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Magento Marketplace PayPal Adaptive Payment
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Magento Marketplace PayPal Adaptive Payment - Magento Marketplace Paypal Adaptive Payment will split the payment among seller and admin dynamically. This module will work accurately with Paypal Parallel and Chained payment method.

Please Note: 

  • This module is a marketplace add-on, so you must install Webkul Magento Multi Vendor Marketplace Module
  • Magento Marketplace Paypal Adaptive Payment module (Latest version 1.0.4) will properly work with Marketplace Module version (1.0.4) and above.
  • Chained Payment type will work when the PayPal support approves your app as per their Acceptable Use Policy.

Magento Marketplace Paypal Adaptive Payment Features:

  • Payment will be split into seller and admin.
  • Admin can enable or disable MP payment.
  • Admin will get the commission based on sellers.
  • This module will support (Parallel, Delayed Chained, Instant Chained ) adaptive payment.
  • Multiple seller support found.
  • Allow seller to do Full or Partial online refund.
  • Allow admin to do Full or Partial online refund.
  • Only PayPal API support found.

PayPal Solution Provider

PayPal, the world's leading online payment company. Webkul is proud to be partnered with PayPal for developing customized payment solutions for e-commerce stores, marketplaces, mobile apps, and other platforms.

Webkul as PayPal's Preferred Developer & System Integrator solution provider, we aim to help clients from all across the markets to grow their businesses. Providing end-to-end assistance, development, and integration to design flexible solutions with PayPal products and services.

  • Accept 100+ currencies from local and international customers.
  • Safeguard transactions with Seller Protection and PCI Compliance.
  • Fraud prevention, dispute resolution, and 24x7 transaction monitoring.

Magento Marketplace PayPal Adaptive Parallel Payment Supported

Magento marketplace PayPal adaptive extension is very flexible and supported by all methods provides by PayPal api , adaptive plugin support Paypal parallel payment . Marketplace PayPal adaptive solution provides large no of options to store admin, Module works out of the box with other marketplace addons including RMA to manage refund and return

Marketplace Paypal Adaptive solution offer following method for store owner and sellers

  • Marketplace PayPal adaptive - Parallel or split method
  • Marketplace PayPal adaptive- Delayed Chained Method
  • Marketplace PayPal adaptive- Instant Chained Method

Magento Paypal Adaptive Payment Extension - Admin Management and Payment Capture Record

Paypal Adaptive Extension surely smoothen the process for store admin as admin can use the module in any way, in case of split payment all the payment will be divided among sellers
Example lets say there is an order O1 having products p1 p2 p3 from sellers s1 s2 s3 and there is a commision of 20% for store owner . Marketplace Paypal adaptive solution will handle this case very easy and all the record admin can see under marketplace payment manager menu.

Marketplace Paypal Adaptive Payment - Parallel Method

When “Parallel Method” is selected by the admin from the back-end, then the payment from the customer is split among various receivers like admin and sellers. The payment directly goes into the PayPal account of seller and admin.

  • Payment from the buyer gets split among seller & admin.
  • Payment directly goes to the seller and admin account.

Marketplace Paypal Adaptive Payment - Chained Method

When “chained method” is selected, then admin can get two option- instant and delayed. The primary receiver (admin) keeps some of the payment and pays the rest to one or more secondary receivers (sellers/vendors). Admin can select any one of them as the payment method.

When “delayed” is selected from the back-end then whole payment comes to the admin (primary receiver). After keeping admin's commission, admin releases the seller's amount after some point of time. When “instant” is selected from the back-end, then whole payment will first go to the admin's account(primary receiver) and after that payment gets divided among the multiple seller (secondary receivers) and goes to the seller's account. Here the buyer will only see the payment summary of the Admin.

  • Admin can select either instant or delayed.
  • In “instant” method, payment comes to the primary receiver (Admin) and then goes to the sellers.
  • In “delayed” method, payment comes to the primary receiver( admin) and then admin releases the seller's amount manually.
  • In Chained Payment, buyer will only see the payment summary of the Admin.

Online Refund Through PayPal Adaptive Payment

Marketplace Paypal Adaptive Payment module provides refund feature from seller and admin's end. Refund can be of two types- partial and complete. From the front-end, seller can generate credit memo for the online refund and then proceed to partial or full refund. From the back-end, admin can generate credit memo to provide online refund to the customer.

