress WooCommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace plugin. To use this plugin you have to install WordPress Woocommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace first.

Highlighted Features

 Reward points distribution

The admin can set the reward distribution based on product purchase, user registration, and product review.

 Reward points configuration

The admin needs to configure the reward setting like how many reward points will be assigned for a product purchase.

 Checkout option

The buyer can use the earned reward points at the time of checkout.

 Limit usage

The admin can set the limit for using reward points.

Why Need Woocommerce Marketplace Reward system?

The reward system encourages users to do different actions in the store like review, product purchase, register, etc. With help of reward points, the user can reduce their product amount and take the benefit of redemption. This will increase the sales of the store and enhance the customer experience. WooCommerce Marketplace Reward System empowers the admin and seller both to add and manage the reward for the customers.

Reward System – Admin Management

The admin from his panel can manage the reward points available for the customers. Customers can redeem the reward points at the time of checkout.

  • Can set minimum cart amount to award the reward points to the buyer
  • Can set the reward points to be awarded to the buyer after successful checkout with minimum cart total.
  • Can set the weight of each reward point
  • Can set the number of reward points to be awarded to the customer after successful registration
  • Can set the maximum number of reward point to be used per checkout
  • Can set the number of reward points awarded when the buyer gives a new rating/review
  • Can set the multiple reward condition, where he can select whether to award reward points on basis of product value or cart value or on both of them
  • Can manage reward points manually for a buyer

Reward System – Seller Management

Seller from his end can manage reward points for his products to be awarded to the customer when they buy the seller’s product.

  • Can enable reward points for a product
  • Can set the reward points on a product
  • Can set reward points on the basis of product quantity

Reward System – Checkout Process

The customer can redeem his reward points at the time of checkout. The customer can see the reward points available in his account to redeem them at the time of checkout with their weight.

  • Customers can redeem their reward points at the time of checkout
  • Customers can see available reward point in their account
  • Customers can directly enter the number of reward point they want to use in that particular transaction

Reward System – Customer Management

The customer can manage reward points awarded to him from his account and can use them to buy a product from the store.

  • Can view the reward points available on a product purchase
  • Can use his reward points during checkout process
  • Can view the reward points usage from their account
  • Can view the total reward points remaining in their account Can see the awarded reward points in their account


  • The admin can set the limit of reward point usage.
  • The admin can define the weightage of the reward points.
  • The admin can assign reward points manually to the buyer.
  • Reward points of each seller are managed separately.
  • The seller can enter reward points for each product.
  • Reward points are split on the basis of the ratio in which the amount is split amongst the admin and seller.
  • The buyer can see the details of earned reward points.
  • The buyer can enter the reward point at the time of checkout after which the amount relevant to the reward points will be deducted from product price.
  • Reward point for new user registration, product purchase, and product review.


For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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