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CS-Cart Amazon Connector: Your online business is incomplete without an Amazon Seller Account. But managing the sales on two separate panels i.e. Amazon and your website based on the CS-Cart platform can be a really challenging task. To tackle this challenge, we have developed a perfect solution - Amazon CS-Cart Connector.

Now, it has become easier to sell on multiple channels, manage catalogs and sales from just one platform. With the help of this add-on, control your products and orders for Amazon via the CS-Cart backend.

Note: In order to use this connector, you must have your Amazon developer account. For any kind of technical support, you have to provide your Amazon developer account credentials.

Highlighted Features

 Import Products and Products Variations

The admin can import simple product types and product variations.

 Import/Export Products Details

The admin can import/export the product details like SKU, charge, and quantity.

 Easy to Import/Export Products

The admin can import/export the products from Amazon to the CS-Cart and vice versa.

 Separate View for Amazon Feeds

A separate view for Amazon feeds is provided where the admin can check the status of each feed submitted to Amazon.

 Real-Time Details Update

Enable/disable the real-time synchronization of imported and exported products details on Amazon shop.

 Import Amazon Orders

The admin can import and manage Amazon orders from their CS-Cart store.

Why do we need CS-Cart Amazon Connector?

Multichannel selling is one of the most popular eCommerce approaches where the admin sells their products on more than one sales channel to increase sales and reach potential customers.

Due to enormous popularity, Amazon has become the first choice of store owners aiming to maximize their sales. It is one of the biggest marketplaces to buy and sell merchandise globally.

CS-Cart Amazon connector integrates Amazon with the CS-Cart store. The store owner can sync the product from your store to Amazon or vice versa. Even you can directly upload products from the CS-Cart store to your Amazon Seller Account.

Integrate Amazon with CS-Cart Store

After the installation of the module, the admin will configure the module settings for the module.

  • Set default product quantity of Amazon products.
  • The list of the merchant accounts will be right here inside the Manage Accounts tab.
  • The admin can select an Amazon account.
  • Need to select standard product ID type.

Get Amazon Credentials

The store owner wants to get a merchant ID, Access Key, and Secret Key from the Amazon supplier account.

  • Please login to Amazon Vendor Central and go to Settings>User Permissions.
  • To get Amazon Developer ID and Developer keys, a person first has to register.
  • The admin needs to provide store details.
  • The admin can change status -Active or Disable.

Import Products From Amazon to CS-Cart Store

The admin can import all the products from the Amazon store to its CS-Cart store.

  • This module allows the admin to Generate report ID: Creates the seller’s account record that is used to send a request to import the products from the Amazon store.
  • You can import a single product.
  • You can import all the products.
  • To import a single product enter the ASIN.

Update Price

The admin can update the price of an individual product on Amazon.

  • Enter the preferred price and click to replace.
  • The admin can set a standard price.
  • The admin can set the sale price.
  • Select product sale period.

Export Products to Amazon

The admin can export the CS-Cart products to your Amazon store individually in bulk.

  • The admin can choose the desired Amazon account to which they want to export the product.
  • Pick the type of product identification (ASIN, EAN, UPC) that you need to export.
  • Pick out a preferred Amazon account you want to export the products to.
  • You could export the CS-Cart products on your Amazon store individually in bulk.

 CS-Cart Amazon Connector Features -

Import & Export Products:
  • Well integrated with CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor.
  • Import/Export the CS-Cart products to Amazon and vice versa.
  • Admin can set a default category for the imported products in the CS-Cart store.
  • The product information like main image, name, price, and quantity get imported along with the product.
  • The admin can add & connect multiple Amazon Accounts to Import/Export from each account separately.
  • The product information like SKU, price, and quantity get exported along with the product.
  • Option to export product individually or in bulk is provided. So that admin can export CS-Cart products which are not in his/her Amazon account.
  • A separate view for Amazon Feeds is provided so that Admin can check the status of each feed submitted to Amazon.
  • Admin can check feeds( Status of feeds) and also result on the feed detail page.
Import Amazon Orders:
  • Functionality to import Amazon orders to CS-Cart store.
  • The admin can manage & process the imported Amazon orders from CS-Cart.
  • Admin can fetch & sync the orders between the desired date range.
  • Functionality to import the orders of the particular customer via email or order id.
Real-Time Details Update:
  • Option to update products on Amazon in real-time.
  • Enable/disable the real-time synchronization of imported products' details on Amazon shop.
  • Enable/disable the real-time synchronization of exported products' details on Amazon shop.
  • An option to update product Inventory only on Amazon when an order is placed in CS-Cart.

 CS-Cart Amazon Connector Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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based on 3 reviews
Posted On - March 11, 2019
Great Addon
Great addon.
Brilliant support and services.
Received this addon with few customization in no time.
Excellent job!
Posted On - March 11, 2019
Good job
Great developers and super after-sale service/support.
The addon works like a charm!
Good job guys !!
Posted On - March 11, 2019
Great Addon
Great and highly qualitative addon Webkul, as usual ! I'd recommend this to any store owner.
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