  • Refund can be partial or complete.
  • Seller and admin both can provide online refund.
  • Allow seller to do Full or Partial online refund.
  • Allow admin to do Full or Partial online refund.

Marketplace Mobile Application

After creating a major share in the world of the e-Commerce software marketplace, Webkul is all set to move into the new arenas of mobile applications and is stepping from the world of e-Commerce to m-Commerce with its new product Mobikul Marketplace https://store.webkul.com/mobikul-marketplace.html.

A product that is going to provide its esteemed customers with lots of features, to relish their shopping experience in a more easy and mobile way in order to provide Ubiquity, Convenience, Interactivity, Personalization, and Localization, which is just some taps and swipes away.

  • To attract the attention of the customers any time anywhere, while they are on a move with their mobiles.
  • To Open a New Avenue for increasing the Sales.
  • Providing flexibility and ease of connectivity, in learning about customers.

Paypal adaptive app submission guidelines-

As Webkul already offers video and user guide for app creation and submission, but the approval will be managed and moderated at PayPal end, Webkul will not be responsible for app approval or moderation. In this case customer needs to consult with PayPal.

Magento Marketplace Paypal Adaptive Payment Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

based on 5 reviews
Alex Horne
www.ev-esy.com/ (GB)
Posted On - December 5, 2014
Clever and useful app - outstanding support as usual !!
I am a regular customer of Webkul modules, i currently run 15 on my marketplace site.
The Paypal module is a very clever app and has definitely increased sales and helped with my seller relationship.
The module dynamically splits payments between seller and admin. That way the commissions i charge are paid when the buyer pays the seller.
Don't be surprised if the app doesn't work out of the box - Webkul will always customize and make the app work. And always at no extra cost.
The user guide is a little sparse in places and i know the team are working on 'grammar' and writing the user guide to better help the European market.
The support is outstanding ! We have struggled in the past with the language barrier and english grammar. But webkul are working very hard on that and it is improving with each new app they launch. Good work Webkul :)
Christoff Wiethoff
Posted On - October 7, 2014
Very professional and very fast
What is the best eCommerce platform? I have chosen Magento, and then I was looking for the greatest IT system integrator and developer, who can help me to deal with a complex multi-vendor store.
I found webkul, who is doing an amazing job. I ordered the extension MARKETPLACE Multi Vendor plus 7 additional webkul MARKETPLACE extensions like Buyer Seller Chat, Seller Order Confirmation, PayPal Adaptive Payment, Seller List, Shipping on per Product, Custom Attribute, and Custom Option, plus 3 social media extensions (1x Facebook, 2x Pinterest).
Dealing with Magento Community 1.9.1 and 11 webkul extensions (plus one horrible Magento template from TemplateMonster, plus one drop down menue extension from another Third Party) calls for an IT system integrator and developer who truly understands customer needs and wants.
Although lot's of customization was needed, webkul was the best choice due to their great support. Very professional and very fast. Special thanks to the whole webkul team: You are GREAT.
Posted On - September 18, 2014
Wonderful Module - Fantastic Support!
I can't say enough about this simple, but wonderful module and the fantastic support!
I had trouble downloading and sent an email to support. Within 20 minutes I had a reply and the module! 10 minutes later it was installed and working! Super easy to customize!
I spent several days trying to get a different module to work that promised all sorts of bells and whistles and turns out, this module works better and looks better too.
Thanks so much for the great support and a great module.
Joe Welna
westnipissingchamber.ca (CA)
Posted On - September 8, 2014
Extremely Valuable Extension
This extension had a few minor issues when I first installed it. Very minor!
Working with Webkul support, they were quickly resolved and are working as advertised. Support was quick, professional and Webkul staff really know their stuff when it comes to Magento.
This extension is absolutely required if your going to run multiple stores as my site does. Distributes payments as advertised and very easy for site admin and the seller to use.
Fabian Gligor
www.fabiangligor.de/ (DE)
Posted On - September 8, 2014
Truly amazed with Webkul
The product is as it is described and any difficulties that arose in setting it up, including small customization was handled quickly. I have been truly amazed with Webkul and especially Vipin`s support.Thank you so much and keep up the superb work.
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