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Odoo Cloudkul Gold Plan: Odoo Cloudkul Gold Plan offers "Multi-Server Architecture" Setup. In this architecture, Odoo server will be installed on AWS EC2 instance and the PostgreSQL database will be managed by AWS RDS service. Both EC2 instance and RDS instance will be under a VPC.

Odoo Cloudkul Gold Plan Features -

  • Analysation for better Performance
  • Optimization with Super Powerful Tools
  • Improved and Fast Performance for System
  • SSH
  • PostgreSQL Server
  • Nginx For SSL Termination
  • Odoo Server

SSH: SSH stands for secure shell and it is used for providing encryption for network services like remote login or remote file transfers. It can also be used for a wide range of other services like secure remote command execution, keys and password authentication, access control, and port forwarding, etc. For more details, you can refer SSH

PostgreSQL Server: PostgreSQL is one of the most used, open-source object-relational database systems. It comes with reliability, data integrity, and correctness due to the high-end active development and a proven architecture. It is compatible with almost all the Operating systems like Linux, UNIX, macOS, Windows, etc. It is fully compatible with ACID and supports all the required features like foreign keys, triggers, stored procedures, etc. and It comes with all data types which include INTEGER, NUMERIC, BOOLEAN, CHAR, VARCHAR, DATE, INTERVAL, etc. For more details, you can refer PostgreSQL Server

Nginx For SSL Termination: SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. It is a transport layer protocol that is used to establish a secure connection between server and client. When you visit an SSL integrated website the connection between your browser and the website is secure. The transmitted data are all in encrypted form. For more details, you can refer Nginx For SSL Termination

Odoo Server: Odoo server contains all of the enterprise logic and ensures that Odoo runs optimally. One layer of the server is dedicated to communicate and interface with the PostgreSQL database, the ORM engine. Another layer allows communications between the server and a web browser, the Web layer. Having more than one server is possible, for example in conjunction with a load balancing mechanism. For more details, you can refer Odoo Server

Odoo Cloudkul Gold Plan Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

After the completion of Server Setup, we will provide a limited period of Support to the customer so that he or she can check and ensure the configuration. Our Support Period includes the SLA of around 18 Hours and covers only issues regarding the Server Setup and Configuration (Issues Regarding Application or Modules are not included in this support). Details are given below-

  • Support Period of 15 days.
  • SLA will be 18 hours.
  • Mode of Communication are Ticket and Email

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Sharif & Sons Computer System
Posted On - February 23, 2023
Excellent service with proper assistance
I recently had the pleasure of working with the support team at Cloudkul, and I must say that my experience was exceptional. From the moment I reached out to them for assistance, they were responsive, professional, and highly knowledgeable.

The support team at Cloudkul went above and beyond to ensure that my issue was resolved in a timely manner. They were patient with my questions and provided clear explanations of the steps they were taking to address the problem. I felt confident in their expertise and felt that they truly cared about resolving my issue.

Not only did the support team at Cloudkul provide excellent technical support, but they also demonstrated exceptional customer service skills. They were friendly, courteous, and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that I was satisfied with the resolution.

Overall, I highly recommend Cloudkul's support team to anyone in need of technical assistance. They are a top-notch team of professionals who truly care about their customers and are dedicated to providing exceptional service. Thank you, Cloudkul support team, for all of your hard work and dedication!
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