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WordPress WooCommerce Daily Deals plugin enables the admin to create day-to-day deals for single or multiple products on their websites easily. The admin can configure the deal start and end date, deal price, and deal name. The admin can also enable or disable the daily deal status.

The customers can see the daily deals products with sale tag, deal price, and countdown timer. The admin can also add custom messages.

Highlighted Features

 Daily Deals Title

The admin can set the title for the daily offers to identify the deal.

 Custom Message of Daily Deals

The admin can write the personalized tagline to attract the customer.

 Countdown for Daily Deals

In the daily deals, the admin can set when the order will start and when it ends.

 Products Special Prices

The admin can set the discounted price for one or more products in the daily deals.

Why do we need Daily Deals Plugin for WooCommerce?

WooCommerce Daily Deals plugin helps organizations to create offers related to sales and discounts on the project to attract the audience. Store owners can create offers for any reason such as festivals, seasons and etc from the store backend.

Offers deals will be visible to the customer with specific titles on the product page. The organization can use this plugin as a marketing technique by offering special discounts with a custom message.

For example, the Store owner can start a daily deal for the spring season with a special price of USD40 for five products. Thus, this plugin helps organizations attract customers with daily offers on products. It also helps to increase the revenue of the business.

Add Daily Deal

The admin can create multiple daily deals. For this, the admin can:

  • Daily Deal Name: set the name of the deal.
  • Deal Start Date: select the date for the daily deal to be active from.
  • Deal End Date: set the date for the daily deal to get inactive.
  • Deal Status: enable/disable the daily deal.
  • Deal Price: set the price value which will be allocated to the products selected for the daily deal.
  • Select Products for Deal: select one or more products for the deal from the drop-down list.
  • Time Zone: set the time zone.

Manage Daily Deal

The admin can manage the daily deals from the deals list page. Here, the admin can:

  • View the Daily Deal details like Deal Start Date, Deal End Date, and Deal status.
  • Edit the existing deal by clicking on the "Edit" option.
  • Add the new deal by clicking on the "Add New" option.
  • The admin can't change the daily deal sale price of the product from edit product backend page.
  • If a product is added to a new deal, then it will be removed from the previous deal automatically.

Custom Message

The admin can also configure the daily deals custom message. Here the admin can:

  • Daily Deal Notify Text: display the daily deal custom message on the product page.
  • Daily Deal Notify Text Color: set the color of the daily deal custom message.
  • The message will be displayed for all the daily deals products.
  • The customer can see the daily deals custom message on the product page.
  • Custom messages will encourage customers in buying the discount product.

Daily Deals on Product Page

The daily deal products will display on the front page. They will have:

  • SALE! tag so that the customers can easily differentiate the daily deals products.
  • Deal Price along with the actual price. This will help the customers to compare the prices.
  • Countdown timer which will display Days: Hours: Minutes: Seconds.
  • Custom message on the product page.
  • A cron is set for this plugin. This will automatically enable and disable the daily deals according to their start and end date.


For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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