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Odoo Sales Barcode Scanning- As we know, manual entry of products in Odoo sales is a time consuming task. And when it comes to entering a large number of products, it can directly affect the company productivity and also increases the chances of human errors too. Odoo sales barcode scanning enables you to effortlessly add products to the sales order or purchase that avoid human error and saves time.

 Advantages of Barcode Scanning

  • Scan and add products to the sales order accordingly.
  • Increase the productivity of a company
  • Reduces time and efforts of the consumers.
  • Reduces the chances of human error.
  • Avoids manual entry of the products in Odoo.

 Odoo Sales Barcode Scanning Features

Scans and add products effortlessly

  • Odoo Sales Barcode Scanning module helps the user to effortlessly scan and add products to the sales order accordingly.
  • It enables you to add a large number of products just by scanning that reduces the time and efforts of users.

 Search the existing products by barcode

  • It allows the Searching of existing products by barcode & internal reference of the product.
  • Barcode allows the incoming and outgoing deliveries.

Reduce operational time in Odoo

  • The module reduces operational time consumed and the probability of humans while adding the products manually.
  • A warning message pops up each time when trying to scan a product more than the ordered quantity and also when the wrong barcode is scanned.

 Add products in the quotation via Barcode Scanning

  • The module adds products in the quotation on sales order with the help of barcode.
  • All the products are added to the purchase order and quotation with the help of a barcode.

Add products in customer invoices easily

  • In invoices, use barcode to add products in customer invoices and credit notes.
  • It allows the scanning of existing products by barcode & internal reference of the product.

Manage the configuration from the Odoo backend

  • View the destination location and other things from the Odoo backend
  • You can even check the delivery partner as shown in the picture.

 View the vendor name and order date as shown

  • You can have a look at the vendor name and order date as shown below.
  • You can even see the products attached in the order.

Odoo Sales Barcode Scanning Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com

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