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Magento 2 Canada Post Shipping: Shipping is one of the essential aspects of any e-commerce site as it is one way when online store owners can gain customer loyalty. This accounts for delivering the right product at the right time to the customers, without any damage caused to the product. For that, online merchants need to choose the shipping that best and trustworthy.

One such shipping is Canada Post shipping. Canada Post one of the most reliable and recommended postal services with the broadest coverage around the globe. It has almost over 6,200 offices, and it ensures swift and reliable shipping to both rural and urban areas.

Magento 2 Canada Post Shipping extension on the other hand allows the store owner to integrate the Canada Post shipping method for shipping the products. The customers can opt for this shipping method at the time of checkout for their product delivery.

Please Note: -

  • The estimated delivery time shows for Canada, the United States, and some other International addresses.
  • The shipping rates are based according to the delivery details and product weight.
  • If the weight of the product is zero, this shipping method will not work.
  • An active Business Purpose Canada Post account is required for getting the API credentials.

Highlighted Features

 Configure Package Request Type

The store owner can set a package request type.

 Invoice and Shipping Slips

This extension facilitates an easy to go process to download invoices and shipping slips.

 Canada Post Shipping Rates Visibility

The accurate shipping rates of the Canada Post can be provided to the customers.

 Multiple options for Canada Post Shipping Method

The customers can find multiple options for Canada Post shipping on the checkout page.

 What Is The Use Of This Module and Why Should I Use It?

This module is an excellent solution for users who wish to grow their business globally. The admin can select multiple countries to ship the products to or specific countries as per the choice. So, the admin can ship the products around the world.

The admin can select multiple methods offered by Canada post shipping for shipping the product. It enables the customers to choose their preferable Canada Post shipping method on the checkout page for getting their product shipped using Canada post shipping. Also, this module provides the quickest and the easiest way to get the shipping rates from Canada post’s API.

Integrate Canada Post Shipping

After the successful installation of the extension, the admin will configure the module for use. Here the admin will -

  • Enable the extension for use.
  • Set the Title for the Shipping method visible at checkout.
  • Enter the API User Id and Password for your Canada post Shipping account.
  • Select the contract type as - Contract or Non-Contract and enter the Agreement and the Client number.
  • Set the Delivery time offset & select Yes/No to show the estimated delivery time.
  • Enter the handling fee & set to calculate the handling fee as Fixed or Percentage

Use of Canada Post Shipping by Customer

If the customer address is in Canada then at the checkout time the customer can see the Canada post shipping method under the shipping methods. The customer will select the preferred method for getting their products shipped.

  • The customer can select their preferred shipping method at the time of checkout.
  • Customer's address should be of Canada itself for making use of this shipping service.

Shipping and Handling Information

The admin after generating the invoice and the shipment will navigate to the shipments section for generating the Canada Post shipping labels. This extension can be used to receive the shipments within Canada and from Canada to other countries.

  • Generate the Canada Post shipping labels for shipments within Canada.
  • Generate Canada Post shipping labels for shipments originating from Canada to other countries.

Create Packages

The admin can create the package for the products easily by checking the option "Create Shipping label" and then taping the "Submit Shipment" button on the "New Shipment" page. This will now allow the admin to create the package for the ordered products. The admin will now add the products to the package and click the save button to save the package.

  • Add the ordered products to the package.
  • Save the product package.

Features -

  • Admin can enable or disable Canada Post Shipping method.
  • Admin can set the Canada Post shipping method name that will be shown on the front side.
  • Admin can set packages request type.
  • The origin of Canada Shipping Method must be always Canada.
  • Ability to download Invoice and Shipping Slip easily.
  • Provide accurate Canada Post shipping rates to customers for shipping.
  • Multiple selections of Canada Post shipping methods displayed on the checkout page.
  • This module can be used to ship the products from Canada to Canada, Canada to other countries.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/.

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